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(Preached on Sunday morning, August 08, 2004 in Locodjro, Abidjan - Ivory Coast)

1 Mark 13:35: "... watch therefore, for ye do not know when the master of the house comes: evening, or midnight, or cock-crow, or Morning ". This goes in the same sense as Ezekiel 1:19-21...

And although perfection is not man’s business and that he is not ready, he wants to hear that "the rapture is for such a year ..." There has been a multitude of false dates but he wants more. But unfortunately, he wants it from everywhere and from anyone. And yet throughout the Bible, it is only the Spirit of Daniel who has the notion of times. Check that from Genesis to Revelation. No prophet except for Daniel. And it is Daniel who made use of the expressions of time first: "a time and times and a half time", and Daniel 7:12 says:"... a season and a time" andnot "some time" as Louis Segond says. Similarly: "2300 evenings [and]mornings" not 2300 days and nights, but evenings and mornings as we see it in Esther. "70 weeks, 1260 days, 1290 days, 1335 days ..." thus, in Daniel 7:12, it is question of: "for a season and a time" and not "for some time"

And if God permits, I will devote a preaching to that, and to the characters in the book of Daniel! ... I do say, "If God permits" because He alone knows if it will not be subject to different interpretations from false brothers.

Have you seen the imprint of all the Spirits of God in the book of Revelation? That's it! But today I want to indicate the rapture in a general sense. According to the Bible, is it in the evening, at midnight, at the cock-crow or in the morning? And yet, the evening time has passed and the morning which Mark 13:35 talks about is the time of the visitation of Asia and the Arab nations. 

First, Matthew 25:6 says that there was a Message then the virgins arise ... Then they trim their torches ...Then in the long run, the foolish grow heavy while the wise are still awake and boiling. Then the foolish say to the wise virgins: Lay your hands on us so that we may be given to walk on water, to disappear and to also perform these miracles of which you bear witness...

6 If someone was standing before the evening time, he would see the rapture at the evening time. But if someone was standing in the evening time, he would see the rapture at midnight. But, I tell you in the Name of the Lord Jesus-Christ, that the rapture will take place in the morning at the time of the visitation of Asia and the Arab nations. 

Well. Revelation 12:14 says that the midnight Cry is given to the elect of such country ... such country ... such country to carry them into the dimension and the spirit of the Cry. And when the Message of midnight Cry reaches the last country and the last elect of the midnight Cry get in, then the messenger of the midnight Cry leaves the scene. And then the time of the midnight Cry passes and God sends another prophet on the earth with a new Message. 

8 Notice for example that Revelation 10 extends over decades. For example, in verse 1, the strong angel is standing on the sea and the earth, but in verse 8, the expression "the angel who is standing on the sea and on the earth" is a title like "Him who sits upon the throne."

I recall that the interpretation of the unknown tongue was neither in the little book opened nor in the seven thunders, but it was the Lamb who had it.

10  Well. Let’s come back to Mark 13:35, there are four prophetic times: evening, at midnight, at the cock-crow or in the morning. And yet the rapture did not come in the evening time which ended in 1993. And the glorious Message of William Branham is at the mercy of maggots and all kinds of frogs seeing only what William Branham did. They split, form clans, blocks, ... "isms", look at their conventions! 

11  A Catholic can take the holy communion in any Catholic church on earth. A Baptist can take the holy communion in any Baptist church on earth. A Methodist can take the holy communion in any Methodist church on earth. But, a Catholic cannot take the holy communion at a Baptist’s. A Baptist cannot take the holy communion at a Methodist’s, at an assembly of gods’… And the Bible says that all this confusion rises from the abyss and goes to hell. What is this? Christianity is the kingdom of Satan. And every Sunday, Satan is worshiped in all the churches of the world in the Name of Jesus. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. 

