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(Preached on Sunday May 9, 2004 in Locodjro, Abidjan - Ivory Coast)

This morning, I want to talk about the baptism. The baptism is an institution of a major order. Every man as soon as he believes and agrees to separate from sin must get baptised immediately as we see it in Acts 8:36-38 and Acts 16:30-33. In Matthew 28:19-20, it is said, "baptise them first, then teach them."  Baptism classes are a human institution and yet we know that behind every human institution is a demon even if this institution is good. What God has not instituted, even if it seems logical, do not do it! Stay within the limits of the Word. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. [Kc.100v9]

Concerning aspersion, Emperor Constantine thought he was a Christian but refused to get baptised. On the eve of his death, he asked to be transported up to the Jordan to be baptised in the place where the Lord Jesus was baptised. On their way, he was dying and was sprinkled in extremis. It was on May 22, 337 at noon. It was then decided to sprinkle the sick who would be in these cases and that was called "the clinical baptism".

Now let’s take Matthew 28:19-20 ... Remember that after the Lord Jesus Christ said these words in Matthew 28:19-20, He said, WAIT! Luke 24:49 and Acts 1:4 say it! Why? Because they were to receive the Holy Spirit that would reveal them the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit because Satan is also father, son and holy spirit. Let’s read John 8:38: "I speak what I have seen with my Father, and ye then do what ye have seen with your father", and verse 44 says: "Ye are of the devil, as your father ...." You see?  God is Father, Satan is also father. Let’s read John 17:12. Jesus is Son, that is to say God made flesh and Judas is also son, Satan made flesh. Satan disguises himself as an angel of light, that is to say holy spirit as 2 Corinthians 11:14 says it. The Lord Jesus Christ and Judas Iscariote were the same age, they walked side by side, they died on the same day, both of them died hung on trees. Two sacrifices. One from God and the other from the devil. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

The day of the Pentecost Peter stood up and said, "Repent, and be baptised, each one of you, in the Name of Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of your sins, and ye will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit." And that was in the presence of all the Apostles and disciples because according to Matthew 16:17-19, it is him, Peter, who had the keys of the Kingdom of Heavens.

How can you say that Father, Son and Holy Spirit are names while there is no "s" to Name? Can one write on a cheque "in the name of the director-general of the company?" And yet by the Word of the Lord, the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is Jesus Christ and also on the other side, the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit is Judas Iscariote who is now the Jesus Christ of Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches including Islam and Judaism. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

And yet the Holy Spirit specifies that the baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ is: "... to you and to your children, and to all who are afar off, as many as the Lord our God may call". Where is then the place for the Trinitarian baptism? Is God still calling? If yes then the baptism is in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no place in the Bible where someone was baptised in these titles while all the baptisms are in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Acts 2:37-41, Acts 19:1-7, Acts 10:44-48, Acts 8:14-16, and so on. ... It is better to put our reasonings aside and to align ourselves with what the Bible says. 

The Trinitarian baptism is a practice of polytheistic religions and every church that administers the Trinitarian baptism is a polytheistic church with a god father, a god son and a god holy spirit. It is paganism. You must retake the baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ according to Acts 19:1-7. But now, notice that it is not because the baptism is in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ by immersion that this baptism is right.

Well. It is impossible to be in the will of God outside a prophet among the people. It is written: "by a prophet Jehovah brought Israel out of Egypt and by a prophet was Israel preserved." Jehoshaphat said, "Believe in Jehovah and ye shall be established; believe his prophets, and ye shall prosper". And God recommends a particular care for the prophets. It is written in 1 Chronicles 16:21-22: "He suffered no man to touch them, and reproved kings for their sakes, Saying, Touch not mine anointed ones, And do my prophets no harm." And like Samuel, rejecting the living prophet of one’s time, it is to reject God Himself. So, if it is God who commissioned me on that April 24, 1993, then whoever rejects this Message that I preach, chooses hell and does not have the Holy Spirit at all. [Ed: The congregation says: "Amen!"].

And know that we will never collaborate with a church. The debate of collaboration is definitively closed in all its forms. It is the devil that acts with ruse against us like in Ezra 4. They are the Sanballat and Tobijah of this Message. If they love us, let them keep away from us! He that gathers not with us scatters!

10 Well. Today I had wanted to preach on John 6:47-70, but I have been led to preach a prophetic revelation on the topic: To what then were you baptised? And just after the preaching, we will move to the questions and answers. How many come from the evening time? [Ed: About twenty people raise their hands], the others come from evangelical churches and others. 

