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(Preached on Thursday evening, September 21, 2006 and preached again in January 2007, in Adjamé, Abidjan - Ivory Coast)

I would like to preach this evening on the precepts on the priesthood but as usual, I would like to speak first about several things…

We are grateful to the Lord for all the testimonies of Healings and miracles that are performed here and we can say that the sick are healed, the possessed are delivered and the spiritual soul can say that the Message is highly vindicated. But as in the Lord Jesus’ days, those who are in a distance, John the Baptist included, did not know it…   

Well, a brother who has accepted the midnight Cry and to whom we said that William Branham was a true and authentic prophet of God has just reported to me some information accounting for the fact that William Branham would be a false prophet because he prophesied that the Lord Jesus-Christ would come back in 1993. And I also heard that some evangelicals had confounded some Branhamists on this prophecy. 

May God bless a hundredfold all those who say that William Branham is a false prophet because of his prophecy on 1993. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

5Brethren, we see that voices are rising against the midnight Cry, a brochure entitled: "Gospel of terror" wasspread around here against the midnight Cry. We could read on it, "This Gospel is brought by a certain Kacou Philippe to whom a divinity would have spoken…"Churches of different denomination held a conference on the Message and books are being made up even in Congo-Kinshasa where also favourable voices are rising in favour of the Message. 

I said that the Congo-Kinshasa will be a significant centre for the midnight Cry. 

Another voice of discord, that of a son of Belial of the stature of Goliath to whom a crafty voice would have said, "You shall be called David and you shall make a living!" rises with all his force to show that a black prophet cannot come up for according to him, on the one hand, Africans are idolaters and fetish priests and on the other hand, descendants of Ham. If William Branham, a descendant of Indians can be a prophet, an African will be also by the hand of Him who makes no exception in people! And if an African cannot be a prophet messenger like Moses, Isaiah and Jeremiah then an African will not be able to be a pastor, evangelist, teacher or apostle either. And if I say that this Saul and all those who are following him are of the posterity of the serpent, that is correct. 

Now notice that the devil is not wise! We know that the Bible says nowhere that an African cannot be a prophet messenger and if God has to say it, He will say it by a prophet messenger because the Word comes to the prophet. If God has to say another thing that the Bible does not say, and as worth as that doctrine, He will say it by a prophet messenger. Yet David, the Branhamist pastor who preaches this doctrine, is an African and as a Branhamist, he knows that the Word of God comes first to the prophet! … [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].And none of all these ones never sought to meet me to show me that I am not a prophet or that I have preached a false doctrine.  [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

9And beside all that, we must count the reaction of Switzerland by the voice of Alexis Barilier and Ewald Frank. According to them, the midnight Cry is emitted by the Lord through several servants of God. This is what Alexis Barilier said,"… That is why it is sure that if somebody listens to what the spirit is saying to the church today, he will understand and know that Jehovah makes very precisely a Cry heard which is a call to awake, call that is launched through several servants inspired of God: be it our brother Frank or others. This new book by our brother M’bra Parfait that we are publishing now is also part of the cry that is made sound by our Lord at midnight…"

10And now the Branhamists are giving an authority to some of them who are going to produce a Branhamist Catholic charismatic renewal so that Pharaoh can say to me, "You can see that we also have messengers of Matthew 25:6, black like you, Ivorians like you and being able to do what you do!"When Moses cast his staff down and it became a snake, Pharaoh, the president of honour of the churches called the evangelist and prophet Jannes and Jambres who had powerful gifts of miracles and healings in order to work miracles before the Egyptians, that is, Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches including Islam and Judaism and these two magicians of the rank of Tommy Osborn did that, they performed real and genuine miracles and that strengthened all the pharaohs of churches and that hardened the heart of all their faithful. But as in the time of each prophet of God, this Message that I am bringing will impose Itself on all the face of the earth and will save the elect and condemn the sons of the devil. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

11I would like to read now a dream that a Branhamist pastor saw. I read that, "In the course of the first quarter of year 2004, the Lord gave me a dream in which brother M’bra and I were walking together on a path. We were very well dressed having bags across our shoulders. As we were walking, we got in front of a house, in which this brother had decided that we should enter. Once inside, this brother made me notice something in these terms: Brother, look at the number of Bibles on the ground. I looked and saw a great number of Bibles of various formats on the ground. When we went ahead a little farther, we found three men sitting on chairs similar to chairs of Louis XIV type … Their countenance displayed a profound peace and very great confidence". You see? That is the dream that this Branhamist pastor saw.

