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(Preached on Sunday March 14, 2004 in Locodjro, Abidjan -Ivory Coast)

1 [Ed: Brother Philippe reads Revelation 16:13, 14 and 16] ... In verse 13, they are churches gathering, making converts for the war of Armagedon. The Bible says that they are spirits of demons, the same as those of Matthew 24:24. It is the same war as Revelation 12:15 to 17 and Revelation 19:11 to 21. The first war of Armagedon thus took place in the heaven. But on the earth, the first war took place during the departure of Israel out of Egypt. There, God was visiting the Egyptian gods who were nothing other than those cast out of Heaven during the first heavenly war of Armagedon.

2 In Exodus 7:19, when God was smiting streams, rivers, ponds and every heap of water in blood, it is the protective cherub Hâpi, that He was smiting. In Exodus 8:1-3, they are cherubim Osiris and Sabek that God was smiting. In Exodus 8:16, it is the cherub Thot, the god of miracles that Jesus Christ was smiting. In Exodus 8:20-21, they are cherubim Buto and Horus that Jesus Christ was smiting. In Exodus 9:6, it is cherub Hathor that Jesus Christ was smiting. In Exodus 9:10, it is cherub Amon-ra, the god of divine healing that Jesus Christ was smiting. You see?

3 Every god had his own cult, his own altar, his own doctrines, his own priests under the authority of a high priest who is the direct representative of the protective cherub. The other priests are the representatives of the angels that his tail drew during the heavenly war of Armagedon. Revelation 12, verses 4 and 9 say that their tails drew angels who stood before God in the Heaven. And you know that they have no Message as their images have no Message today.

4 The first war of Armagedon on earth took place in Egypt, the war of Armagedon of Revelation 16:13-16 will take place in Egypt and the third and last war of Armagedon in Revelation 11:3-12, will take place in Egypt. What does Revelation 11:8 say? The bodies of Elijah and Moses shall be on the place called spiritually Egypt, where their Lord was crucified! Amen! 

5 I told you that two small preachers will rise in Israel. Before that, many will rise over there and some will pass themselves off as Elijah and Moses. But they are seducers. Notice that these two will not cross the earth to fraternize with those that I condemned. You see? While the midnight Cry is sounding, if you see a Jew who is not the echo of this Message and who fraternizes with these Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical and Branhamist charlatans and mystics, then it is a pure product of Baal. Some Jews, sons of Baal, cross the earth with bibles in hand to gather the demons and send them to Israel to face Elijah and Moses. They go to the Nations’ evangelisations to look for reinforcement in demons. And see in these journeys and pilgrimages of Christians towards Israel, invasions of demons on that country in order to face Elijah and Moses. 

6 And when I will no longer be on the earth and these two men rise, judging and condemning Israel, the new capital of the spiritual prostitution, I will shout over there, "Glory to God, Hallelujah!!! ". You see? They will condemn Lebanon, Syria, Jordan… they will condemn America, France… they will condemn Ivory Coast. They will preach against the sons of the nations who will go for spiritual visit in Israel in these days and their disciples will do likewise. Some measures will be taken against them and the police and the courts and crowds will persecute them. It will be at a time when the sons of the devil will raise Israel in honour and in glory among the nations that God will do this work. 

7 You see? Revelation 11:8 says that the bodies of Elijah and Moses will be on the place spiritually called Egypt, where their Lord was crucified! You see?

8 Since the time when the Lord was crucified, Israel was spiritually Egypt. And the altars of the gods of Egypt were called: Pharisees, Sadducees, Herodians, Zealots, Essenes... That began to tend little by little toward the churches that you see today. It is the infallible revelation of the war of Armagedon. 

9 Do you understand this Message? Outside of what God is doing here, all these church presidents and emperors are cherubim. I do not know if the protective cherub of whom Tommy Osborn is the terrestrial representative is Sabek or Buto or Osiris but this cherub was in Egypt against Moses. These same cherubim appeared in 2 Kings 17:29-31 under other names: Nergal, Adrammelech, Nibkhaz, Tharthak, Succoth-Benoth... But the big problem is that today, they are all called Jesus Christ. Sabek is called Jesus Christ, Osiris is called Jesus Christ, Buto is called Jesus Christ... Each one of the gods of the Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical and Branhamist churches including all the so-called revealed or restored churches is called Jesus Christ. And each one writes his god with capital "G". All the churches, missions and ministries! You see? 

