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(Preached on Sunday, December 5, 2004, in Locodjro, Abidjan –Ivory Coast) In relation with the four ministries see also Kc.50

Well, by establishing the public confession, we have settled at once carnal sanctification. We have thus got over all the exhortations to sanctification. We do not need to come and preach evangelical messages here. Each confession is a message for everyone. Everyone is on his guards. You see how precious this doctrine is? And because of kings, princes, presidents and their ministers, Satan removed it from the Church but God has restituted it. Amen!   

2 There cannot be but only one Message on earth, brought by a living prophet messenger and that Message is supported, explained and spread by four ministries working inside and outside the Church. And it is the only thing God can confirm. All the preceding Messages are worthless. They are the four ministries who clarify, go in depth and make the Message more biblical. And if one of these ministries brings or tries to bring a new thing, it is a strange fire and it is the enemy of inside. 

For example, if he says, "Adam had no navel otherwise he would have been born of a woman" or "The Kingdom of God is not the Kingdom of Heavens"or again "The book of Life is different from the book of Life of the Lamb"… I am not obliged to speak in such debates. What is not part of the Message must not be preached here. If the living prophet messenger is the mouth of God, the four ministries must be the mouth of the living prophet messenger. 

If the congregation did not understand the preaching, she has the right to ask, in all wisdom, for a session of questions and answers at the end of the preaching. You see? We are not an evangelical or Branhamist church where, in a convention, a preacher can come show off his knowledge and go without being worried. Be the echo of the prophet as he himself is the mouth of God. The Spirit of the Message must be in every preaching. You see? 

Let us come now to the four ministries of Ephesians 4:11. Aaron is the type of the four ministries of Ephesians 4:11 which is the type of the priesthood of the Old Testament. Do you understand why at the end it was Joshua and not Aaron? Exodus 33:11 says: Moses, the servant of Jehovah… Joshua, the servant of Moses. You see? And Joshua received the birthright before Aaron as Timothy received it before Barnabas. And like Timothy, in 1 Corinthians 4:17, F.F. Bothworth was sent before William Branham, announcing William Branham and preparing people to the blessing. And Timothy, at the side of Paul, had to bear witness of Paul without being ashamed of it, 2 Timothy 1:8. You see?

Any ministry of Ephesians 4:11 is the mouth of the living prophet-messenger of his time as the prophet messenger himself is the mouth of God for his time. 

Well, Being the guardians of the Word, be lambs for God but lions for the enemy, whether he is of the inside or the outside. You must say what the Message of your time says and expect what God can make of you. If the devil, by his children, succeeds in touching this Word, all that we are doing is bound to fail. Thus, the four ministries of Ephesians 4:11 are the guardians of the Message of their time. As the four animals there in Revelation keep the throne of God.

You should also not say, "A so-and-so did this in the Bible or in the history of the Church and God granted that to him, so I will do it as well". Can I administer myself a remedy that healed somebody who had the same disease as me a year ago? No brother! Do you know that the penicillin, victorious of all diseases, sixty years ago, has become ineffective today? Not being able any longer to heal even what it healed fifty years ago? You see? Doctors no longer prescribe penicillin. Do not imitate anything! If you think that by reading the Bible or the history of the persecution you are getting prepared for the persecution, stop that! The only force, basis and support are the prophet and the Message of your time. 

It is the same for the plan of Salvation: a generation comes with its spirit of seduction and some new things that did not exist forty years before and it is not the Bible but a new prophet messenger that God sends on earth to overcome that. 

10 It is like those two evangelical pastors who argued that a preacher can go near his own wife on Saturday night and go to the pulpit on Sunday morning to preach. I told them that that was from the devil. You see? Does not the preacher sanctify the assembly, both by the Word and by his life like Christ and the Church? You see? I do not even believe that an imam or a traditional fetish priest can behave that way on Friday eve…   The preacher, like the song leader, must be irreproachable both by the Word and by his life. If they have the faintest spiritual problem, the fear of God and their love for the brothers and sisters order that they do not take any more step. 

