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(Preached on Sunday morning, January 13, 2008 in Adjamé, Abidjan - Ivory Coast)

1 Like every Sunday morning, I have some notes here … four in total. 

2 First, I have just met for the second time the preacher Pacôme who is well-known to the Sorbonne of Abidjan-Plateau. For twenty-three years, he has preached and baptised Ivorians of any side but many of all those whom he baptised are here, in the midnight Cry. The brothers Germain, Leba, Koffi Joël, Coulibaly Siaka, Okobé Richmond, Wawa Sylvain who was his song leader, Bénié Laurent, Mahan Patrice,  Blé Moise etc. Not counting women. Brother Goupi Noël was his reader during his open air preachings. 

This Pacôme has not yet understood that it was the Almighty God Himself who had left the Jews under Pharaoh's domination and it was the same Almighty God who sent Moses to bring them out of Egypt.  The first time, he had come against me with a politician but the second time, he had come with Branhamists and one of them is sitting here this morning. 

I, Kacou Philippe, slave of Jesus Christ, I believe with all my heart that on the basis of the Word and the divine Revelation, I have no adversary. No matter the experiences, the skin colour, the social rank, the popularity, the wealth, the knowledge and influence of an adversary, he will miss the words before me because of the Angel of April 24, 1993 and he will become little like Pacôme, this old Branhamist pharaoh [Ed: the congregation says: Amen!]

He has so seduced, blinded, slaughtered and sent souls to hell that his hell has also already started on the earth! As if struck by an angel, he is losing pitifully the use of his two legs. He is finished! And that is the salary of more than twenty years of witchcraft slaughtering souls seduced by his recitations of verses in this Ebrié lagoon which he had transformed into torrent Cedron. All those who were seduced by his recitations of verses, he led them to a so-called baptism to slaughter them in the torrent Cedron.

The second point is about myself. I wish that nobody puts a photo of me on the screen of his computer. And let some songs such as: "I love, I love, I love the man of Katadji" be deleted...

Elsewhere, among Branhamists, the pastor holds an insignificant position on administrative papers but in the field, he is a pharaoh. In the midnight Cry, it will not be so at all. Any form of kingship and colonisation is banished at midnight. Every first fruit and tithe of the tithe is the exclusive portion of the prophet messenger. If your first fruit is used, even in part or by mistake, it loses its value of first fruit and cannot be paid back. And I have decided that for every tithe of a church member, what comes beyond one thousand dollars will be given as missionary offering to the apostles. [Ed: the congregation says: Amen!]

Also, for my meetings or to prepare my meetings, I gave mandate to brethren Benié Laurent, Brekou Darius and Zadi Robert who believed the evening Message from 1974. 

Well, God bless you! The subject of this morning is: "The new order "! I would like to read Matthew 25:6 then a passage in Kacou 67: "God is visiting Africa ": " recently again, I saw in a dream that I was setting things and above me, approximately three meters above the ground, was that same Cloud and that Cloud was influencing me into setting things in a certain way and it was my Spirit that was in the Cloud. My Spirit did not obey the will of the Cloud as my arm obeys me but as a slave would obey his master ".  [Kc.67v15]   

10 Well, in the beginning was God existing by Himself and God wanted a new order to be. He created therefore the different classes of angels and there was a new order. 

11 After that, God wanted another order to be, then another order, then another one, then another one until He created the heavens and the earth and the waters and the trees and the dimensions and man. And there was a new order.

12 And in the plan of Salvation also, this work continued on the earth. When a new generation rose on the earth, a new order of things had to be expected, with a new vision and even a new definition of sin according to God's will. [Ed: The congregation says: Amen!]. Abraham could marry his own sister but Moses could not. The Lord Jesus Christ could say Moses said that to you but I say this to you. Hezekiah, servant of God, could break to pieces the snake of brass that Moses, servant of God, had made. You see? 

13 So that the Salvation may not be based on a religion or on an already-established order but on God's revelation by a living prophet-messenger in every generation. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!”]   

14 When the Lord Jesus said: every one who looks upon a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart, a child of the devil could say: "where is it written in the scrolls?" But a child of God knows that the Lord Jesus Christ was sent on the earth as the chief of a new order. You see? 

15 What you need to know is that every authentic ministry put an end to the previous order and introduces a new order on the earth so that even all the synagogues, priesthoods, doctrines and all the ministries of Ephesians.4:11 which were on the earth become worthless, expecting what that new prophet-messenger is going to say. 

