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(Preached on Sunday, January 12, 2003 in Locodjro, Abidjan – Ivory Coast)

1 I would like to talk about the ecumenical meeting. The prophets spoke of it and it happened on January 9th, 2003. A historic sign was given. The Bible and the Quran met. The Catholics, the Protestants, the evangelicals, the revealed or restored churches, the Muslims, the Buddhists, the Mahikaris, the Rosicrucians, traditional religions, the Eckankar, the Baha'i faith, politicians, mystical orders ...all met at the palace of sports of Treichville to pray. To pray to who? I do not know! It is beyond my understanding. It is beyond a church federation. That is what a man could not imagine. 

2 And, after the example of the prophets, after the example of all those who preceded me in ancient times, I was there! I thought I would find some prophets there, but there was none. Where are the men of truth at this historic meeting? I had seen in revelation some thunders and some flashes of anger against the palace of sports. Then I saw an eclipse. All Christians and Muslims and mystical orders gathered with the president of the republic and they prayed for peace. To which god did they pray? I don’t know!

3 And the following day, I saw on an evangelical newspaper, this blasphemous headline: "The Bible unites with the Quran", Cardinal Bernard Agré, Imam Idriss Koudouss, Reverend Ediemou Jacob who is the most perverse of all the fetish priests and nganga of Ivory Coast, Reverend Benjamin Boni, president of the Methodist church ... They were all there, on the cover of the newspaper, hand in hand. Have I not always said that Satan was the god of these churches, and that, it is the bat which is their spiritual emblem? Has God not put some bats in the heart of Plateau which is the heart of Abidjan and heart of Ivory Coast? [Kc.3:20]

4 But what happened on that January 9? So very early on that January 9, I was there with police officers and gendarmes and already, the Bible raised against the palace, I was incessantly shouting through the megaphone: "It is this morning that the enemies of God are going to gather in this place! It is this morning that the enemies of God and of the country are going to gather in this place!" And people were asking me to say: “the friends and the enemies of God ..." but when they saw that I was not listening to them and that they could not influence me, they incited the police officers and gendarmes against me saying: "his Word troubles us, we cannot pray with that in our back! Arrest him!" The police officers tried but I did not give in.

5 And around 9 o’clock, a police official came out of the palace in order to come and arrest me on instigation but I did not give up. We exchanged some words and he understood. I had said to him: “Sir, you are here on behalf of your master and so am I, I am here on behalf of my Master.” Then two other policemen came but I did not see myself giving up before 10 o'clock. It was like this until 10:30 am. And there, a man introducing himself to me as being the national secretary of the federation of churches came from the palace in a black cassock. He had already heard about Prophet Kacou Philippe but he did not know that it was me. He said: "Since the morning, you have been repeating that sentence. The president of the Republic and the authorities will be here and this will not give a good image of our churches." Then, he asked the policemen to arrest me if I continued. Their chief said to his elements: "If he repeats, arrest him ". I said to him "If I want to continue, I will do it because the Bible cannot submit to a military uniform! Was it you who commissioned me to be here?" And I was surrounded by policemen ready to arrest me and I spoke so severely that he rectified "Do not arrest him but take his megaphone!" I do not know how many times my megaphone has been taken from me.

6 And that morning, all the religious denominations were there. In the queue, I saw some muslims in bubu, some Catholics, some Ekankars, and so on ... and they were all looking at me as if they had not come to pray. They were looking at me as if I was their devil whereas they came to pray.

7 And the word of the secretary of the federation of the churches has been like a transmission of demons to the policemen because they got excited. And there were military men, gendarmes and policemen. And among the military men, there was a Branhamist, the father of Brother Fabrice. And yet, previously, I had seen the inscription of all these churches on the gate of the palace. 

8 If you are a member of a church, which is itself a member of a federation of churches then you are guilty before God even if you were not in the palace on that day. 

9 The churches received a reinforcement in demons on that January 9 and it is because of the awakening of the saints which is already in place and, by this ministry of Matthew 25:6. And there is already in us this anointing that will trigger this awakening. And I told you by the Word of the Lord that this awakening will be countered by the federations of churches, this satanic caricature which is nothing other than brotherhoods of sorcerers in sheep's clothing.

10 If you notice, the official of the federation of the churches and the man in the black cassock came out of the palace, of the sepulchre with some floods of demons that they transmitted to the policemen. You see? See Matthew 8:28-34, when the Lord Jesus Christ healed that madman of Gadara, the same demons entered into the pigs then into the waters ... then into the shepherds ... then into the villagers who chased the Lord Jesus away.

