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(Preached on Sunday morning, December 23, 2007, in Adjamé, Abidjan - Ivory Coast)

1 Now I wish that, every month, out of the four Sundays, a preacher from another assembly to come and preach here and that must be applied absolutely to each assembly. At least one Sunday out of the four is reserved to the preacher who is to come from another assembly. And a pastor must go and take part in a service elsewhere to learn and help.

2 Similarly, I wish donations to be made to the preachers and pastors who have consecrated their lives for our Salvation so that their hearts may be delighted. I wish this to be the concern of every single of us. You see? 

If someone thinks that one of the ministers of Ephesians 4:11 can all alone maintain the faith of an assembly, even over three months, this is false. You will be there shouting and exulting but you are in the wrong. You are as sick and dead as a Baptist. The preachings of your pastor will only give calcium to your soul and you will be dead although you are alive. 

4 God planned four ministries of the Word and each elect must benefit from these four ministries. That is why I said that one or two Sundays out of the four will be reserved to different preachers from other assemblies.

5 And in the sense of infallibility, know that, as soon as the prophet-messenger has consecrated somebody as a pastor, you can report his errors but the prophet-messenger is the only one entitled to dismiss him, except if he gives mandate to somebody to do it. But if somebody, believing in the Message with his assembly, says: "I don’t deserve to be a pastor, I want to be deposed" and that he sits just like a mere believer, and that afterward the prophet reappoints him as a pastor or preacher, nobody can dismiss him even if he commits errors in relation to the understanding of the Message. But those who were already some pastors and who have continued can be dismissed by the Apostles on account of the elders. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!] [Kc.69v10]   

6 I have been given a huge poster of the eclipse of March 29, 2006. The mystics in Ghana think that God did that for some reason... Ghana and Ethiopia, as I showed it in Kc. 63 “Moses and the Ethiopian woman”, are two remarkable countries. 

From first African empire of the Middle Ages that it was, Ghana became again on March 6, 1957, at midnight, the first country of Black Africa to attain the independence. And on March 7, 1957, the red - yellow - green flag struck with a star in its centre could float on Ghana. That day, the leading personalities of our planet were gathered on this land of Ghana, even Richard Nixon and Martin Luther King were there. 

And the first verse of Ghana’s national anthem is: [Ed: the prophet reads the English version]. That is to say, "God bless our homeland ". And the last verse is: [Ed: the prophet reads the English version].  That is to say, "Under God march on for evermore". It is the perfect image of Ethiopia. What is the flag of Ethiopia? Red - yellow - green struck with a star in its centre. Isn’t it wonderful? And is not Ethiopia the second most ancient Christian nation in the world after Israel? [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!]

9 Now let’s come back to another point... I also spoke about the DNA test and for some time now, God has put the file on the desk of doctors and you will see that they will go deeper. A child will have much more affinity with somebody who is not his father than with his own father and germs of violence will be found in the blood of their priests, reverends and pastors. It is toward it that they are going little by little. 

10 Had it not been the curse and the hybridization of the blood of the paternal relatives of Cain with that of the original snakes, a blood transfusion with the blood of a boa or python would be possible with a Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist priest or pastor who denies this Message. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!]

11 And I have been given again, last week, a document of several pages against the midnight Cry. And the author ended with this: "I am going to stop there but let me tell you that it’s over midnight now... Notice that I do not say that Kacou Philippe is not a messenger of God ". But if I am a man sent from God, what have you done of my Message? And how can we be over midnight while I’m still speaking? This is simply the manifestation of the sons of the devil.

12 And many of them are expecting my death to start their ministry. Well, do start your ministry! If it is from God, I shall decrease and you shall increase! You see? And three months ago, they exulted over the rumour of my death without trying to check it. And even some pastors and prophets announced it with joy in their churches! … I do not understand how one can be delighted at the death of someone while it is written: "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself"! You see? 

13 I know that they will exult one day but the Message Itself is eternal! Isaiah, Amos, Jeremiah and the prophets are dead but their Messages are alive up to this day and to the ages of ages! [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].

14 And what I have achieved in five years, they will never achieve it during their whole life. Neither them, nor their children; because I did not act by myself. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].