11  The complete deliverance and the complete victory precede the beautiful voice of the song leader and the pure preaching. That is why, even the Apostles could go and preach outside but not inside before the baptism of the Holy Spirit… You cannot say: When I am at work, I will become conscious and I will set my life in order, I will have more fear of God! Be victorious first, even the drummer. If somebody constitutes himself as an enemy of inside, God will not forgive him.  

12 Well… now I would like to say that revelation is not a precious discovery, comparisons of Bible verses or an inspiration from the past or history. What you are seeking outside the prophetic Message of your time, it is what will destroy you, however precious it may be. Many tricks will come and you must overcome. God considered this Message sufficient. And all the mysteries that have surrounded It earn it to be recognized as an attribute of the Word.

13 For example, Matthew 25:6, does not appear in the first two preachings, I wanted to insert that but I had this inspiration saying, "No plant or fruit is distinguished when it grows. By itself, it rejects what shucks it. You have nothing to do with it." Immediately came to me the example of the orange tree, the lemon tree, the mandarin tree, and the grapefruit tree. "No plant or fruit can be distinguished when it grows."  

14  I have often preached or written in the form of a dictation learning myself at the very minute what I am writing, putting thus the human wisdom and intelligence aside. You see? How often did I think that that queen, the queen of Sheba, who went from Africa to see King Solomon could have a link with the midnight Cry and that some brethren drew my attention on it? But I still wait for what He will tell me. Amen! For example, when I was writing"… the golden girdle about the loins…",I did not know that this sentence would end by: "… is the priesthood of Melchisedec". God is my witness, I only knew according to Ephesians 6:14-17 that the girdle is the truth. I have never received a false inspiration, it was I who rather tried to modify it because I did not understand it and I have been hindered. For example, the fact that Cain could father a son of God. Does not the Holy Angel, the Holy Spirit of April 24, 1993 see to that? [… ]  

15  The perfection is so close that man does not control it any longer. For example, if God did really say that Ewald Frank must distribute the brochures, he had to stick to that only and not produce his own brochures. If my father going for a trip tells me: Eat at such a woman’s till I come back, I will not say after his departure that because of the distance I will rather go to eat at another woman’s. When I was little, my parents going to the field, consigned me to his Burkinabés workers knowing that they eat snakes. But though I was little, I made sure not to eat that. 

16  I would also like to stress that if a minister of the Word preaches and his preaching is not against the Word, no one can come and take back, re-explain or comment on his preaching like the Branhamists do.  

17  Well, I also want to make a clarification: several brethren asked me questions on the ministries and the past of the minister of the Word according to one of my preachings [Ed: See Kc.8]. Except by my Word, keep to what I said: I spoke only about the prophet and the pastor, the other ministries are not concerned. In the same way, if somebody is already a pastor before he receives the Message, he will remain pastor, if he wills it. You see? That is it. 

18 Well, now I want to speak about the prayer, the baptism and close. I saw some brothers chasing demons out, sending them towards the Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches. It is not wrong but rather send them towards the abyss and the waste places. And that because of the children of God who are still in captivity in those churches. And when you pray, do not call on a historical God but the living God, the God of the Prophet Kacou Philippe because, He is the God of the living and not the God of the dead. If we call on the God of Elijah, of Daniel, we must assert that He is the living God of our time, that is the God of the prophet Kacou Philippe. Everything must have an imprint of the Message of our time: the prayer, the songs… No Jesus of Nazareth because the Jesus of Nazareth who answers today is a demon. He was Jesus of Nazareth in a human flesh 2000 years ago. They are statues and idols that do not move! And the gods of those churches are in Nazareth and are all called Jesus Christ of Nazareth. You see? But, He is the living God today, the God of our time, the God of the prophet Kacou Philippe.