10 That is what makes things difficult but I will do so that the smallest illiterate farmer may know that the devil who used to shake the fetish priest in the village is the same demon that operates in these churches under the name of Holy Spirit or Jesus Christ no matter the greatness of the miracles. All the geniuses that were in creeks, sacred forests, masks and others are in churches under the name of Holy Spirit today. These geniuses used to protect villages, families, cantons, tribes, languages… entered into churches, they continue these same ministries. And people who should in principle be fetish priests in the village, are today in jackets with bibles in hand so that the harvest has become small and they are the workers who are numerous. But you who have recognized the voice of God and your day of visitation, keep quiet! I tell you, thus saith the Lord, God will swallow them all up! This is the Gospel, the glad tidings of the Kingdom for our generation!

11 Notice that today, the abolition of slavery in the United States is no more a piece of good news for no Black-American, it is simply a happy souvenir. Today, the storming of the Bastille is a piece of good news for no Frenchman, what was a subject of joy on July 14, 1789 has become a mere souvenir. Today, the declaration of independence of Israel does not mean anything to a Jew yet on May 14, 1948, it was embraces, others cried for joy. 

12 And the glad Tidings of the Kingdom that we do not know today, it is the midnight Cry. 

13 Everybody knows since 2000 years that Jesus Christ died to save us. Everybody knows since five hundred years through Martin Luther that the Catholic church is of the devil. Everybody knows since five hundred years through Martin Luther that we are saved by grace by the means of faith. Everybody knows since John Wesley that the sanctification is inevitable for the Salvation. Repeating these things, it is good but our generation waits for glad Tidings contained in Matthew 25:6. Amen! 

14 […] If God really called you and you go to a bible training, how will we know what God gave you and what you learnt from man? You see? Revelation 16:13 says that three demons like frogs will act in the Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical and Branhamist churches.  

15 Frogs like stagnant and stinking waters, the rotten manna or theology yet fish are in deep and clear waters. Notice that fish do not fraternize with frogs. Poor frogs! They do want the rain; they cry but when the rain comes they are fish that receive it. Amen!

16 The frog is a kind of batrachian having the eyes on the head and being able to see far behind or far ahead but not the present time. You see? "Moses, Moses, Moses…  the Messiah will come... Jesus is good, Jesus said this, Jesus said that, Jesus did that... Jesus will come"yet Jesus is at work under a new name, under a new appearance. You see? The frog is on the other side: “Brother Branham said... Brother Branham said… the third pull will come, the third pull …”. Yet we are at midnight. 

17 Well, in Revelation 12:15-17, it is question of the same war as that of Revelation 19:11-21. And we will know the persecution and prison. That is persecution but, there will not be a greater persecution but after the rapture of the wise virgins. Because the wise virgins will smite them with all kinds of plagues as in Egypt: they will smite them with blindness, with ulcer, with paralysis, with earthquake, with storms, with floods, and with fire...

18 Thus, we shall say to a mango tree: “You mango tree, under the virtue of ‘the Word of God’, before I reach you, produce ripe fruits, that we eat and that there may be a big rest” yet it is not the season of mangoes but things will happen so. 

19 But when we are raptured, the churches will have the upper hand over the foolish virgins to kill them, these foolish virgins have oil only to not deny their belonging to the Message of their time. When they will be asked, “Is it you who burn bibles and who do not make any rule and internal regulation for your church?”They will say, “Yes!”The churches will say, “They blasphemed against the Holy Spirit. They said that the spirit that ministers in our churches is not the true Holy Spirit”. And pagan courts will judge holy things. Because the devil through his children has allowed them to do it. The foolish virgins will not be able to disappear or to smite them with blindness but also they will not deny the faith. Amen!