12 Now, the only and true means of understanding and interpreting that is in the Message of Matthew 25:6 and Revelation 12:14. And if they had humbly accepted the midnight Cry, they would know that several FORMATS of bibles on the ground means no other thing but the whole of the VERSIONS of bible that the God of the midnight Cry has thrown out to be burnt. And by this point, they would recognize the Message that they must proclaim to the whole world. But they can no longer do it because the Branhamist papacy gave them its anointing and its eye which is its vision of the Word, its way of seeing that it transmits to those who follow it.

13 The dream indicated that the time had come when something would occur in the church so that an authentic Bible would be distinguished and the others thrown out. You see? What is the error they made? Their error is that, when they saw the bibles on the ground, they should stop there and try to understand and God would show them the Message which was at side, very close to them, both spiritually and physically… but they went farther! You see? He says, "When we went ahead a little farther…" There is the error!

14 What is deplorable is that the interpretation of such a dream amounts of the competence of a prophet messenger and it is God who gave it because there is a prophet messenger on the earth. 

15 And that M’bra received the anointing from a demon. He reports in the dream: "… we found three men sitting on chairs similar to chairs of Louis XIV type. From their aspect, we admitted them being servants of God. They were also very well dressed. Their countenance displayed a profound peace and very great confidence. We approached them and I sat down beside them…" [Extracted from his book: The five ministries of the Word in the vision of the end times]. And I said before him that those three people were the three physical people who are Ewald Frank, Alexis Barilier and someone like Leonard Lifesé but also and especially the three spirits of frog in Revelation 16:13 whose throne is in Krefeld and Jeffersonville. 

16 That did not prevent him from publishing the book: "The promised awakening" in which he declares that those three angels are constantly visiting him. And he declares that those three angels are those of Revelation 14:6-10, comparing the first to William Branham, the second to Ewald Frank and the third to himself.

17And Alexis Barilier publishes such stupid things to say that he does not know anything of the Word of God! You see? Even a good Methodist knows that if the Message of the second Angel of Revelation 14 reveals the Catholicism, then the Message of the first Angel of Revelation 14 could not be that of William Branham. 

18 And moreover, how can God’s Angels sit on Louis XIV chairs with a profound peace? An Angel of God who would sit upon a royal chair with a profound peace before all that is happening on the face of the earth is a demon! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].And it is only Ewald Frank, Alexis Barilier and Branhamists who do not know it. Yet this M’bra Parfait does not know that he will be nothing on the earth because has rejected his prophet, prophet Kacou Philippe.

19 Now if the fulfilment is something other than the revelation that God granted to me on that, let them inform me so that I can say that I am a false prophet. And it is through him that I knew that Branhamists also found missions and ministries like the evangelicals. For the evangelical missions you will hear names like: MIR, MEDA, MIEDA, MIGA, MIEDRA, MICAS, MECI, MIESOS, MIROS, MICOS, MIL, MPJ, MEC, MEROS of their mummy Jezebel and M’bra is MEVAR. Satan indicates "M" for missionor ministryto mislead humanity but we should rather see "Morgue". Catholic morgue, Protestant morgue, evangelical morgue, Branhamist morgue, Methodist morgue, Baptist morgue, Anabaptist morgue, end of times’ morgue, Pentecost. You see?

20But in the Branhamism, the first to create a mission like the evangelicals, it is Ewald Frank and Alexis Barilier: MPP: Mission of the Spoken Wordwhich has its centre in Switzerland, before Leonard LIFESE’s and others. 

21And in addition to that, when a Branhamist pastor quotes Watchman Nee, Billy Graham, Tommy Osborn as being men of God, he reveals his depth because all those are in agreement with all the Catholic, Protestant and evangelical churches. You see? They are of the same group. In principle, if Osborn comes here in Ivory Coast, the Branhamists must join the Baptists, Methodists and others to welcome him… And from Ewald Frank, there is a new ministry of Ephesians 4:11 which has been created for them and this ministry is: "missionary".