11 Thank you, let’s take our Bibles in Acts 2:37-38: “And having heard [these things] they were pricked in heart, and said to Peter and the other apostles, What shall we do, brethren? And Peter said to them, Repent, and be baptised, each one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ, for remission of sins, and ye will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. For to you is the promise and to your children, and to all who are afar off, as many as the Lord our God may call.” Amen! 

12 In the different places where we stood to preach, the Branhamists (those who still follow the Message of William Branham while we are at midnight) wage us the same battle as the Baptists, the Pentecostals, the assemblies of gods and others do. Branhamists are as pagan as those ones! In the vision of April 24, 1993, they were the mixed race woman sitting in the same military truck with Catholics and the driver of which was Satan.

13 Now, according to the revelation that I received on April 24, 1993, this is what the Holy Spirit says to mankind today. The Church of the nations started with John the Baptist and it was the baptism of repentance. Then a time came when it was the baptism of remission of sins, then another time came when it was the baptism of justification with Martin Luther in Europe; then another time came when it was the baptism of the renaissance of the Church after the first Roman persecutions; then another time came again when it was the baptism of adoption; then came the baptism of sanctification with John Wesley; then another time came and it was the baptism of regeneration with William Seymour; then another time came and it was the baptism of restoration with William Branham and now the baptism of restitution with Prophet Kacou Philippe. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

14 Outside that, every other baptism is false even if that is done in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ or in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit by immersion. And this is the plan of Salvation that God has traced from generations to generations and the elect will believe and follow that by the revelation, for, according to Matthew 16:19, the Lord Jesus Christ has built his Church upon the prophetic revelation. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

15 When Martin Luther was baptising, it was for justification because his Message was for justification. When William Branham was baptising, it was for restoration for he had a Message for the restoration of the Church. And today the only baptism that God recognizes on all the surface of the earth, it is the baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ for restitution for it is the Message of restitution that is preached today. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

16 But in the past generations, the messengers did not have the revelation that the baptisms were according to the Message that God had entrusted to them. The baptism of repentance for John the Baptist because he was preaching a Message for repentance. The baptism for remission of sins for the Apostles because they were preaching the Message of remission of sins. The baptism of justification for Martin Luther because he was preaching justification by faith. The baptism of sanctification for John Wesley because he was preaching the Message of sanctification. Then the baptism of restoration for William Branham because he was preaching a Message of restoration. And today, it cannot be a baptism of repentance because the Church repented 2000 years ago. [Kc.45v20-21]

17 Remission of sins took place 2000 years ago on the cross. Justification by faith has already taken place and the baptism cannot be for justification today. But we are in the phase and in the dispensation of the restitution of the Church to his first state. And the baptism that God recognizes today on all the surface of the earth, it is the baptism of restitution. 

18 And it is by the revelation that God reveals that from age to age, from generation to generation, from messenger to messenger until He comes one day for the Rapture of the Church. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. The Bible says in Revelation 1 that He is Him who walks in the midst of the seven golden lamps. And walking from age to age, He reveals his Word and the elect follow the revelation. Why? Because He said to his disciples near the district of Caesarea of Philip that He was going to found his Church upon the spiritual revelation. 

19 However, if the baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Pentecostals, recognized by the Branhamists, is retaken in the midnight Cry, why recognize the one of the Branhamists? Are there two Gospels or two baptisms in the same hour? No! When John the Baptist was baptising, it was for repentance then the apostles baptised for remission of sins and that included repentance. Then, Martin Luther baptised for justification and that included repentance and remission of sins; then John Wesley baptised for sanctification and that included repentance, remission of sins and justification and William Branham baptised for restoration and that included all the rest but not restitution which was to come.  And today it is the baptism of restitution and that includes all the rest, including the restoration of William Branham. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. This is pure truth. One must be baptised in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the Message that one has received. 

20 It is through baptism that one enters into the Message of his time. Even behind the curtain of death, with the sleeping saints. Was the baptism of repentance enough at time of the apostles? No! For according to Acts 19:1-7, Apollos had to be re-baptised while he had already been baptised for repentance with John the Baptist the one who had baptised the Lord Jesus Christ. And yet it was the same age, the same people but two different Messages and therefore two different baptisms. [Ed: The congregation says: "Amen!"]. And it is the same for consecration as well. If you are consecrated in the evening time, you have to be reconsecrated while we are at midnight. The consecration of a minister in the evening time is not valid at midnight. 