11 Since ancient times, all those that God raised up acted the same way, even without means because the work of God is not subjected to money and, staying in temples to judge and condemn and say that you are the best, it is not the work of God but another form of seduction. It is not what the prophets, the apostles and the Lord Jesus-Christ Himself by their ministries taught us. The truth challenges and imposes itself on the ground, not in a church or in the vigils of prayers but on the ground. 

12 If you have no means, walk! I have preached everywhere until this day without receiving money from anyone except for a man who brought me some rice at home. And yet, I have not seen an evangelist, a prophet of these churches who has not received cheques, villas, cars and other. Do not covet what you do not have. By this Gospel, I have chosen the narrow path with you, so let’s stand firm! If the Heaven is closed to them, it is not their possessions that will find the way. If that has not been given to you from Heaven before the foundation of the world, you cannot give that glass of water of Matthew 25:32-35 to a chosen one. What has been done to the green tree, it shall be done to the dry tree. The servant is not greater than the master. You see? 

13 That January 9th, having shouted from seven to ten o’clock, I desired the rest of the water that they were throwing away but if someone had ventured to give me some, the crowd would have gone against him. You see? They were all looking at me with hatred as if they had not come to pray. Some looks of Cain! You see? There were Muslims in bubu, Methodists, Catholics, Baptists whose faces I recognized. My brother-in-law, the husband of my cousin Claudine, who is a Methodist preacher, was in the queue and just behind him, there was a muslim in bubu... You see? Some goats, pigs, chickens, dogs together.

14 Brethren, preach and do not fear those who call themselves prophets. They are the same spirits of magic that have established themselves in the churches. The Bible predicted it in Matthew 24:24. [Ed: The congregation says: “Amen”]. Which prophet? Which prophet? 

15 Of all the ministries, the past of the prophet messenger is taken into account from his birth. Even the life of a pastor! Someone who has a child out of wedlock or before marriage cannot be a pastor. He can do the work of a pastor but he cannot be a pastor. An evangelist alright but not a pastor or prophet. It is the same if his wife is not submissive or if she has a child out of wedlock. See Jeremiah 1:5, Judges 13:3-4, Luke 1:13-15… You cannot have been a thug, known women, consumed hard drinks or smoked and then become a pastor or become prophet of God, no matter the visions that you have. He can do the work of a pastor for a time but he cannot be a pastor. That's it. 

16 And a prophet or a pastor, that requires a testimony ... You are obliged to fulfill some obligations if not, stay quiet! You see?  After hearing about Prophet Kacou Philippe, if you find yourselves in these conditions, you can no longer be a pastor in this Message. I am not speaking of those who came in this condition. But from the moment that you have heard about Prophet Kacou Philippe or if you have come to this Message and you return into the world to commit those things, you can never be a pastor again in this Message. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]

17 In the same way, if you are a pastor before marriage, the law says that the priest shall have a wife who has not been touched. Leviticus 21:13-14 / Ezekiel 44:22. 

18 What God has not given you from Heaven, do not covet it. Remember that in the Heaven, all the angels that had wanted to have a great ministry like the one of Gabriel were cast out onto the earth. If God has sent you for a work on the earth, He will keep you in the midst of this decay. The ministry is not a matter of preaching true or screaming or jumping before people, but it is also a life.

19 Now listen to this parable that the God of the Heavens addresses to mankind. God struck a village that was very unfaithful to Him with blindness. But in His compassion, He sent them a prophet in order to heal them. But they said to the prophet: "We no longer want to see for since our blindness, we have everything for free and the whole world takes an interest in us. Apologize therefore before God for us and what is the proof that it is God who has sent you?". And one day, the neighbouring village took counsel and said: "We farm, we suffer and the land does not give us anything. We are dying of hunger while the blind village has everything in abundance. Let’s go, let’s kill them and take their land and everything that we gave to them." And at high noon, they took some cudgels, went to the middle of the blind village and began to shout: "Come to us! We have come with sacks of rice, some oil and some clothes ... we are the council and the federation of the churches, we are your brethren in Christ". Then they came out but the prophet, having seen them, fled with his family. And the neighbours, in an ambush, went out and began to knock them out ... Some shouted: "Have mercy, oh mercy!" They were shouting with their hands stretched out ahead like this! Others shouted: "But what is happening? Stop them!!! Stop them!!! Stop them!!! " . Brethren, it was sad. The blind village was destroyed. But in their anguish, they all shouted: "We want to see, we want that prophet, where is that prophet? We want to see again...". Even those who did not come out were killed. You see?

20 As it was in the time of Noah, so will it be for this unbelieving generation and its churches. He that hath ears to hear let him hear.


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