22 And M’bra Parfait who has a ministry of penance and fasting, says that a voice told him on August 12, 1995 that Alexis Barilier had come from Switzerland to consecrate him. I would like to say to that strange voice that a prophet messenger is not consecrated! Who is greater than you, in your time, to consecrate you? Even the one who had baptised me in 1993, God made that I also baptised him in 2004 for the midnight Cry. What William Branham did not do for his Baptist pastor. And it is a great act in connection with the glorious personage and I leave that to the meditation of Branhamists.  

23 And since and before the date of the consecration of M’bra, he was a Branhamist preacher, well known and in 2005, while remaining a Branhamist preacher and after he read the preachings of the midnight Cry, he launches a so-called ministry of Matthew 25:6 through a website. His message: bring all the Branhamists of the tendency of Ewald Frank to a great movement of fast and prayer; which will not work. The message of M’bra is: "Repentance, fast and prayer!". May all the prophets bring such a message and nobody will be beheaded, hung, crucified, imprisoned or burnt alive! But we know that it is a satanic ministry which will go nowhere! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

24 And if you notice, in 1858 in Lourdes, at the appearance of Mary to Bernadette Soubirous, the message of the virgin was: "DO PENANCE! DO PENANCE!" and that did not give anything except a charismatic renewal which is a horn of the same Catholic beast. And so will it be for this movement launched by this penitent M’bra. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

25And I do not understand how somebody rises without a Message… It is as if forty years after prophet Haggai, prophet Zechariah comes and takes Haggai’s Message to get people awake by fasting and prayers! Has God ever sent on the earth a prophet of penitence? Is exhorting people to pray a Message?

26In a brochure entitled: RETURN AND JUBILEE, at the ref.125, William Branham throws this: "… The fathers of Pentecost fought to win the price, and sailed through bloody seas. Let’s not walk this flower bed of ease by joining some organization! Let’s get the experience. Let’s go back to God. Let’s go back to the eagle Food. Let’s go back to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Let’s go back to the Word of God. Let’s go back to the fast and pray". But by saying that, didn't William Branham have a Message of Exodus with re-baptism, revealing the divinity of Christ, revealing the seven seals, giving the sign of the Son of Man, revealing the seed of the serpent and others? Do the books of Jeremiah, Isaiah, Nehemiah only speak about fasting and prayer? Let’s be sincere!

27Have Branhamists got so low to the point of considering M’bra who is a follower of Osborn, Watchman Nee, Billy Graham and others, as a servant of God? Have Branhamists got so low to the point of following a prophet of penitence? Have Branhamists got so low to the point of following somebody who says that William Branham, Ewald Frank and him are respectively the three angels of Revelation 14:6-10? How does it come therefore that the second and the third angel are ministering on the earth at the same time and that the second angel rejects the third? YOU WILL ANSWER FOR THAT BEFORE GOD! 

28And the Bible says that Branhamists, Ewald Frank, Alexis Barilier and the children of Branham included, fell all asleep … And in the same way that God went and took Moses out of Egypt, a shepherd in Midian, in the same way that He went and took Elisha who was ploughing his field… In the same way that He went and took Paul while there were twelve Apostles and seventy disciples available, full of the Holy Spirit, thus will He do it at midnight today! The Message of Matthew 25:6 cannot come to a Branhamist otherwise it would be a contradiction. How would a Branhamist wake up to wake the others up? It is absolutely impossible for the midnight Cry to come from a Branhamist! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

29And Switzerland, seeing the old age of its papacy and to spread confusion, is manufacturing a messenger of the midnight Cry, a Branhamist who received the preachings of the midnight Cry in 2003 though Brother Abu. And when Barilier says that it was in 2005 that I started preaching, he must repent because I started preaching Matthew 25:6 on July 8, 2002 and that is found on some websites. And when Alexis Barilier also says that I burn the brochures of William Branham, he must repent of it!  