12  Outside a living prophet messenger on the earth, all that you call Jesus on the earth, it is the devil. All that you call holy spirit, they are spirits of demons. Look at the Branhamists, they do not have the same faith but they jubilate together in the same conventions. They are sons of the devil, that is why their heart does not rebuke them. They walk without a living prophet and their heart does not rebuke them. What is it? The faithful of William Branham were simply some Pentecostals. And God called them Pentecostal babies. 

13  Well. Let’s come back now to these four prophetic times of Mark 13:35. There are four prophetic times: an evening time with William Branham in America, a midnight time with Prophet Kacou Philippe in Africa. Why? As the lightning goes forth from the East to the West, and before the lightning appears again in the morning with Asia and the Arab nations, there is the night and the night is Africa. And God who is no respecter of persons must reveal Himself in Africa with a black prophet. So that no one can be saved except through this black prophet. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

14  Thus, the persecution and the time of the nations end in the morning with Asia and the Arab nations. And yet, by the parable of the lightning, we know that the Yellow are in Asia and the rising sun is yellow. Then comes Europe and the sun in Europe is white. Then comes America, the evening. And the first inhabitants of America are Indians, the Red. And the sun is red in the evening time. And after the evening time comes Matthew 25:6, a Cry in the black night, a Cry in Africa. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. Between midnight and the morning, who is there? Between black Africa and Israel who do we find? And does their skin not vary from black to white? God is the creator of all the races of the earth, and God will visit all the races of the earth.

15  We know that during the colonisation, some White people went and massively settled in South Africa. Do you understand why William Branham went to South Africa? There is a large White community in South Africa. When God deals with the Jews, the nations, the Samaritans must keep quiet. Let’s read Matthew 10:5-6 first... Why did God allow racial segregation in America and Apartheid in South Africa in the evening time? Blacks had to stand aside because their time had not come yet. Jesus told his disciples, do not go to the Samaritans and the people of the nations! Amen! Have you noticed that from July 2002, when I begun to preach, the country was cut between a Muslim north and a Christian south? And they never talked of the repatriation of the undocumented in Europe as in these last ten years. Something is secretly happening here.

16  Well. According to Matthew 24:27 and Mark 13:35 and Revelation 11, we can begin to be precise. It is from there that the history of Salvation and the Blacks started and everything is going back towards there. Had it not been for this race of Jews born in deportation and who, therefore, have never been visited, the history of Salvation would end there, in the morning with Asia and the Arab nations. 

17  With the Hebrews, the day begins at six o'clock and ends at the cock-crow. The 24th hour corresponds to our five o’clock in the morning. And yet, which colour is the weather at the cock-crow? [Ed: some brothers say, "grey, ash, whitish black, ..."] Amen! What is the skin colour between black Africa and the Jews? [Ed:some brothers say: "Mixed race! whitish black!"] Yes! In reality, it is a variation from the black to the white. I see that you understand. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. Well, let's move to something else. 

18  What happens at the cock-crow? Naturally, women get up, not men. This is the awakening. What is this? The rapture will take place after the cock-crow, in the persecution. The wise virgins arise whereas the foolish wake up. And they wake up from their sleep to ask for oil, the Spirit. The wise virgins did not grow heavy since midnight. Proverbs 31:15 says that the woman of worth gets up while it is still night. Amen! And yet, from two o’clock in the morning, the first cocks begin to crow ... and Frederik de Klerc, a White and Nelson Mandela, a Black, shook hands before the international community in 1993, when both were at the same time the Nobel Peace Prize; that was the end of Apartheid and of a time. All that was spiritual. 

19  Well. I do not mean that God will use the sisters to go out to preach! The woman, it is the Church. And I do not also mean that God will use Blacks more than Whites. Amen!

20  Muslims can understand the midnight Cry, better than a Baptist, even better than a Branhamist who carries some pictures of Pillar of fire. For, if the Lord Jesus Christ is God then He cannot have any picture. Have you ever seen, even a representation of Mahomet? How will you explain Deuteronomy 4:15? You see? Muslims will see that the Lord Jesus whom we are talking about here is not the one whom churches preach. When they see that there is no female song leader or evangelist, they will understand that we do not have the same God with the Catholics, the Protestants, the evangelicals and the Branhamists. And by the power of the Holy Spirit, within one single hour, they will convert in large numbers. The highest spiritual manifestations will start from there. It will be thus! 