20 Keep in mind that every conversion outside of the midnight Cry is a recruitment for the war of Armagedon. And Osborn, Morris Cerrullo and Ewald Frank go across the earth for that. 

21 In Revelation 19:19, we see the Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical and Branhamist armies gathered spiritually in the place called Egypt or else Armagedon, to wage war against us. Verse 18 says that at that time, the riches, the flesh of these churches which are the horses, will be rifled. As in Revelation 17, these kings of Revelation 19:18 are the presidents of unions, councils and federations of churches which are empires. You see? A church is an empire. The chiliarchs are the presidents of churches. The bond are the members of churches. The free and the birds are those who are not members of churches.

22 And Revelation 16:13-14 says that spirits of demons will work miracles to gather the inhabitants of the earth for the war of Amargedon! Who are therefore those angels of Satan that gather the inhabitants of the earth? Today, you need to know that Chris Oyakhilome, David Owuor, Emmanuel Makandiwa, Uebert Angel, T. B. Joshua and David Oyedepo are angels of Satan who are fulfilling this prophecy! Today, you need to know that Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, Doug Batchelor, Billy Graham, Edir Macedo, Valdemiro Santiago, Silas Malafaia, Paula White, Joyce Meyer, Alberto Mottesi, Claudio Freidzon and Dante Gebel are angels of Satan who are fulfilling this prophecy! Today, you need to know that Benny Hinn, Manasseh Jordan, Jesse Jackson, John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Joaquim Gonçalves, Donald Parnell, Alejandro Bullón and Guillermo Maldonado are angels of Satan who are fulfilling this prophecy! 

23 Now what happened in Egypt? All these gods gave their authority to the army of the Pharaoh to kill the Jews. And these churches will give their power and authority to the police and courts in order to persecute the elect as it has been from generation to generation until today. The Pharisee, Sadducee, Hellenist, Essene gods… gave their power to the Roman soldiers in order to imprison and crucify the Lord Jesus Christ and persecute the apostles. What will happen today? The gods of the churches will give their power to the police and to the Justice, to the crowds, to the NGOs to persecute the elect. Don’t let yourselves be distracted by NGOs! They are weapons in the hands of Satan.

24 Now, observe Revelation 11: “…fire goes out of their mouth and devours their enemies. These have power to shut the heaven that no rain may fall … they have power over the waters to turn them into blood, and to smite the earth as often as they will with every plague.”It is the other phase of this war of Armagedon that will take place in Israel with Elijah and Moses after the rapture of the Church of nations. 

25 Well, observe the frog, like snakes of waters, the frog can live in water and outside water. But the fish cannot do it. It is hypocrisy. They can pray with us but we cannot pray with them. Fish do not look for the good-companionship of frogs even if they both live in water. If you notice, frogs have the same cry as the crow... Amen!

26 Well, after the war of Armagedon and the persecution, it will be the tribulation of the nations because of the blood of the saints that will be shed. In any case, Revelation 16:13 to 16 does not speak of an Arab-Israeli war or of a country against another or of Al Qaida. Read very well Revelation 16:13-16 and you will see Satan in churches, seducing the inhabitants of the earth. As the mark of the beast, the war of Armagedon is purely religious. All these intense fasts, these campaigns of evangelisation, these miracles that you see outside of the midnight Cry have the war of Armagedon as aim. And what will start this war is already contained in this Message but God will retain it until all the elect of the whole world hear It. Have your eyes on preachings such as: “the Church and the State”or the passage of their bibles through fire. Nothing truer and harder than the midnight Cry can come. Nations are waiting for three things, a war, a persecution then a tribulation. I will preach now on the elements of Revelation 19:11-21. The new unknown name that comes in the unknown language. I did not know what that meant but God has revealed them. You see?

