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(Preached on Thursday evening, December 24, 2009 in Anyama, near Abidjan–Ivory Coast)

1 Well, the New Year is coming, be joyful but do everything in moderation! We do not celebrate Christmas and we do not magnify a certain mother of Jesus Christ because we are not catholic. Mary can never be the mediator between us and the Lord Jesus Christ. And 1 Kings 2:13-25 is a prophetic Act that shows it. Adonijah, the national president of the "legion of Mary" had pleaded the intercession of the Virgin Mary to marry Abishag.  

2 Well, I have particularly decided that for the construction at Katadji, the assembly of the village of Gagny-Carrefour may not contribute any more. They are about forty people and in addition to all that they did and are still doing for me, I do not remember that one Sunday an assembly gave beyond their contribution for the house. And often, as for this Sunday December 20, they gave more than all of the six assemblies of Abidjan combined. [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”].

3 … In addition, yesterday evening, apostle Martin informed me that the preacher Darius had been put under observation for pride and this in relation to his clothing which is yet correct. I think I do not make myself well understood… Somebody can be very poor, badly dressed and at the same time very proud! As the prophet simply dresses, then should everyone dress so that at the exist of the services, we have the impression that they are vulgar poor people leaving a club of friends? I suppose that to come to service, you wear what you have best and you are better dressed than if you were going to the presidential palace to have a talk with the president of the Republic.  [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”].

4 Still in the last preaching, I spoke of a prophet who preaches that people must use King James, Louis Segond and Darby bibles. He knows and reads the midnight Cry. I had spoken with him once. He was proud and furious and he said:  "You, Kacou Philippe, your baptism of restitution is fake, come back to the Bible! I challenge you… ". And the conversation we had, he spread it and sent it to several brothers. And the day before yesterday, I went to look on his website and I saw that he had removed Louis Segond from the list of the bibles that he recommended. Then I started to talk with him and he said that there was a serious error at the level of Acts 19. And I told him: "But at the time you were recommending this Louis Segond bible, was Acts 19 not there?" He said:  "that is true!"  And I said to him: "But how can Darby be good in French and bad in English?" He said: "There, as I do not understand English, someone has to check it from the English side!" And I said: "Check? But instead of checking, don't you think that the revelation is better? Since you are a prophet!" He paused and he became so gentle! And I started to give him some pieces of advice. You see? He wants to try to do something that God did not give him from Heaven before the foundation of the world.

5 We do not believe in comparisons of verses but in the revelation! [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”]. If you want to base yourself on errors to find the best Bible, you will see errors everywhere because of the face of man of the four living creatures. And if you are seeking a well translated bible, know that Satan has been speaking Hebrew and Greek for 6000 years…

6 There are mysteries that we will never understand but we believe them! The most important thing is to simply believe what the living prophet of your generation says! And that is the only thing that God recognizes. [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”]. Before I had preached anything, the great crowd said in the vision:  "We have neither seen nor heard but we entirely believe it!" The crowd did not say: "that which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes; that which we contemplated, and our hands handled… we report to you, that *ye* also may have fellowship with us" as 1 John 1 says it, but an immense crowd came from the right side and one of them took the floor and said: " We have not seen the Angel and the Lamb and we have not heard the Words the Lamb pronounced, but we entirely believe It".  [Ed: The congregation says: "Amen!"]. That is the prophetic faith!  Believing what they have not seen or heard! The wise virgins have never been shaken by any wind! For their faith is not based on works but it is a faith coming from Heaven and based on the Word and that is the prophetic faith.

7 And it is in the moments of a prophet that prophetic acts and signs are manifested! And prophetic acts are destined for the elect. There are three great dispensations of the divinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! There are three great dispensations or stages of the Word! There is first the memorial which is the whole of the existing prophetic acts and Words, that is to say the "It is written ", then comes the spoken Word and finally prophetic acts! And all three of them are the original seed. The spoken Word is the original seed. Prophetic acts are the original seed! But God manifests Himself in the second or the third dispensation depending on the time or the person that He uses! [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”].

8 When you try to show today that a woman should not go up in pulpit and that God so loved the world, that He gave the Lord Jesus Christ, his only-begotten son… it is not by a revelation but that is already written!  And you do not need a ministry to say that. It is just a recall of what God has already done! You have taken from the memorial of the Word! It is a history course. But the living Word of God, it is when you say things coming from God that people do not know. William Branham said that the Holy Spirit could not seize somebody to prophesy what is already written in the Bible! This is a revelation in his time. But repeating that today, it is a history course. [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”]. God acts in the second and third dispensation and when the time passes, that simply goes down into the first dispensation like a memorial and that is just good for children at Sunday school.

9 When you say that the baptism must be in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ by immersion, you are only bringing up a 2000-year-old existing truth. You do not need a ministry to say that. That does not set you in the Truth! But when you say that the baptism by immersion in the Name of Jesus Christ is false if it is administered for repentance or remission of sins, then you are in the prophetic revelation of your time! You see? 

10 The false holy spirits in the churches, the true Bible to be used and similar things go in the order of the spoken Word for your time. [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”].