15 Recently again, I saw in a dream that I was setting things and above me, approximately three meters above the ground, was that same Cloud and that cloud was influencing me into setting these things in a certain way and it was my Spirit that was in the Cloud. My body did not obey the will of the Cloud as my arm obeys me but as a slave would obey his master. [Kc.68v9]   

16 Well! I would also like to say, after the preaching: "refusing to progress ", that the progress of the world did not help Christians. You see? Because of the progress of printing for example, the scrolls of the Old and the New Testament have been gathered in a single book called Bible. So "Bible" means: "the books". Thus the Bible is not THE Holy book but the assembling of the Holy books. You see? 

17 Gathering big scrolls of several kilograms in a small book, the idea was good and anybody would have applauded that discovery without knowing that the devil was going to exploit it. You see? 

18 If the sixty-six books were not gathered in only one book, one would not say today: "For me, it is the Bible! I believe in nothing else except the Bible!

19 If there was a scroll or book of Isaiah separately, a book of Jeremiah separately, a book of Moses separately... I tell you that that would help mankind! You see? Yet at the judgment, there will be no book gathering all the books but every generation will be there with its book or scroll. The generation of Noah with Noah’s book to be judged! The generation of Jeremiah with Jeremiah’s book or scroll! The generation of Martin Luther with Martin Luther's scroll! The generation of Branham with William Branham’s scroll to be judged. 

20 But only, the same way the Lord Jesus Christ held the seven stars for the nations, so He held the seven thunders, the book of the books of the seven stars. And when the seven stars were appearing, each one with his generation for the judgment, it was not the book of the seven stars but each generation with the Book that God gave to his angel for it! Amen! You see? 

21 When He appears in his divinity, it is with the seven stars and their seven Messages both in the Old and New Testament. But when these ones were appearing on the earth as before the throne of the judgment, it is each one with the book and the faith of the generation rests upon what is written in the scroll of the prophet God sent to him. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!]. The preaching on the final judgement explains it. You see? An inhabitant of Pergamos could not say: "I believe in the letter sent to the angel of the church of Ephesus ".

22 Well, before starting the preaching, I would also like to say that, when God gives a vision, He provides with the provisions for the fulfillment of this vision. 

23 When God used Asia, the Asians made the Gospel reach the ends of the earth! It has been like for each of the four continents. And recently, in the evening time, when we received kilograms of brochures coming from Switzerland and the United States, they are worthy sons of the people God was visiting who bled themselves dry by sacrificing their pleasures because of us and because of the Kingdom of Heavens. 

24 And if today God is visiting Africa, they are not Europeans or Americans who will do it instead of us. And when in 2 Kings 5 Naaman came, Elisha did not care about his money. Gehazi and his posterity can say that the dollar and euro are much more valuable than the currencies of Africa and that it is them who have to give us some but the Bible does not tell us so. 

25 If it pleased God to arouse an African, it is with our African currency that God will fulfill Matthew 25:6 and Elisha and his sons and the sons of the prophets will rise to fulfill the vision. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!]. Whatever they have, the children of God will be anxious about doing for God an action above everything they have done on the earth. That is why a mere sister gave money to cover all the expenses of the second edition of this book.  [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].

26 Now I come to the preaching: God is visiting Africa. In the beginning, there was Africa and Eden was there covering Ethiopia, Egypt...  including Israel. 

27 And historians have always said that Africa was the cradle of mankind. And in the beginning, we also know that Egypt was for a long time the first world power as we see it in Genesis. 

28 And in the time of Abraham, when there was famine, God asked him to go down to Egypt. And on this side, William Branham, a type of Abraham, went down to Egypt and fraternised with the devil. And while William Branham went down to Egypt under God’s order and fraternised with the Pentecostal churches and evangelical churches, in Genesis 26, God says to Isaac: Go not down to Egypt! [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!]. For Isaac had a greater mission and of him would come out two seeds, a foolish one and a wise one who will wrestle with the Angel of April 24, 1993. No matter how rude the Message might be, they will not let Him go until the cock-crow and Jacob so said in Genesis 32: " …and now I am become two troops ". [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].