30And when they say that, Ewald Frank will not die before the rapture, it is a lie because the rupture will take place at the end of the cock-crow after our time. You see? I would like him to live up to the rapture but it is not possible! As for Matthew 24:45-51, the Master coming back on April 24, 1993 blamed him through the midnight Cry because he was not doing what he was supposed to do.  [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

31And talking about the midnight Cry, Alexis Barilier, Ewald Frank and Branhamists received my preachings since 2003, before they even started to speak really about the midnight Cry. And M’bra Parfait had personally told me that my preachings were too condensed. 

32And talking about the word midnight, I would like to say that it is the Message that marks midnight and the end to the progression of darkness. It is the Message that indicates midnight. From this Message, the earth will start moving towards the day through the expansion of daylight. The scales of darkness start falling down. Henceforth, a man of the nations knows that such spirit is not the Holy Spirit and that such version of the Bible is not the Bible. 

33 Each time an angel comes down, the earth is illuminated as Revelation 18:1 shows it and the vision of April 24, 1993. The light of the Message that he gives through a man illuminates the earth. Amen! You see?

34 It is not only because it is midnight that the Message has been given but it is the Message that marks midnight, that is to say which puts an end to the progression of the night… 

35And now to begin the preaching of today, I would like to say this again: Here is an extract of the letter that Alexis Barilier addressed to Ewald Frank after their passage in Ivory coast in September 2006. Alexis Barilier says this, [Ed: BEGINNING OF THE LETTER, BY ALEXIS BARILIER: "… when you got down from the platform and you started bowing, while touching the hand of the preachers, I had under my eyes what I had watched on television being done by the pope, when he got down in the middle of his cardinals and bishops gathered in front of him…   

36   … If the preachings of Brother Branham and Brother Frank that we received had to awake us, we would be awoken long ago. Notice that I also go along with you, for I have always tried to bring only words inspired by the Bible, and we have to admit that neither my preachings nor yours have been able to prevent the virgins from falling asleep. Our heavenly Father knew it and that’s why He spoke of a Cry which had to wake the virgins up, not in the seventh watch, which is the last one, in which the Spirit and the Bride who is ready can say: Come! But, indeed, at midnight because the virgins have stopped moving ahead... 

37Now the question is to know if we are conscious that all the virgins fell asleep, with us included, and that it happened after the virgins answered the call of the Message brought by Brother Branham? Are we conscious that if all our preachings have not been able to prevent the virgins from falling asleep, these will not, indeed, be able to wake them up, but that the Lord promised to awake not only the wise virgins, but also the foolish, by a Cry at midnight… A Cry, it is also a Message, for it can be a Cry that expresses a message of joy or distress, or a message of call to wake up and of reprehension, as in the case of Matthew 25:6-7. 

38The Message entrusted to Brother Branham must get the Bride ready for the Supper of the Bridegroom’s marriage. But if the virgins are sleeping, how can they get ready, how can they fulfill Revelation 19:7, 8 and clothe with the righteous works of the saints which are given her to clothe? What we really need today, it is to be awoken by the Cry promised at midnight. Would it be then possible that the Lord Jesus uses Someone else other than Ewald Frank or Alexis Barilier to wake the virgins up? Yes, certainly!" [Ed. End of the letter by Alexis Barilier]. 

39 And in the answer of October 16, 2006, Ewald Frank also acknowledges that Matthew 25:6 is to come! What will Branhamists say after they so fought against me and proclaimed that the midnight Cry is the Message of William Branham? You see? Now, Alexis Barilier must acknowledge that M’bra Parfait that he consecrated as a Branhamist preacher on August 12, 1995 is also in the number of those who are sleeping after William Branham’s Message! Let’s be sincere!  

40Let’s take our Bibles in Revelation 1:6 now… This Message is related to myself first, then to all those who serve the Lord; preachers and others, and then to all those who believe this Message. And I extracted it from Revelation 1:6. The subject is:precepts on the priesthood. I will go on really slowly. We will read verses… you must be able to understand that. I consider that today will perhaps be the first part of the preaching, certainly, Amen!  [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. "and made us a Kingdom, priests to his God and Father: to Him be the glory and the might to the ages of ages. Amen.". 