11 And the prophetic acts can refer to the prophet messenger, the people and to the whole nature because they have been created by the Word and all that was created by the Word expresses God’s Word. When God created Asians yellow, Europeans white, American red and African black, they were prophetic acts. The sun, the moon, the stars, the seasons, the reliefs are prophetic acts. And in the desert with Moses, it is said in Exodus 15:27 that Israel left Marah and came to Elim, where there were twelve springs of water and seventy palm trees! And these twelve springs of water and seventy palm trees are prophetic acts which announced the twelve apostles and the seventy disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ on earth. [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”].

12 And I spoke here of the seven mounts near Lima in the State of Montana, in the United States, in connection with the name of William Branham: they are seven mounts that God formed when He was creating the earth! But He did it in connection with a man, William Marrion Branham, whose three names have seven letters each! And that is represented in this semi-mountainous area near Lima in the State of Montana in the United States! It is the approach of the ministry coming up! And here, Ivory Coast is born from a migration of people at the time when all the nations are in place! And a man appears as a type of Ivory Coast. For example, it is because of Matthew 25:6 that Ghanaian women came to Ivory Coast and you know that their songs are much appreciated here in Ivory Coast. They are prophetic acts. And I hardly failed to say that the Angel of April 24, 1993 had my shape and was as tall as me! [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”].

13 Now it is said that this messenger of Matthew 25:6 will be a glorious character in his time.  Look closer and you will see that he that comes after William Branham expresses himself in Words and acts! 

14 Now, for those who do not understand the last preaching, bear in mind that there are three peoples under the heavens! Firstly the Jews, secondly the Samaritans who are Jews by adoption and finally the Gentiles, that are the nations! Shem, Ham and Japheth! Three peoples, three dispensations! A rebel Jew then a Samaritan with an ungodly life but spiritual then a Bride of the nations, having no spot nor wrinkle then God returns to Israel with Elijah and Moses as we can see it in the vision with the two doves! Jesus had told his disciples in Matthew10:5 not to go off towards the Samaritans and the men of the nations! Jesus sent those twelve and gave them orders, saying:  "Go not off into the way of the nations, and into a city of Samaritans enter ye not". And farther, He said:  "I have not been sent save to the lost Sheep of Israel's house."

15 Asia, Europe and America end the seven Church ages. Then comes a new dispensation, a dispensation of types on the back of the book, tracing back all the plan of Salvation that only the elect understand according to Daniel 12:10! [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”]. And a Branhamist, after reading all the preachings said:  "I want to meet you and I will know if you are a true or false prophet "! And I said in my heart: You are but a liar! If the spoken Word, the Word I have been preaching during seven years did not convince you, it is impossible for my human side, however prophetic it is, to convince you because it is the spoken Word that God gave to William Branham of whom you claim yourselves to be! You are Branhamists and you can neither understand nor accept a prophetic act! You are Pentecostals with the apostolic faith; and it is obvious that you will never understand a prophetic act. He that was born of the law does not understand the grace as Revelation 6:9-10 says!   

16 It is God expressing Himself through prophetic signs! You see? When God took Eve out of Adam’s side, that is a prophetic act! Abraham offering his only-begotten son, that is a prophetic act. When this and that thing happened to Joseph, the son of Jacob, they were prophetic acts! Moses raising the snake of brass, David weeping on the Mount of Olives, they were prophetic acts! The Jews who saw those things could not understand but today we say that those acts are meaningful. And you cannot understand that before believing in what God is doing today! That is good but the most important thing, it is to believe in what is happening today!  [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”].

17 In the desert with Moses, apart from the mixed multitude, there were on one side, those who went out of Egypt and who lived through each stage of the march towards Canaan. Those ones went through all the winds with Korah, Dathan and Abiram; the revolt at the waters of Meribah, the revolt in the desert of Sin, murmurs against the Ethiopian woman that Moses had taken for a wife, the golden calf of Aaron, and many other things which are not written in the Bible. And there were, on the other side, those who were born in the desert, at the time when almost all of the preachings were gathered in the book of Moses. They appear in the desert like the workmen of the eleventh hour.

18 It is on the basis of the vision of the burning thorn-bush or April 24, 1993 that the first ones must believe and act in a perfect faith without ever falling while the second ones must have the same faith and the same behaviour on the basis of the vision, of all that is written and of all the experiences that the first ones lived through! And it is written that the workmen who started at six hours and those who started at eleven hours to all finish at midday receive the same wages! You see?

19 When one day, somebody tells you:  "O!  I believe entirely!  While reading, I said "Amen" to each preaching of Moses! How could the Jews murmur against the Ethiopian woman?" Do not say in yourselves: "that is because you were not there!" Because the same test will present itself to you also in your time because He is the same yesterday, today and forever. And what He did for the past generations, He is doing for this generation too. [Ed: The congregation says “Amen!”]. For some, God asks a lot of things and to the others God asks just a bit. Look the thief on the cross, just an answer and he was saved. That is all God required from him!

20 It is impossible for Salvation not to happen this way. That is there the A level test without being in the upper sixth form. And it is said in Matthew 13 that they are the angels that will make this separation and only those who were destined for eternal Life before the foundation of the world will be able to believe! To Him that sits upon the throne, and to the Lamb, blessing, and honour, and glory, and might, to the ages of ages! [Ed: The congregation says: "Amen!"].  


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