21 In the evening time, the Jews with Moses received the baptism of the Red sea then the one of the Jordan with Joshua. But on Mount Nebo, when God was showing Canaan to him, Moses did not see the water baptism to come. And after Moses, when Joshua was crossing the Jordan with the people, it was for the restitution; they would take possession of the promised land. It was a baptism of restitution. Similarly, after Elijah, Elisha clearly gave the symbol of the baptism of restitution in 2 Kings 5:10 with Naaman who had to wash seven times in the Jordan. And we see this Message of purification there. [Ed: The congregation says: "Amen!"]. The baptism of restoration does not include restitution!

22 Notice that in Africa, all the fetish priests proceed with a bath for the sick. And if it is at home, yesterday’s water is not used. And every fetish priest administers his baptism. That is the imitation of the true thing! Even to crush or to prepare some remedies, yesterday’s water is not used. You see? … And yet notice this: the messenger of Matthew 25:6 must come from the evening time if not it is a strange fire. He must come from the loins of the apostles, themselves coming from Jesus through Martin Luther, John Wesley, William Branham, otherwise it is a strange fire and he alone cannot be baptised, if not by whom? In the upper room, who baptised the apostles? Who baptised John the Baptist? The messenger is the manifestation of the Word that is the attribute of God Himself. [Ed: The congregation says: "Amen!"].

23 It is God who created every thing, existing by Himself and therefore "uncreated" and you must accept it this way. The prophet messenger baptises and consecrates everybody and cannot, himself, be baptised or consecrated. So all the Branhamists including their pastors, Ewald Frank, the sons of Branham must come humbly to get re-baptised by the living prophet of their time as Apollos did it there with Paul. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. You see that it is difficult for these rich Branhamists as their fathers the Pharisees to enter into the Kingdom of Heavens? John 6:47-70 says, "These Words are hard; who can accept it? We who are children of Branham, he wants to re-baptise us as well". Those Branhamists forget that after the Red sea with Moses, Joshua crossed the Jordan with the same people of Moses.They forget that Elisha divided and passed across the Jordan like Elijah. Because of blindness and pride, the baptism has become the biggest obstacle of the Branhamists.

24 The multitude of Catholics and evangelicals are afraid to accept the Message when they hear the word "midnight" and others whereas the Branhamists are afraid to be re-baptised. These are the two groups of Judges 7:1-7. You see? This is the door of the top of the pyramid. And it is "Thus saith the Lord." None of the wise, prudent and intelligent in their own eyes will understand but blessed are the poor in spirit and the fools because they shall not err. Even if Branhamists were not divided after the death of William Branham, they must get re-baptised in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ for restitution. Restoration, it was with William Branham. To restore means: re-establish, repair, recover one’s strength. And now, it is restitution with Kacou Philippe. To restitute means: return, put back in its first state. Remember this:" what God gave and that the devil took, has now been RESTITUTED to you." You see? I am not inventing anything. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

25 Repentance, the Bride has acquired it with John the Baptist; remission of sins, the Bride has acquired it with the Apostles; then came justification, renaissance, adoption, sanctification, restoration, the Bride has acquired them and she is now at the step of restitution. Man looks at the people, God looks at the Church and the living prophet is the mind and the eyes of God. Revelation 22:6 says that He is the Lord God of the spirits of the prophets. [Ed: The congregation says: "Amen!"]. The Bible says that all those who accepted the glad Tiding were baptised in the Name of Jesus Christ. And in "ALL THOSE", the Branhamists must be counted too… [Ed: The congregation says: "Amen!"]. [Kc.112v34]

26 Well, now for the administration of the baptism, after the confession to the one who must baptise you, when you go down into the water, you will face the East, and after a brief prayer such as: "O God, in the virtue of this grace that you have granted to me in this Message, I pray that in this water, shall die forever the failures and the curses that were or that could have happened in the life of this brother or this sister and that,  while emerging from this water, he emerges with a new testimony and a new life of victory over sin and that with your help, he may be a blessing to his house and also to us."... [Kc.54v3]

27 Then, ask two or three times the question: "Brother ... before God and before his holy angels and before men, do you accept to get baptised in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ [for restitution]?" And finally baptise him saying, "On the basis of this confession, I baptise you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ for restitution". [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. It must be in some natural water and the whole body must be immersed. And the person being baptised must reassure that he has not hidden any sin expressly. But if he hid some sins, it is before the congregation now he will confess them.