19  That is why I will preach on the subject: "Lordteach us to pray" because one day, some Jews, sons of Abraham, Moses and David, versed in the law and the prophets told John the Baptist to teach them to pray then a bit later, others said to Jesus: "Lord, teach us to pray". Who is He today? Jesus-Christ, the Word of God, the Faithful and the True, the midnight Cry, the God of Elijah, Daniel and the apostles whom I serve…  

20  Know that all the baptisms, even with Branhamists, are wrong. One day, when receiving a new convert at his office, a Branhamist pastor asked him whether the baptism he received was by immersion in the Name of the Lord Jesus-Christ? He said: "Yes!" And this Branhamist pastor, told him that that baptism was correct. Whereas it is a baptism received in an evangelical church. You see? At the time of John the Baptist, all the baptisms were false except that of John the Baptist. At the time of Paul, all the baptisms were false except that of Paul and Paul even re-baptised the disciples of John the Baptist like Apollos. And at the time of the prophet Kacou Philippe today, all the baptisms of the Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches are false except the baptism of the Prophet Kacou Philippe. If you do not understand, pray for God to reveal it to you. There are not two Gods, there are not two truths, there are not two baptisms, there are not two living prophet messengers on the earth. [Ed: The congregation says: "Amen!"].  

21  William Branham said: "And the Jesus Only group, nothing against them. But they baptize wrong, they baptize to Regeneration". [Brochure: "Why I’m against the organized religion" Page 18 ref.103]. You see? One baptises for a Message. And the one who has a Message today is the prophet Kacou Philippe. Those people were baptising in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ by immersion; but William Branham said that their baptism was false because they baptised for regeneration. You see? John the Baptist baptised for repentance, the apostles for remission of sins… and today, it is for restitution. But you, for which Message do you baptise? You evangelicals, for which Message do you baptise? You, Catholics, Protestants, Branhamists, for which Message do you baptise? You see?

22  Like Catholics, people think that the baptism is simply the burial and the resurrectionor a mere commitment. It is not that. You see? It is like the oil of the ten virgins of Matthew 25. Be it palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, groundnut oil… It does not matter. Even among the Branhamists, they do not know why they baptize. Provided that it is by immersion in the Name of the Lord Jesus-Christ, for them, that’s the main thing. Why? Because they are in the darkness.

23  A Branhamist said:"Brother Branham did not say that he baptised for restoration". You see? How can we talk in the days of Branham of baptism of restoration to people who do not believe that the baptism must be done in the Name of the Lord Jesus-Christ? You see? There was a time when humanity needed to accept that the baptism was by immersion then a time when humanity needed to accept that the baptism was in the Name of the Lord Jesus-Christ and it was the time of William Branham then now God, in his progression of the revelation, indicates at midnight that the baptism is related to a Message! You are not obliged to believe it but that’s the truth, that’s the revelation of the hour. You see?

24  This Message will only be complete by the indispensable action of the four ministries of the Word who explain that to you. That needs to be explained and that is what we are expecting.

25  When I preach, that is still difficult to grasp but when they preach, you and I will understand exactly what God wanted to say to us. The living prophet messenger is the mouth of God and the four ministries of Ephesians 4:11 are the mouth of the prophet messenger. You see? And the same prophet messenger, who is the mouth and the mouthpiece of God, must be the spokesman of men before God as 2 Kings 19:1-4 shows it. You see? 

26  Well, the four ministries of Ephesians 4:11 will do that. And there will be less and less questions and answers. We must see to have prophets, apostles, doctors and evangelists. I also wish that, if possible, all of them would do the work of an evangelist first. Like Brother Justin and many others who are models. 

