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(Preached on Sunday morning, November 14, 2004 in Locodjro, Abidjan – Ivory Coast)

1 Before getting to this preaching, I would like to hit two small points. The first relates to the testimonies that we must bear: a span [of time] should be set for testimonies of miracles, healings and of all that Lord Jesus Christ has done for us and this between the public confession and the time of the praise singing. Make it known to the deacon before the service, be very brief. Like the public confession, each testimony must be a message for those who are listening to you and it is not good to conceal what God has done for you.  

2 The second point relates to tithes and offerings. Know that the Christian is one who should even reap where he did not sow, like his Master. Thus, the tithes and offerings are applied to any income or any gift, no matter how small it may be. Although liberal, spending a tithe or an offering is a curse. And any man who is soft in these things or does not give correctly his tithes, cannot take the Holy Communion. 

3 In the same way, he cannot get out of financial problems, and illness will prowl around him so that he may spend to doctors what he refused to God and even more. I am saying these things to the new people because you already know it throughout all the Old Testament. According to Malachi 3:8-10, he that fails to pay the tithe is a thief and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 says that thieves will not go to Heaven. There is no other way for blessing than those of the tithes and offerings. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]

4 The tithe and the ordinary offering are God’s own portion. Then, there are the offerings of prosperity in order to prosper and there are also acts such as: accommodating, donating in kind or cash to some brothers and sisters in need. Those are acts of prosperity. God Himself has ruled the natural and spiritual with this law. And my prayer is that God Himself may give you the will and strength to observe that. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

5 Let’s read now Joshua 3:7. [Ed: Brother Philippe reads Joshua 3:7]. I have the intention to organize prayer meetings. And I will give some instructions for the prayer line, in which disposition you must come in the line so that we may pray for you and I think that I haven't done anything yet in terms of miracle, beside what I am expecting in vindication of this Message.

6 Since the foundation of the world, God has remained the same in his omnipotence, his omniscience and his omnipresence. He is the God of mercy, loving-kindness and love. He wants to save, He wants to heal, He wants to bless but, only within the limits of his Word, within the limits of his will and his plan. He is Almighty but not in the sin and incredulity. He sits in holiness and He is Almighty in holiness. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

7 The greatest explanation of the visible divine Healing is the one of the ministry of John the Baptist. Jesus said of him that he was the greatest man of all those born of women because in the Jordan, God became a Lamb and John the Baptist became the chief priest. He washed the Lamb and presented Him saying: Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world. All the priests before him presented lambs, goats, bullocks whose bloods could not but cover up sins but John the Baptist presented the Lamb of God, the unique whose blood could wash sins away. It is a detailed and down-to-earth ministry. 

8 In a ministry, there is the one that preaches and it was John the Baptist. There is the Word, Jesus-Christ who is preached and in our case, Jesus-Christ is the Word, this Message that you hear. In the case of John the Baptist, this same Word that I’m preaching you had been made flesh. First, the Word came to the prophet John the Baptist who presented It, not in the written form or the spoken form but in flesh. Thus, people had to follow Jesus-Christ who was the Message of John the Baptist. And some followed Jesus while others set themselves down in John the Baptist’s seat. Some said: "It is true that John the Baptist performed no miracles but he is all the same a prophet…" Others replied saying: "No! God vindicated the Message of John the Baptist more than that of Moses, Joshua, Elijah…" And they were all the same true sons of God. 