28 I do not agree with baptisteries and swimming pools. It must be in some natural water where there are fish. And you shall not baptise a woman in menses. I think that the baptism is a moment of blessing and deliverance. But for lack of revelation, it becomes a mere formality. People went once or twice to marabouts or fetish priests, spending just a few minutes with those people. This, they will confess it at the baptism but they will not confess that they were Baptists, Catholics, Presbyterians, Methodists and others. They confess that they were at a marabout’s or a traditional fetish priest’s but they do not confess that they were at the vigil of such and such an evangelical prophet. You see? And after that, they will speak of it as personal experiences. You must know that although those evangelical prophets were in jackets with bibles in their hands, in the eyes of God, they are worse than those traditional fetish priests. The traditional fetish priest and the evangelical prophet are like the two sides of one and the same coin. It is one thing and its shadow. And that is what the revelation of your time says. [Ed: The congregation says: "Amen!"].

29 In the vision of 1993, I was standing upon the sand of the sea, then upon the pyramid, then upon the sand of the sea in another place. These are three different places. And just before the Angel and the Lamb came down, there was an eclipse and when they were coming down, the earth was illuminated again. This eclipse was the crucifixion of the evening Message by the high priests of this century … [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

30 See again that pyramid, I was standing on the top. According to the dream of Junior Jackson, William Branham and the Branhamist preachers were gone. And yet, he had asked them to keep their eyes on the white stone that should be interpreted one day, a type of the unknown tongue. The white stone according to Revelation 2:17 contains the mystery of redemption and it was behind it that the resurrection and the manifestation of the sons of God were. I will give to him the hidden manna, the midnight Cry and the Message of white stone. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. [Kc.41v24-25] [Kc.80v7] [Kc.130v16]

31 In Revelation 5:1-7, it was the Lamb who took the book of redemption, the book of the seven seals, attribute of the Bible, the book of Life and the book of Life of the Lamb. The same book. You see? The Lamb kept this mystery of the white stone and of the unknown tongue. Moses and the prophets of the Old Testament did not know it. David and the kings, Abraham and the patriarchs did not know it. Paul and Peter did not know it. William Branham did not know it. Gabriel and the angels did not know it, nor the twenty-four elders... But the Lamb of April 24, 1993 and Revelation 5 knew it. Amen! 

32 And this happens in secret, far from crabs and sea snakes. William Branham said:"... Let's get ready for this midnight Cry. It's coming in a hour when you think not. There'll be a cry, not amongst the unbelieving world; it'll be a secret." [Preaching "The Uniting Time and Sign" Ref 134, preached on August 18, 1963]. Notice that in the dream of Junior Jackson all the Branhamists left like the Israelites who went out with Moses died. But we see that at the end of the vision a crowd came from all the churches with a supernatural faith: "We have not seen nor heard but we ENTIRELY believe It." [Ed: The congregation says: "Amen!"]. All the Branhamists died in the desert. God sent them snakes, seducers. They do not even understand the baptism, things that even some Methodists sitting here understand. [Kc.12v20] [Kc.70v23] [Kc.84v14]

33 When Paul met the disciples of Apollos in Acts 19, he said: "To what baptism ..." Not "in which name" but to what baptism? He said, no, John baptised you for repentance but we are in a new dispensation; we are in a new phase, the one of the remission of sins. Paul did not speak of a name but of the Message because if the baptism is summarized around a name, what will it be of Martin Luther and John Wesley who baptised in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, you see? The Message of John and the baptism of John come from Heaven but when the Message of remission of sins appeared, the baptism, the ministry and the Message of John were worthless. [Ed: The congregation says: "Amen!"].

34 We are creatures of eternity. If I am a chosen one and a son of God, it is at the baptism of John that I repented and it is with the Apostles that I received the remission of my sins, not in the year 1993. You Branhamists, what the Methodists see, you do not see it and you pretend to be eagles! Which species of eagle therefore? And if Jesus Christ humbled himself to be baptised by John, no one if he is from God will refuse it. It is I who should rather say, "I am unworthy... " and to you to say," The Scriptures and promises must be fulfilled ... suffer it!" And is it not an honour and a sign of humility for my former pastor or for some Europeans, Americans and others to receive the baptism from us? 