21  Until death, feel the Spirit every day, feel It! Feel this joy of having believed the Message of your time! Feel this joy of having recognized the living prophet of your time! You know that in relation with the preachings, we are no longer at midnight sharp but we are going towards the cock-crow where it is the portion of the Spirit that makes the difference. And the Spirit, you have It because you have believed in the Message of your time. You are in the ark of your time. When every generation passes with the prophet of its time, you will also pass with the prophet of your time. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

 22  Now, notice this: At cock-crow, what happens? Women sweep the house, then light the fire. And yet, sweeping the house, it is the purification from all defilements and from spirits, and for the first time since the Apostles, the public confession has come back in the Church. God will save so much at the cock-crow that the notion of number will come on the scene. Tribe of Judah, 12000; tribe of Asher, 12000; tribe of Levi, 12000 ... There will be the cock-crow, you understand why in Ezekiel 10, the cherubim stood still and looked toward the East, Israel! You see?

23  And yet, before the East, there is the evening time, America; the midnight time, Africa; the cock-crow, the Maghreb and then the morning, with Asia and the Arab nations. The four prophetic times of Mark 13:35 are only for the nations and not Israel. It is infallible! No matter what William Branham said in his time, in the evening time, I am your prophet now. The four prophetic times of Mark 13:35 are only for the nations and not Israel. In virtue of the call and commission of April 24, 1993, I say it and it will be thus. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. 

24  Andyet, of all the religious faiths, we see in front of mosques: some lame people, some paralytics, some blind people and all sorts of infirmities. What are they seeking there? What is this mystery? It is the Almighty God who has placed them there to wait for the cock-crow and the morning. Remember Acts 3! When a paralytic, at the door of the temple, walked, the number of those who believed went from three thousand to five thousand men. I tell you that the wind of miracles at the cock-crow and the morning cannot be compared to all that has been done so far and it is the midnight Cry that reveals it and introduces it.

25  Fulani, Egyptians, Mauritanians, Maghrebis, Ethiopians, Malagasies but not Martinicans, Haitians, black Americans because these ones are Africans and are being visited in this very moment like the Whites of South Africa were visited in the time of William Branham. And the last persecution of the Church will begin within that time when God arouses a great prophet messenger with miracles and that in his time the Quran is burnt publicly as we have done it for false versions of the Bible. In that time, there will be voices of discrepancy but the true one will distinguish himself from the false ones. And spiritual stability will no longer be here because God will have moved away.

26  Also, Oceania is smaller than Canada and its population does not reach half of the one of Nigeria. And God has an action there that continues like anywhere in the world. 

27  I would like to get to another point before the questions and answers. This is one of the points that I wanted to put aside to your understanding. We must understand that the Blacks outside Africa and those deported during the slave trade shall receive their portion of this Message for in the eyes of God, they are black Africans. T.D Jakes is a black African. Jesse Jackson is a black African. All the black American are Africans in the eyes of God and through the midnight Cry, God is visiting them. If God must visit the Jews of America, it will be in Israel. And if God must visit the Blacks of America, it will be at the time of the visitation of Africa. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

28 Be it racial segregation or Apartheid or any other form of racism, know that it is God Himself who allows and controls all things for our good. The apartheid and racial segregation were institutions from God because blacks should not have any portion with William Branham just as the Samaritans and the people of the nations should not have any portion with the Lord Jesus Christ. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].That is why in Revelation 5, for all these things, all the creatures which are in the heaven and on the earth and in the waters fall on their face to glorify Him.

29  Also, Christian Ethiopia separated from Muslim Eritrea and granted it its independence in April 1993. It is symbolic! I will preach on Acts 8:26 to 40. Let’s sing now for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ who has sent me. Like all the creatures, let’s give Him glory for He is worthy to raise up an African for the Salvation of mankind.

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