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(Preached on Thursday, May 08, 2008 in Anyama, near Abidjan-Ivory Coast)

1 I would like to give instructions on the evangelisation but let me talk about certain things! [Ed: the congregation says: Amen!].

2 For those who do not understand what I say concerning William Branham, know that I believe entirely that William Branham is a true prophet sent by the Almighty God according to Malachi 4 and Revelation.10:7 and that even his words are as valuable as those of the prophets of the Bible but I do not believe that, even ten years after his death, only one of all those who followed him can bring only one soul to Salvation. His message was for a time and that time is past, more than 40 years ago. [Ed.: The congregation says: “Amen!”].

3 As for the thousands of brochures distributed all over the world from Europe, I think that it simply aimed to prepare the platform for the glorious ministry under the tent and through that, the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ as he himself announced it in The Seven Seal. You see? 

4 When William Branham died, it was Tommy Osborn, one who never believed and followed William Branham, that the Branhamists put before them and on April 11, 1966, at William Branham's funeral service, it was Tommy Osborn who preached. All those Billy Paul, Lee Vayle, Joseph Coleman, Perry Green, Orman Neville and Ewald Frank were there when Tommy Osborn was preaching and giving them instructions and directives. So that after William Branham, if Tommy Osborn wanted, he could take the lead of all the Branhamism and even let his wife Daisy preach at the Branham Tabernacle! None of all these evangelical churches that William Branham condemned can allow a Catholic priest or even the pope of Rome to come and preach at the funeral service of their president. Never!

5 Tommy Osborn has been married to Daisy since 1942 and it is even the vision of his wife that he preaches. And that, none of all those that I have named ignores it. You understand now that the two major Branhamist trends are like the two sides of the same coin! [Ed.: the congregation says: Amen!]. 

6 And they are Branhamists who are now saying that I have the ministry of Goliath. When Noah was condemning his generation, claiming to be the only one in the truth and nobody could contradict him, was it Goliath’s ministry? And if that is Goliath’s ministry, then I have Goliath’s ministry and may God give me to be the greatest Goliath that ever existed. [Ed: the congregation says, “Amen!”]. When the Lord Jesus Christ was condemning his generation, claiming to be the only one in the truth and that nobody could contradict Him, was it the ministry of Goliath? [Ed: the congregation says, “Amen!”]. Was it the little horn of Daniel 7 which speaks blasphemies? If they think that I have Goliath’s ministry, then I am waiting for their David.

7 When Korah, Dathan and Abiram found that Moses had Goliath’s ministry, they were duly accounted for that! They are small and they will always remain small. Their "ends of the earth" will always be their district, their city or country. [Ed.: the congregation says, “Amen!”]. They will just collaborate with such and such in other countries but their own ministry will go nowhere. They are apostles of district, prophets of district, evangelists of city, teachers of city and district. Their limit, it is their own country. God put barriers of languages, oceans and races of the earth and their ministries cannot break those barriers. But when God sends a prophet messenger on the earth, his ministry will break all these barriers of waters and languages of the earth to reach every elect in every corner of the earth. [Ed.: the congregation says, “Amen!”]. And the whole world will see that.

8 Despite persecutions and all that will come against this Message, Prophet Kacou Philippe will be preached in all the languages and, all the races of the earth will be delighted in this Message. Why? Because God knew him before the foundation of the world and sent him in this generation. And nothing will be able to hinder to his Message. [Ed: the congregation says, “Amen!”].

9 Last Sunday, May 4, 2008, we baptised the Branhamist assembly of Dabou. Not long ago, we baptised another Branhamist assembly not far from them. An assembly that was under the direction of Ewald Frank. Even the Branhamist assemblies who resist are broken cisterns because people come to us from there. Oh glorious Message! Precious light of the nations! The Sanballats and the Tobijahs are powerless because it is a light coming from the Heaven and no one can stop it. [Ed: the congregation says, “Amen!”].  

10 Like Adam, God gave me power to name animals in this generation. God brought an animal before me and I called it lion and it became its name. I said to the Protestants: you are rams and it became their name. I said to the evangelicals: you are goats and it became their name, unless they repent. If you are a Catholic, you are an animal and that is why you cannot believe in the living prophet of your time. If you are a Protestant, you are an animal and that is why you cannot believe in the living prophet of your time. If you are an evangelical, you are a goat and that’s why you cannot believe in the living prophet of your time. If you are a Branhamist, you are the nameless animal of Daniel and that is why you cannot believe in the living prophet of your time. You are animals of different species but the Power of God will make that one day, you will get along and gather together. [Ed: the congregation says: Amen!].