29 The wise virgins will act because of God and before God and not because of men and before men. Everything they will do, they will do it because of God and from the bottom of their heart, there will be nothing hidden. Those ones are the true children of God and the eternal life is for them. And it is because of them that God sent the Angel of April 24, 1993. His Message was going to purify, make white and refine this wise virgin in the desert of Revelation 12:14 until the cock-crow away from Canaanite churches and was going to change Jacob into incorruptibility and the same Message will work again in the morning with Asia and the Arab nations as we saw it represented in the vision of April 24, 1993 by the visitation of the two doves and it is said that in the Morning, as the sun rose up, Jacob passed over Peniel. You see? [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].

30 So God did not allow Isaac, the son promised to Branham to fraternise with anybody. That is why we will never pray with a Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist or even call them brethren in Christ. They are our fellow in relation to earthly things and we love them because God said: thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyselfBut as for spiritual things, as for faith, a catholic, protestant, evangelical or Branhamist is not our fellow. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!]. [Kc.20v4] [Kc.20v7]   

31 Well! It is therefore in Egypt, in Africa that was constituted and grew up a Jewish people who went towards the land of Canaan. And even in Israel in the time of Herod, it was in Africa that Joseph and Mary came to protect the life of the Lord Jesus. And at the beginning of Christianity during the persecution, Africa was an important reference point. Tertullian, Origen and Cyprian are Africans. Without forgetting Simon of Cyrene who carried the cross of Jesus. We have the impression that Africa has a role of assistance.

32 But that Africa was put aside, as rejected or forgotten because what has been entrusted to her before the foundation of the world, it is the revelation of the unknown tongue. And the whole world must humble itself before that. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].

33 First Africa herself has to accept that God can, from her bosom, arouse a prophet like Martin Luther, John Wesley, William Branham and those of the Bible. 

34 It is true that our past has always been the same... You see? The slave trade in which our fathers were sold at auction just as we sell an object that we do not use any longer. Our fathers were transported here and there in exchange for simple mirrors and petty things. And they were piled up naked in boats for America … 

35 And after that it was colonisation during which again, Africans were often treated as animals before God who created them as well. But God is free to do and to allow that! He is sovereign! He is free to do what he wants and everything he does, it is in his kindness that he does it. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].   

36 And many Africans therefore died under the weight of forced labour. It is said that a white man could break a coconut on the head of a black and it was too bad if your head was not solid. You see? 

37 And telling this black that he will be the master of white people or his son would be the master of white people, it's as if one were asked to believe that the sea would dry up one day. Certainly he will never believe.

38 And if this white man was told that one day the African will be something, he would never believe! Because the power of independence and freedom of these blacks depended on him. If he does not say to an African country: you are independent, how can this country be independent? If he does not say to the slave: you are free, how can he be free? And at the spiritual level it was the same! You see?

39 But today God is asking the humanity to accept an African. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!]. But first, Africa must accept that God can speak through an African, through his black fellow who is beside him. You see! 

40 When people say that Kacou Philippe is a prophet, people agree but when we go further to tell them that he is a prophet just as important as Moses, Jeremiah or Isaiah of the Bible, they are shocked. The Europeans, Americans and even Africans themselves are shocked. They say: An AfricanHa!!!  They are cold. They would have liked it to be a white man or at least a black American like Joseph Coleman. 

41 But an African who must baptise and consecrate some white people so that God may recognize them... that’s too much for them. Every man on the earth would have liked it to be a white man. You see? And the reason, it is because the human kind has accepted that there are superior races and lower races and they want God to accept it as well. 

42 But all the white children of God whether rich or poor will overcome that. And our prayer is that God keeps all these people in the same Spirit like us. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].    

43 And forty years ago, some white people did not believe that Africans had souls like them. It was not because they were wicked but they thought sincerely that an African was no human at all! For them, Africans are an evolution of chimpanzees. 

44 In South Africa, when William Branham wanted blacks also to come to his services, the white people said to him: " no, brother Branham! They have no soul! They are only animals ..." And William Branham said to them: "they are not animals because an animal cannot give you its blood but these African men can give you of their blood!"

45 And if William Branham said to a white man: " Thus saith the Lord: one day, it is by the black African that you will be saved!" this white man would say in his heart: "I see that you are a false prophet come to deride the dignity of white people ". You see? 