27 Hinder any form of dictatorship. Anywhere this Message gets, nobody must make use of it to colonize his brethren as Mukuna Tshipuyadid in the Congo-Kinshasa with the Message of William Branham. I learnt that he died in a state of paralysis and suffering. A servant of God must not cause fright and when he comes before his brethren, there must first be a joy, a kind of thirst for seeing him and hearing his voice before even the preaching he will deliver…

28  I am like led to say that this work will grow worldwide and you will go far away to announce this Message. Do not betray! If you are led to do what does not match with this Message, do not do it! I know that there are thousands of good things again but if God did not give them, do not look for them. Take heed to yourselves because some crafty men will rise. And if some rise, you know what you have to do. For me, I recommend you to the sole grace of God who has power to keep us and to lead us to perfection. 

29  Also, it is not my Message but the Message of God who is Alive and who decides on anything. Thus, no one has to consult me to open an assembly of this Message. If you are led to do it, do it!  

30  And we know that only the prophet messenger can make the people move ahead if he is alive. It is him that God sends to move the people. To get out of Egypt, it is a prophet messenger. To pass the Jordan and enter into Canaan, it is a prophet messenger. From Canaan to the coming of the Messiah, they are the different prophet messengers of the Old Testament who made the people go ahead. Not priests, that is the ministries of Ephesians 4:11. You see? The priests keep the faith of the people awake but both the priests and the people remain where the prophet messenger left them… till God sends another messenger. 

31  Each prophet of the Old Testament led the people to a better stage in relation with the Advent of the Messiah. Moses says that God would arouse a prophet like him, Isaiah revealed things that the priests simply had to recall to the people. Jeremiah revealed things that the priests had to recall to the people. Haggai revealed things that the priests simply had to recall to the people. Zephaniah revealed things that the priests simply had to recall to the people… 

32  That is why you hear: the book of this prophet, the book of that prophet, the book of that prophet … never the book of that priest even if he is a superintendent. Why? Because the Word of God comes only to a living prophet messenger on the earth. It is the devil who has made that today a pastor writes a book, a doctor writes a book… You see? I have too many things to say. 

33 The four ministries are essential but within the limits. They are innate, they cannot be designated by a vote. They cannot be produced from a pastoral school. And note that only the prophet messenger has rights reserved to God alone. The prophet messenger is the legislator of the Word of God on the earth. You see? 

34  I have no car, no jacket, no armchair yet. I am always seated in the congregation like any brother, but am I less a prophet than if I had a jacket? Did not the prophets of the Old Testament who taught us that gold and silver belong to God dress in animal skins? Do today’s prophets have a better understanding of that? You see? [… ]  

35  Well, I would like to say things that are a bit tough… God can say: I had said that things would be this way but as you have done that, I now decide that. "Moses said this but I say now that it is that". Paul said this but now I say that it is that. William Branham said this but I say now that it is that. You see? God can tell prophet Hosea to take a prostitute for wife. He is sovereign and He delegates this sovereignty to the prophet messenger. That is the right and heritage of the prophet messenger. And in the virtue of this delegation of sovereignty, the prophet messenger can pronounce a divorce and even give the right to the sister to get married again and the Heaven is obliged to recognize that. You see? 

36  The judge can sentence somebody to death or perpetuity with a heavy fine. But the president of the republic can pardon him and right at the moment, the man will calmly return home. You see? But this is nothing as compared to the power that the prophet messenger has. You see? "And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of the Heavens; and whatsoever thou mayest bind upon the earth shall be bound in the Heavens; and whatsoever thou mayest loose on the earth shall be loosed in the Heavens."Do you know that the prophet messenger is the legislator of the Word? And if that’s what I am, then simply believe it! May God bless you! 

37 Well, I would have liked the Message to reach churches, cities and countries after three and a half years, that is, after December 18, 2005 but things go faster than expected. May the will of God be done. From July 08, 2002 to December 18, 2005, that makes the 1260 days, "a time and times and a half time" of Revelation 12:14. May God bless you! His love is here and His love surrounds us. Let us sing a beautiful old song, let us sing now…


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