41Well, God has always wanted there be a chief priest. But, this chief priest is in fact God through a man. Because we know that they are sheep that make up the flock. But a lamb cannot lead a flock of lambs. It is not possible! When lambs are gathered, they need something more than a lamb to be their shepherd. You see? 

42 And the Bible says that the Lord Jesus-Christ was the Lamb of God, and it was more than a natural lamb, it was a person. You see? Replace simply lambs by humans. A naturally man cannot lead men, he must be a prophet messenger that is to say God through a man. As a lamb also cannot lead a flock of lambs. Which means that that lamb which leads the others, is not a natural lamb. And that is what occurs on the human side, and it is God who gives him this capacity. And this work requires a lot of rules and precepts. You see? 

43 That is why I would like to speak this evening about the subject: precepts on the priesthood. This evening, I would like to approach that in a certain way. Before I came to the Lord, as you know, I had been practising some activities and I had a small amount of money. And when I came and I was preaching this Message, I still had a small amount of money that I had acquired in the sweat of my face, I had got clothes, shoes… that I had acquired in the sweat of my face. And while I am at work in the Lord, there was now in addition to what I had got in the sweat of my face, what the brethren were giving me. But, at a certain moment, God makes the separation, but everything is for Him. 

44 You will see that when Hannah requested a child from God and that God gave her that child named Samuel, something happened: Well, we are going to read 1 Samuel 2:18-19. [Ed.: A brother reads: …].Thus we bear in mind that Samuel was before the face of God and his parents would come up from year to year to see Samuel. It is not then said that Samuel used to go on holiday from year to year at his parents’ home, but they are his parents who came up towards him. Let’s read also 1 Samuel 2:21: "So Jehovah visited Hannah, and she conceived, and bore three sons and two daughters.…". Amen! 

45 You see, God did something which is not the work of chance and by that we can clearly understand, Mary should have other children apart from Jesus. But I think that, after Jesus, Mary should not have other children. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

46 But why has God done that? It is to that that I would like to come. You see? Now, I would like us to read again a passage in Leviticus 22. We are going to read several verses in Leviticus 22, but the point I would like to touch this evening, it is the separation of what we receive from man and from what we receive from God. I would like to speak particularly about what we receive from the priesthood as tithes and offerings and other gifts which are Holy things. 

47Well, let’s read Leviticus 22:4: "Whatsoever man of the seed of Aaron is a leper, or hath a flux, he shall not eat of the Holy things, until he is clean.…".  Now, what does this passage mean? This passage means that all those who are here have the right to eat Holy things, that is, the tithes and offerings, I can give this tithe or offering to a brother who lives well. And he is worthy to consume that. 

48 Now A brother will read Leviticus 22:6-12. Follow very closely, it is the Bible itself that is going to speak, I start with verse 10: "And no stranger shall eat the Holy thing; the sojourner with the priest, and the hired servant, shall not eat of the Holy thing.But if a priest buy any one for money, he may eat of it, and he that is born in his house: they may eat of his food. And a priest's daughter who is married to a stranger may not eat of the Heave-offering of the Holy things." 

49The Bible says here that a stranger, that is to say whoever does not believe the living prophet of his time, cannot eat what is pure, that is to say the tithes and offerings. Well, when I arrived from my trip, I said that a sister had offered something, so as to be given to my mother. It is not bad, it is right because it is not a tithe or an offering to God. But I think that this money should actually be due to a brother or a sister in need here, in the assembly. You see? That is it actually. We are going to read Luke 8:19-21 [Ed: a brother reads…]. You see? My father and my mother are first those who are here! 

50 And David, before he was a king, was pursued. And when he arrived somewhere he found priests, and there, there was bread but not everyone can eat some. For us, the impure or the stranger is those who have not had their baptism yet or who do not believe in the Message of their time. [Ed:The congregation says, "Amen!"]. You see? The Texts we have just read even explain that the daughter of a priest who went and got married to a pagan has no right to eat some. You see? 