9 And after the death of John the Baptist, people among whom was even Apollos were doing what Branhamists are doing today. Apollos was a Branhamist but a son of God. According to Daniel 12:4, Apollos had knowledge. And talking about them, Acts 18:24-28 says: "eloquent men and mighty in word and plunged into the Scriptures, instructed in the way of the Lord, fervent in their spirit, they preach and teach with accuracy…" but these Branhamists do not know the true baptism of restitution; they only have the baptism by immersion in the Name of the Lord Jesus-Christ. Poor Branhamists, has the Lord Jesus-Christ stopped walking? The Bible praises you but the same Bible says that you are lacking something! Did you assimilate the lesson of William Branham, your master? "Recognizing your day and its Message". The exercise lies before you! That is the wisdom that has intelligence.  The wisdom of the virgins of Matthew 25. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

10 Well, let’s read again Joshua 3:7. What heals? What blesses? The Word. Thus, blessings and healings are the vindication of the prophet and of his Message in a generation. All the miracles the apostles and the disciples fulfilled were for the vindication of the Lord Jesus-Christ and of his Message. After the absolute veracity, the Message of a prophet must be highly vindicated when certain elements are gathered. 

11 First, it must be the prophetic and authentic Word of God, coming from the throne of God. Not an intellectual, scientific and theological preaching or morals but a prophetic preaching from God to a man and for the whole earth. Because a Message must have the range and the strength to reach the ends of the earth… In three and a half years, a Message must start to extend outside the country of the messenger. And the midnight Cry will do so because the Bible has predicted it in Revelation 12:14. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. Generally, the religious leaders have crowds in their home-country only, outside it, there is nothing but you will see great assemblies of this Message outside Ivory Coast.  [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

12 Well, three and a half years. It is not a human time but a human period, it is question of three and a half years before God. For example, in the time of the Cry before God, the time of its echo is not taken into account but it can be question of the exact time described in the Bible. And the case of the Lord Jesus-Christ Himself is an example. A time, times and a half time means three and a half years. And it was the time of the ministry of the Lord Jesus-Christ on earth. The age of Ephesus starts in year 53, the ministry of the apostles which is contained in that of the Lord Jesus and which lasted three and a half years must not be counted out of it. When did Peter preach to Cornelius then? During the Lord Jesus’ three and a half years. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

13 Well, in Matthew 25:6, there is first a voice: the voice of the Message. Then the baptism of the Holy Spirit, then voices, the echo and external doors. And that, so that there may be no confusion. 

14 Well, notice this: as a Church, in three and a half years, God called our names out of all the earth, God carried all the elect away from the seduction. And now we are living the staging. When I preached: "Pronounce the judgement", the first names were pronounced, those who believed through that… That’s what the Word in flesh did: "Peter, come after me!". Amen! Each preaching of a prophet that sounds on earth, it is for the condemnation of the sons of the devil and the call of the children of God. The message of a prophet contains the name of the elect of his generation. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

15 Well, let’s come back to Joshua 3:7… All must believe in this work and this Message word for word, killing off any incredulity, any reasoning in them… You must believe, sacrificing all your old beliefs. For if God heals only one, He can heal hundred. If God heals a blind man, He can heal ten blind men, He can heal any sickness including AIDS. If God delivers from a spirit of divination, He can deliver from madness, and what God did for another one, He can do it for you. You need to have faith to come in the prayer line if some day I should make one. It is not by saying: "oh! I’m going to try, perhaps He will heal me" but by believing both his promises and his Word word for word. Do not say: "After the prayer if I am not healed…", believe even that you are healed before the prayer. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

16 But you, brethren, you must not be taken for fetish priests. They do not want the Word that I preach, they believe only with their lips and want to go back to their churches after the healing. But this is not possible. If God heals him, it is to get others to believe in this Message through his healing otherwise I do not see why God will heal him. The miracles without a Message, they are false christs and false prophets. But, God gives miracles and gifts; God gives all that in order to lead humanity to his Word for eternal Life. When you come here it is because you believe the Message, the midnight Cry is the same Jesus-Christ of the Bible. And the Lord Jesus-Christ did not do miracles simply to show that God heals but he did them to show that He is the Prophet sent from God. And He could ask: Do you believe that I am the Prophet coming from God and that his Word in my mouth is the Truth? On that basis, the sick received healing. 