16 Any apostle, prophet, evangelist or teacher who is on the earth at the arrival of this new prophet-messenger, whether he is from God or not, he becomes worthless and does not exist but in name until this prophet-messenger recognizes him and consecrates him anew. But if they do not join the new order, they are dead, walking now as enemies of God. [Ed: The congregation says: Amen!].

17 They can be in God's perfect will like Apollos and his disciples but if they do not recognize that Paul is sent on the earth as the chief of a new order to which all of them have to come then they are dead in God's eyes. They deserve to be wiped out of the earth! [Ed: The congregation says: Amen!].

18 In principle after the ministry of a prophet, God had to destroy all those who did not believe in him as in the time of Noah. If the world had to continue, without a last judgment or hell to come, that is what God would do. After the ministry of a prophet, God had to destroy all those who did not believe in him. 

19 After Noah's ministry, all the catholic, protestant, evangelical churches and of Enoch, that is Branham, were destroyed. [Ed: The congregation says: Amen!]. Why that? Because they are sons of the devil. And if God allowed them to subsist on the earth, they would say in the time of Moses that it is Enoch or Noah who is always the prophet. And this is what happened from generation to generation and this is what happens today with the Branhamists while William Branham is already dead. How can William Branham be the prophet of a generation that he did not know? Show me one single passage in the Bible where God did it. Show me that in the time of Noah, it is Enoch who was the prophet. Show me that in the time of Jeremiah, it is Moses who was the prophet. Show me that in the days of Paul, it is John the Baptist or the Lord Jesus Christ who was the prophet. Show me that in the time of William Branham, it is Martin Luther who was the prophet. Show me one single passage. You cannot! And yet you do it. But why do you do it? It is because you are sons of the devil. [Ed: the congregation says: Amen!] .

20 Yet William Branham himself said in the sermon divine Healing, Ref.233, William Branham says: “... Ill not stand in another generation. I Ill have nothing to judge them. Ill not have to stand the judgment with them. But Ill have to stand the judgment with men and women who Ive lived with. Amen! And William Branham continues to say: Thats where it counts yonder in the resurrection. When my days is finished and Ive done my best, if I be Gods servant, God will raise Him up another man in that day when Im gone[Ed: the congregation says: Amen!]. Even if William Branham did not say it, that is it! Moses cannot be the prophet in the time of Joshua! Elijah cannot be the prophet in the time of Elisha! And William Branham cannot be the prophet in the time of Prophet Kacou Philippe! It is not possible! William Branham is not on earth. You did not know William Branham. William Branham did not know our time. William Branham did not know the internet and all those things. You are alive and your prophet, it is a living among you. That is what has always been from generation to generation. God is alive and God speaks by a living on the earth. [Ed: The congregation says: Amen!]. 

21 If the book of a dead prophet could lead the people of God, After Moses God would not send prophets any more until the end of the world. If the serpent had not slept with Eve, there would be no Lutherans on earth. There would be no Methodists on earth. There would be no Branhamists on earth. It was an enemy who did that. And Matthew 13:24-30 says that they will be destroyed. [Ed: the congregation says: Amen!]. After the ministry of Noah, drunkards, prostitutes, nightclubs managers and Tommy Osborn, Morris Cerrulo, Benny Hinn and all those struggled in the same rotten waters of gutters. [Ed: The congregation says: Amen!]. Others were praising and worshipping to Jesus of Nazareth when the flood invaded them. Others were in full anointing or in evangelisation! Others were in their fortieth day fasting and praying! And this is how things should occur when a prophet-messenger completes his mission! Do you remember Sodom and Gomorrah? When Lot and his group were getting out, fire was falling on great politicians and religious people of Sodom and Gomorrah. [Ed: The congregation says: Amen!]. 

22 And if that does not occur physically, know that it occurs spiritually. An extension of life is granted to their body but spiritually, they are dead. [Ed: The congregation says: Amen!]. 

23 When Moses went out of Egypt, whoever went out with him, whether he was Egyptian by birth or not, he was a Jew and alive before God. Outside that, everybody including pharaoh and his army and all the inhabitants of the earth who were not in the same Spirit as Moses were sons and daughters of the devil or were in the skin of sons and daughters of the devil. [Ed: The congregation says: Amen!]. This is what happens spiritually whenever a prophet of God leaves the earth, giving rise to a new order. 

24 When Moses began his ministry, it was a new order that was taking place on earth. It was Judaism and it was in this order that people had to seek the true God. 