27 Well, now, follow me very closely, Revelation 2 and 3 show that during the seven ages, with regard to the different assemblies of the nations, the Lord Jesus Christ has had different names. Notice that it is in relation with the Church that the Name of the Lord changes and Revelation 19 says that there will be an unknown Name because the revelation of the unknown language was still sealed. You see? In the beginning of such an age or of such an assembly, the future new names are announced: “This is what a so and so says…”. You see? The bright and morning Star, the First and the Last, the Son of God, the Amen, Faithful and True... What is it? At every stage of the Church, Jesus Christ takes a new name. And at every stage of the churches, Satan also took a new name. You see? When Jesus says: “I am the bright and morning Star”, Satan says, “I am Catholic”. When the Lord Jesus Christ said: I am the Son of God, Satan also says: I am Protestant-Methodist. When the Lord Jesus Christ says: I am the Faithful and True, Satan also says: I am Evangelical-Christian, I am Baptist-Christian, I am Anabaptist-Christian, I am assembly of gods Christian, I am Pentecostal-Christian, I am Adventist-Christian, I am Lutheran-Christian, … You see? New names, devilish names, satanic names coming from hell.

28 Now let us consider Revelation 19:12: I read that “…having a Name WRITTEN which no one knows but Himself”what is that name written? The seven thunders are going to speak... It is not a proper name in substitution of Jesus Christ but an attribute of his manifestation. It is the occasion to stress that in the beginning names expressed a message; whether with humans, or with animals or with birds. The name of a bird is often the cry of this bird. 

29 First, verse 11 indicates that it is always the seventh age because He is the Faithful and True of Revelation 3:14. But here, there is an unknown name and verse 13 says that this name is called “the Word of God”. But in Revelation 2:12-17 the age of Pergamos is the direct shadow of the age of Laodicea in its phase of midnight in Revelation 19. Pergamos is the 3rd age, Laodicea is the seventh age. Already to Pergamos, It is written: “These things says he that has the sharp two-edged sword”. In Revelation 19:15: “And out of his mouth goes a sharp [two-edged] sword, that with it he might smite the nations”. Yet to Pergamos, in verse 16, He said: …I will make war with them with the sword of my mouth.Amen!

30 To Pergamos, He said: there where thou dwellest, where the throne of Satan is, Satan lives there, in the churches but you did not deny my faith. Now notice this: verse 17 to Pergamos he says: I will give you the manna that I had hidden from the angels and mankind before the foundation of the world. I will give you a white stone on which is WRITTEN a new name. Amen! Yet, the new name of the Bride in Pergamos is the new name of the Bridegroom at midnight. The new name written of Revelation 2:17 is the new name written of Revelation 19:12. What is it? The midnight Cry. The age of Pergamos is the shadow of the final ministry of the seventh age. In Matthew 25:6, the Cry said: “Behold the Bridegroom…”. And when we went forth, WHO did we find? A written Messagewhich is, “the Word of God”. Nobody can know this written Message, in the pure meaning of knowing, unless he who receives It … A great mystery revealed in simplicity. Amen!

31 But do you know how the persecution will happen? How many were there when one day I burnt my own Louis Segond bible publicly? The megaphone had been taken and there was a man, I do not know of which NGO, he wanted to defend me. He said: “Give him back the megaphone, it is an Ivorian citizen! And on the basis of the freedom of expression, you have no right to stop him!”But when he heard that I had just burnt a Louis Segond bible publicly, he left. You see? No NGO, no organisation can defend the elect in the persecution! Of all times, a man maybe! But no organisation as Ewald Frank says it. In the Old Testament as in the New Testament, that does not exist! 

32 And at cock-crow when this Message takes on another turn and former Muslims who believed this Message will burn their Quran publicly, that will start a persecution and as an international precaution of solidarity, several States will forbid according to them, such a sect, on their territory by some laws and the doors of the true Church will be closed. And any nation that will not enforce this measure will expose herself to international penalties to begin with the recalling of ambassadors and suspension of the relations with such a nation and with any nation cooperating with such a nation. But will there be a nation that will not enforce it? No brethren! And I tell you again that nations will be pleased for having crossed that sect out of their territory.

33 You say: “Brother Philippe, all that you say seems true but as a precaution, I will accept it when that begins!”If you have to accept it, it is right now in order to be in the number of the elect even if you die before these things happen! Otherwise you will no more and no less be but the one of Matthew 22:12 who entered the wedding Feast without anything as work while the opportunity had previously been given to him. He that has ears to hear, let him hear. Amen!


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