17 In the beginning was the Word and miracles were the gifts and the baits to attract humanity to the Word. If it is not to attract humanity to the Word of your time, your miracles are miracles of seduction. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. And before praying I asked: Do you believe that the Angel of April 24, 1993 is the Lord Jesus-Christ Himself? Do you believe that this Message has come from the Heaven for the Salvation of mankind and that in this generation, outside this Message, there is no Salvation elsewhere? If you believe it, receive your healing. Do you believe that the god of those Catholic, Protestant evangelical and Branhamist churches is Satan? Do you believe that the Message I have preached is the whole truth and that it is not from myself and that there is no truth apart from that? The world must be ready to answer that at the judgment. The healing prayer orders that first. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. That is why all those who were healed went after the Lord Jesus. 

18 The Angel said to William Branham: "If you’ll get people to believe you, not even cancer shall stand before you ". Get people to believe whom? Jesus Christ, the Word you preach, word for word. How? God will see to it because I get through this that if I can get people to believe, even AIDS shall not stand before my prayer and then I could say: everywhere this Message is preached in all its purity, the Angel of the Lord will stand there to vindicate It. It is the only faith in Jesus for this hour. There is no other way. Thus God can never vindicate a historical, scientific preaching and the morals that is taught in the Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches. God cannot vindicate history even if it is based on the Bible. God cannot vindicate a biblical preaching because it is ancient history. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. [Kc.10v71]

19 The first thing that took power out of the Church, it was when man tried to study God and the Word of God. The 2nd thing is the increase in knowledge and intelligence to get to the reasoning, while God is at work, some wonder whether it is not the devil, some magic or others… So much so that they even fear to burn Louis Segond bibles and others and they say: "I believe the Message" or "I understand the Message". It is all the Word that you do not understand! Imagine, before Christianity came to Africa, fetishes had healed some people; fetishes had given babies to some infertile women… all kinds of blessings. And those old illiterate Africans did not show any resistance when they were asked to burn those fetishes. 

20 But today a prophet from God with a call and commission as the prophets of the Bible speaks to you and you do not understand. Others would have wanted me to come from among them! Baptists would have wanted me to be a Baptist. Methodists would have wanted me to be a Methodist. The assemblies of gods would have wanted me to come from among them. But this is not possible. The Lord Jesus-Christ could not come from among the Pharisees or Sadducees or Hellenists and so on. Others would have wanted themselves to be the prophet messenger of this generation. Yet God is sovereign, and He is free to choose the one He wants and you need to obey to that and make the echo of this prophet. 

21 If you are a child of God, here is what you have to do. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. During the prayer line all the assembly must be in intense prayers of intercession and all the gifts can operate there orderly and calmly: some prophecies, words of knowledge, discerning of spirits, gifts of tongues and interpretation, visions… Moreover, when your heart condemns you with a sin or doubt, keep requesting and making supplications to God from your seat. 

22 The 3rd thing, talking about the divine healing, is the development of medicine so that churches to whom it was said to heal by the miracles and the laying of hands started building hospitals to say expressly that the time of miracles is past or that God having formerly healed by miracles, heals now by medicine. I believe that medicine is from God and its sign is the serpent of brass that Moses had made in the desert because of incredulity of Jews. Thus, having rejected God and his Word, they have rejected his power to make a serpent of brass. In 2 Chronicles 16:12, it is said:  "… yet in his disease king Asa did not seek Jehovah, but the physicians." You see? God did not like the fact that that good king confided in physicians. You need to have faith when that is outside the limits of medicine or goes beyond medicine. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

23 Ask yourselves the question at the time of prayer: … if my hand does not grow how will my body get changed one day for the rapture? If my eyes do not open, how my whole body will get changed? If I am not healed of AIDS, if I am not healed of ulcer, if I am not delivered from all the demons… how my whole body get changed one day? That is the faith you need to have before coming in the prayer line. Is he Jesus-Christ the same yesterday, today and for the ages to come that I worship? Is the Bible a legend or a reality? Everything depends on what you want. If you want a historical Jesus Christ, you will have him! If you want a scientific Jesus Christ, you will have him! But for me, Jesus-Christ said: "And these miracles shall follow those that have believed: …" and it is upon this that my faith rests. He said: "He that believes on me, the works which I do shall he do also, and he shall do greater than these". Let our incredulity set no barrier; we must not limit God because the restitution orders that. 