51 Well, now a church member or a brother who serves God and who practises a social activity, if after he has taken the tithe and the offering out of his salary, he wants to give all the rest to his parents, it is his right and he is free to do it that way! Even if he is a priest or whatever! If it is a faithful, it is the same… 

52 But he that lives from the Word of God does not have the right to do that. But if he does it, he does it as the rain of God that falls on weeds. You see? For him that lives from the Word of God like me, he cannot go and build or buy a land portion and build for his parents to come and live there while they do not believe in the Message. You see? That cannot even be done and this is for all his life. And the day when he dies, his parents do not have anything to do with what he has as possessions. You see? It is true that the priest offers sacrifices, sheep… but the first sacrifice of the true priest is himself.  

53 And it is through the application of this Message that those who give sacrifices are blessed. The Bible speaks about it everywhere, there are so many verses, we have only hit some verses. That is what the Bible says and Lord Jesus Christ did not come to abolish these things. And these things are so true that one cannot bypass them. You see? A pastor, prophet or other who uses the tithe and offering badly brings the curse upon his people. Even what a brother or sister has given him out of the service, it is a Holy thing. You see? Parents themselves know that… we are in Africa after all and each one of us has seen some fetish priests making sacrifices saying that not everyone can eat that sacrifice. They cannot say they have not heard about or seen that somewhere.  

54 And besides, a tree that they reject or that they assign to the devil, how will they eat its fruits? When I know that the fetish priest is of the devil, I cannot consume the sacrifice of this fetish priest. He that has to assist my mother is the priest or pastor of my mother. It is not wickedness, but it is obedience to the Word. [Ed:The congregation says, "Amen!"]. That’s it, Brethren! They are all those things that lead to the blessing and that make us blessed. It is the Bible that says it and God who does not work in confusion will give to your parents what they need…But if it happens that I give to them, it’s the rain of God that falls on weeds or the salary of the good that they did to me.

55 While Elijah had called Elisha, Elisha knowing all the good that was done to him, went to offer a sacrifice of oxen over there. He was the one sacrificing himself there. From this day, there must be a separation. You heard that the priest shall not drink strong drinks, shall not take such or such a woman but the Spirit says now what he must do and that is applied to all those who have devoted themselves to God whatever their ministry. You see? 

56 The tithe and the offerings are holy things that no one can consume if he is not a brother or sister of the Message living well. If there is an obligation, that will be the subject of a special contribution as we do for a stranger or a brother in need. While we are at the service, if a pagan comes and says, "Come to my help! I with my house have not eaten all the day!". We will make a special contribution for him! That is what the priest will ask for if there is an emergency for his family or other. But if he takes the tithe or offering to go and do that, it is a sin! The priest’s bread is a showbread. Strangers cannot eat some.  

57Now Out of a gift that you have received from a relative, friend or acquaintance, you can take the tithe but out of a gift that a brother has donated you, you shall not take any tithe because it is a brother who has given that to you and it is considered that he has already taken out the tithe.   

58   What a brother receives from another brother, he can share it with his parents but it is not so with what he receives from a priest. 

59   But as for the wife of this priest, even if she does not practise any other activity, she can give what she has to her parents because she does not receive it as a priest but a servant of the priest. 

60   What does the Bible say? "For it is precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, there a little.... For with stammering lips and a strange tongue will he speak to this people". [Ed:The congregation says, "Amen!"]. 

61   Now I would like to say something very important! No one, if he believes this Message has the right to eat sacrifices dedicated to the devil. You see? If you know that somebody is pastor of any church: Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist, or that he is a priest, and living from his priesthood, you have no right to receive money from him or eat in his house! If you think that you cannot eat a black kid or white chicken offered in sacrifice then you must not eat at the home of a Catholic, protestant, evangelical or Branhamist priest or pastor.      

62 The preacher who stands in here, does not do it to talk necessarily about the faithful. You see? It is not a court and the pews are not the accused’s benches…  

63And to end this preaching on the precepts of priesthood, I would like to say that I do not wish that one day schools, foundations bear my name… Let no school, no foundation, nothing bear my name. My soul is well here with the weak. I was born in simplicity and my soul will rest in simplicity. 

64   I have decided that the book of the midnight Cry be free for everyone and I will do so that it will be so forever! Be it for the poor or for the rich, it will be free forever! And may God bless you!


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