25 When Isaiah began his ministry, it was a new order and it was only in this order that people had to seek the true God. If the Message of John the Baptist was written, it would not even equal the one of Habakkuk but God had sent him on the earth as the chief of a new order and whoever was of God had to come to him. It was he who was the way of eternal Life. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].

26 And if I am a child of God, I will prefer to listen to and to believe the tough, insulting, complex and ambiguous revelations of a prophet messenger that I do not understand than the clear demonstrations of a priest, an apostle, a teacher or an evangelist or a church prophet that I understand. Because God's Word does not come to a priest but to a prophet messenger. The glorious revelation of a priest does not concern me! [Ed: The congregation says: Amen!]. 

27 Hosea 12:14 and 2 Chronicles 20:20 do not tell me to trust a priest. And Ephesians.4:11 is the order of the priesthood of the new Covenant. 

28 And a true teacher, prophet, evangelist or priest must enlighten the people on what the prophet-messenger of his time said. [Ed: The congregation says: Amen!]. 

29 And you cannot be born anew but from the water baptism and from the Spirit of this prophet-messenger for Revelation 22:6 says that He is the God of the spirits of the prophets. Outside that, any other new birth has no sense! We cannot talk of "be born of water" if there is no prophet-messenger sent on earth with a water baptism! 

30 And it is through the reception of the Spirit of the Message that you can understand and carry out what the Message says. You see? That is simple! 

31 And if you are a child of God, you must never be born of a Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist baptism or holy spirit. You must never be born of a creed or of a ghost message; no matter how true it is. 

32 All that do not come from a prophet- messenger is a passport for hell. Then if somebody announces you something true, ask him: through which prophet-messenger did God reveal it? And if he does not succeed in saying the name of the prophet-messenger, no matter how much what he says is true, it is the devil. [Ed: The congregation says: Amen!]. 

33 The new birth is not a feeling or a sensation or a change of life but at first it consists in being born of the water baptism of the prophet-messenger and of the Spirit of the Message that God gave to this prophet. You see? The new birth, you are simply born in the new order established by God on the earth through this prophet-messenger. 

34 And a prophet messenger always comes with a baptism and a Message preceded by a call and a commission. [Ed:The congregation says: Amen!]. 

35 The living prophet messenger is the light of the world and nobody can be saved unless by him. 

36 When William Branham was preaching, it was a new order and it was only in that order that people had to seek God. And today, when the midnight Cry sounds, it is there that people must seek the God of William Branham. Why that? Because He walks in the midst of the seven golden lamps. Forty years ago, He was over there in the evening time in America but now, we are at midnight and He is here in Africa. 

37 And 2000 years ago, thousands of thousands of Pharisees, Sadducees, zealots, Hellenists, Herodians, Essenes were hustling in their synagogues and it was the fifth dimension, the region of nightmares and their joy was similar to the joy of madmen. They were graftings of graftings destined for fire!  

38 Each prophet of the Old Testament announced a new order until Christianity took place, which was itself a new order instead of Judaism.

39 And when John the Baptist came on the earth, it was a new order and whoever was of God, even the Lord Jesus Christ, had to come to him. And it is said that many from among the rulers of the Pharisees and Sadducees came to his baptism. You see? Everything depends on your seed! They all had to come to John. If you are a chosen one, something in you, will attract you to him. [Ed: The congregation says: Amen!]. It is a thing established by God Himself before the foundation of the world. You see? Pharisees and Sadducees were serene but God recognized only the order that He had established through John the Baptist. 

40 Even when Paul entered the scene, he re-baptised John the Baptist’s disciples because at that time, Paul was the chief of a new order and we enter it through baptism. I did all this survey to say that Matthew 25:6 is the new order on the whole face of the earth. 

41 And it will happen that in five- or ten-year time the priests, pastors and prophets will disappear in great number and many of those whom you see on posters today will try to convert into traders or to find jobs in companies. They will look for job but the Message will be well established to the ends of the earth. [Ed: The congregation says: Amen!]. 

42 And it will happen that whoever does not confess the midnight Cry will be ashamed at professing his faith because the Message says that outside the midnight Cry, they are worshippers of Satan. 

43 Even churches will rise with Darby version and some doctrines of the midnight Cry such as the public confession because it is the new order.

44 And it will be so because the devil knows that we can survive only through the new order; that is why he's always been converting his paganism until now! And you saw, in the Christian era, the Christianization of all the Roman paganism! Be thus watchful and he that has ears to hear, let him hear!


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