24 The restitution of God’s Authority to man according to Genesis, a return to Eden, a return to the living Church. The restitution of power. God will do it again in order to identify Himself and show that the Angel, the Pillar of Fire above William Branham is the Angel of April 24, 1993 and save those that the Word created before the foundation of the world. Because the divine Healing like the other gifts is first for the call… These are the instructions before this significant phase. It is time for Joshua 3:7. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

25 The greatest means of evangelisation that God ever gave to the Church, it is the divine healing. Before the media and others, it is the divine healing and it will always be the divine healing. That is why I ask that the preachers may pray for the sick as they are led to. With the goal of expanding the Message, you can pray for any person who has faith and who confesses that Kacou Philippe is the only prophet of God on earth in this generation. It is not a sin. No matter his religious faith, God can grant someone the divine healing like the rain of God that falls on weeds and he will see that the living God is here and through that, he might convert one day.

26 For the prayer lines or individual prayers before the congregation, you can talk with the person before everyone. For example: "Good morning Sir or Miss... What do you need? Do you believe with all your heart that God can do this or that? Do you believe that the Lord Jesus Christ can heal you through prayer? Do you believe this or that?" And then pray for that person. It is not a sin. You can organise a special meeting of healing. The Lord Jesus Christ, the Angel of April 24, 1993 will confirm his Word. The testimonies will spread and crowds will come from everywhere but keep your line of preaching. In all public gatherings like conferences, remember the sick.

27 By the ministry of Matthew 25:6, several people have been delivered from false holy-spirits of churches, others speaking in tongues and prophesying while I was chasing them out. By the ministry of Matthew 25:6, eight months ago, I prayed on the phone and a strangulated hernia disappeared 243 km away from here and the brother is sitting here… because it is time for Joshua 3:7. 

28 And there will be greater miracles than that because it is only the beginning! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. All you have to do is to pray and make supplication to God from your place before this prayer before coming to the prophet, apostle or pastor. But a pastor who cannot pray for the sick must not preach either. And if a pastor does not pray for the sick, he must give the reasons. And you, confide in the preacher who can pray for you. Implore God's grace because in your life, you have taken ways He did not trace. You have committed abortions ... You took ways that He did not trace and that is what placed you under that curse today. Implore God's grace and God will grant you grace. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

29 Now I would like to finish by a revelation. Of all the revelations that have been told to me in accordance with this Message, two stroke me particularly. One is of 2000 of which I spoke in Kacou 37, and the second is of early 1997 and both are from the same Brother. Amen!

30 In this 2nd dream, he says: "I saw that it was dark night and I was standing on a very high hill. It was higher than all the trees of the forest. There were several hills but their heights were similar to the one upon which I was standing. There was neither moon nor stars but some kilometres away, I saw an immense mountain whose top was in the sky. It was the unique of that kind and there was none similar. And at its top, shone a light like a stone of crystal and the top of the mountain was as white as snow because of the light of the stone of crystal while the rest was a giant shade. Then the shining stone left the mountain and coming towards me at the same height and I saw that it was a white horse having two large wings with which it flew. And when I saw that that shining light was a horse, it stopped, raised its front legs as by a horseman and went back to its position and a voice shouted to me out of the Heavens at once saying:  "Go down and walk to this light because it is daylight!" And I woke up." And we were in prayer on Sunday morning in 2004 at the beginning of my ministry when this brother came in the assembly. No one had invited him but he had seen the place in a dream and he had come by himself.

31 He saw this dream in the year 1997 and told it to me on November 11, 2004. He was a Pentecostal until he came here in April or May 2004 without anyone inviting him or talking to him about the midnight Cry. I think that you understand this revelation. Let’s stand up now for the prayer.



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