46 And the mystery is that every race has accepted the position that the other gives to it. The White man says to the Black: "you are unworthy!" And the black answers the white man: "yes, I’m unworthy forever! May God always speak to me through you! ". Even if the white told the black: "God says that you are the chief, sit upon the throne and I upon the stool ", the black would say: "I am the chief but I feel better upon the stool. You the white, sit always upon the throne". That is exactly it. And you will not know whether it is fear or humility. 

47 At the time of the racial segregation in America, a White man could said: " I would not wish the people we bought as slaves and who served in our fields of sugar cane to have the same civil rights like us!

48 And when the blacks themselves think of the slave trade, the sharing of Africa, the colonisation, slavery, the apartheid, the racial segregation, the underdevelopment… they say to themselves that God called them to serve! So much that they want to resemble white people by all means. Some look for skin lightening cosmetic products for skin bleaching, but Daniel 12:10 says that it is a prophetic product that will do that. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].    

49 They do not think that God can arouse a black one day for the greatest ministry as that of John the Baptist. You see? [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].    

50 Africa must know that it is God Himself who has put racism on the heart of white men for a while but this time is now past. The time of the slave trade is pastthe colonial time is past. The slavery, apartheid and racial segregation are old history! You see? The apartheid and racial segregation were institutions from God because blacks should not have any portion with William Branham just as the Samaritans and the people of the nations should not have any portion with the Lord Jesus Christ.  [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].   

51 God sees all men equal. And every son of God, whatever his race, says Amen to that because he knows that all the races of the earth are equal before God! You see? And the same God who did that will make the sons of Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wesley and William Branham recognize and accept it in spite of their skin colour. 

52 Some white men from Asia, from Europe, from America and from Africa will come here for the baptism and the consecration and it will be said: "you have heard that Salvation comes from the Jews but now Salvation comes from Africa ", that is why the trajectory of the eclipse of March 29 formed this big "S" of Salvation! [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].

53 The whole Bible testifies the midnight Cry. And as I said it, it is the lack of revelation that will make you not see the midnight Cry in all the verses of the Bible. [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].    

54 And to close, I now wish to read another passage in Ruth 1:6. You see? At the time of Martin Luther, the whole Bible had taken the colour of his Message! At the time of John Wesley, the whole Bible had taken the colour of his Message! At the time of William Branham, the whole Bible had taken the colour of his Message! And today, similarly, all the books of the Bible have taken the colour of the midnight Cry! [Ed: the congregation Amen!]. 

55 Let us read now Ruth 1:6: "And [Naomi] arose, she and her daughters-in-law, and returned from the fields of Moab; for she had heard in the fields of Moab how that Jehovah had visited his people to give them bread.

56 Well. First, Naomi is the Church of the time of the Apostles. And when God turned away from Israel and when there was a famine of the Word there, the husband of Naomi who is the type of the Apostles died among nations. But their children, their spiritual posterity who are the messengers maintained the faith of the old woman Naomi, and aroused two virgins from her within the nations! A first called Orpah was carnal. It is the type of the foolish virgins. And a second called Ruth was spiritual. It is the type of the wise virgins. [Kc.33v5]

57 Every verse of Ruth's book is an element of the midnight Cry! [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].    

58 But it is verse 6 that calls our attention this morning. Verse 6 says that when the midnight Cry sounded, when Naomi heard that God had visited her people and that God had given the bread of the Word to her people, she returned! Amen! No matter the time she had spent there in those catholic, protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches! No matter her age, her connections, her responsibilities… nothing could hold her back! And if you are a Chosen one, that’s what you will be led to do without knowing because something in you urges you to do so. You see? [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].    

59 It is not a matter of understanding or intelligence but of seed! Everything depends on what you were before the foundation of the world when God created you! 

60 When the weather is fine somewhere, all the birds and butterflies go there until that time passes. And when God is visiting one people, all the elect, whatever their country, have their eyes turned toward the country where God is fulfilling his Word! ... [Ed: The congregation says, Amen!].

61 And this is the depth of the elect! And God bless you, let us stand up for the prayer! ...


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