11 To finish and come to the instructions on the evangelisation, I would like to leave a portion of the letter that Alexis Barilier had sent to Ewald Frank in 2006 to the meditation of the Branhamists. I read that. It is Alexis Barilier addressing Ewald Frank now: "… If Brother Branham's preachings that we received were to awake us, we would be awoken long ago. Notice that I also put myself on the same rank as you, for I have always tried to bring only words inspired from the Bible, and it is very clear that neither my preachings nor yours could prevent the virgins from falling asleep. Our heavenly Father knew it and that is why He spoke of a Cry which should wake up the virgins, not in the Seventh watch, which is the last one, in which the Spirit and the Bride who is ready can say: Come! But, indeed, at midnight because the virgins have stopped moving forward...

12 Now the question is to know if we are conscious that all the virgins fell asleep, with us included, and that it happened after the virgins had answered the call of the Message brought by Brother Branham. Are we conscious that if all our preachings have not been able to prevent the virgins from falling asleep, these will not, indeed, be able to wake them up, but that the Lord promised to awake not only the wise virgins, but also the foolish virgins, by a Cry at midnight …… A Cry is also a Message, for it may be a Cry that expresses a Message of joy or distress, or a Message of call to wake up and of reprehension, as in the case of Matthew 25:6-7.

13 The Message entrusted to Brother Branham must get the Bride ready for the Bridegroom’s marriage. But if the virgins are sleeping, how can they get ready, how can they fulfill Revelation.19:7, 8 and clothe with the righteous works of the saints which are given her to clothe? What we really need today is to be awoken by the Cry promised at midnight. Would it be then possible that the Lord Jesus uses someone else other than Ewald Frank or Alexis Barilier to wake up the virgins? Yes, certainly! ". Amen!

14 Those are the words that Alexis Barilier had addressed to Ewald Frank. And if a Branhamist can understand, let him understand. For if despite the powerful Message of William Branham, all the virgins fell asleep including Ewald Frank and Alexis Barilier, it is obvious that he who is to awake those virgins comes from somewhere else. And on April, 24, 1993, God raised up, from somewhere, a prophet like the prophets of the Bible to wake up the Bride. [Ed.: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

15 Well, I intend to have several trips like the one to Switzerland and I ask Branhamists to come and listen to me and to ask me the questions they want before rejecting me, that is what the Bible recommends to do. And every child of God will do it.

16 Well, I come to the instructions. There are several countries which are on the list of the countries where the Message is already present. But no matter the country where you are, when you discover this Message, you have the responsibility and the obligation before God, according to Ezekiel 33, to make this Message known around you. Your relatives must know this Message; your acquaintances must know this Message; everybody must know this Message. Even if they have to reject you, but they must know this Message. [Ed: the congregation say, “Amen!”].

17 With wisdom and softness, you must make this Message known all around you. You are not responsible of people’s reactions but you are responsible of making them hear that. Even if you are a woman, you have a responsibility. Like Mary of Magdala, Elizabeth, Susanna and the women who were around the Lord Jesus Christ, you have the Words of the eternal Life for your generation in your hands and you must do so that everyone hears it around you. You sisters, you testify around you or give this Message to someone but concerning the explanation to men, it is reserved to men. You should know that all the capacity that God has given you, it is for Salvation.

18 If you are rich, it is for Salvation. Everything will perish on the earth but what you have done for the Heaven will never perish. [Ed: The congregation says: “Amen!”]. Build buildings, buy beautiful cars but all this is only madness before God. But what matters, it is what you did for the elect to be saved in your generation. [Ed: The congregation says: “Amen!”]. You must read and listen to every preaching and according to the faith of the one in front of you, you know which preaching to give him and God will look after the rest. You are not responsible of his reaction, he is not obliged to believe but you have the obligation to let him discover this Truth. And at the judgment, he will not say he did not hear the name of Prophet Kacou Philippe on earth. And he that has ears to hear, let him hear.

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