35 How can a Branhamist come and sit here with his baptism of restoration? Can we baptise for the remission of sins at the time of the justification? You must receive the baptism of the Message that you have received in order to receive the Holy Spirit in the dispensation of that Message. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. If the baptism is just by the name, so a woman can administer the baptism. [Kc.98v12-14]

36 Now, let’s notice that Revelation chapter 6, the Lamb opened the first seal ... the Lamb opened the second seal ... Revelation 8:1 says, the Lamb opened the seventh seal. And on April 24, 1993, was it the Angel? No, ... but the Lamb. Revelation 10 says, a strong Angel clothed with a Cloud, standing where? On the waters. Clothed with what? With a Cloud! ... Rejecting the midnight Cry, it is to sign one’s own condemnation. And for the first time in forty years, the Spirits of Elijah, Daniel and the Apostles are acting again on the earth. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. Daniel interpreted an unknown tongue before King Belteshazzar.

37 If Tommy Osborn, Billy Graham or Yongi Cho tells me, "My god told me that he is going to use you mightily ...", I would never say to people, "Oh! Even the great Tommy Osborn says that [God] will use me ...". The Lord Jesus Christ said to such men, "Keep quiet" and the spirits of divination kept quiet. They are all filled with it, even the Branhamists. No matter the gifts, the miracles or the power of the spirit that is on somebody; as soon as he has rejected the Message of the living prophet of his time, know that it is the devil. It is a demon on him that he calls "Holy Spirit" and do not fear him. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

38 They have dreams almost every day, they see and kill snakes and see dogs in dreams. They are chased and so on… all that, it is divination. [...] Now notice that when Billy Graham preaches, he quotes some writers, some philosophers, some politicians, ... that shows which god and which Jesus Christ he talks about because all the high places of 2 Kings 17 are called "churches" and the gods Baal, Baal-Zebul, Chemosh, Nergal, Dagon and Adrammelech are called Jesus Christ today. The god of the Baptists is called Jesus Christ. The god of the Methodists is called Jesus Christ. The god of the Branhamists is called Jesus Christ. That is the problem! To the point of seducing the elect if it were possible. All the spirits that they have are called: holy spirit. But God, in his goodness, has planned this Message which is the eye-salve of Revelation 3:18 in order that we may see and that the shame of our nakedness may not appear. [Ed: The congregation says: "Amen!"].

39 We will never collaborate until they show us where the Lord Jesus Christ and the apostles collaborated with the Pharisees and the Sadducees. We are not concerned by their conventions. Does Matthew 28:19 say to go and organise international conventions? No!

40 Some brothers and sisters, having had some false holy spirits, repented. Some even spoke in tongues, prophesied and had some presences of anointing and fire, believing it was the true Holy Spirit. You see? All these religious systems are in the 5th dimension which is the region of the lost ones, the region of torments and nightmares. That is why in a preaching, you must not quote a man whom you know to be false, even if he says things which are entirely true.

41 The book of Jude has suffered enormous difficulties to be accepted amongst the books of the New Testament. Several assemblies, especially of the East, rejected it despite its clear and strong Message, despite the fact that it was written by the own brother of the Lord Jesus. Why? Because he textually quotes the book of Enoch (Jude verse 14-15), the book of the Assumption of Moses (verse 9) and the testaments of the twelve patriarchs. Three existing books but which have not been accepted in the Old Testament.

42 Do not look for good things in what Tommy Osborn, Billy Graham or Ewald Frank has said. Stay strictly within the limits of what the Message of your time has said. Even when preaching, follow that closely. There were books inspired by God before the Flood, but none of them was able to cross the Flood because the world would not need them, as also no book, not even the Bible, will cross the Millennium because we will not need it there. You see? Jude did not draw his inspiration from a supposed book of Enoch. Jude cannot do it! [Ed: The congregation says: "Amen!"].

43 Just before that vision of April 24, 1993, I had an experience, I was like the Angel of judgment, that is to say a glowing white cloud like a mirage... I was 1 km away from me in the sky. I was present, and I could see people clearly as I can see you this morning. And I could recognise the place. I was condensed air of about 15 cm of radius. I saw without my eyes and certainly a voice could come out of me. I could think while I was invisible. I saw men, trees and houses. But I saw no spirit nor anything supernatural. It was in broad daylight at around eight o’clock and that happened to me only once and by the moment my living body was about to move, I saw that I was there in spirit in the house but not in my body and I saw that another person was coming in and it was still me. I thought here and I thought there. I thought in three different bodies. I was under three different forms. And it seemed to me that I was three and after that, I became as before. And up to this day, I have never seen anything like that. It is there that I understood Genesis 1:26-27 and Genesis 2 verses 7 and 21. Amen! May God bless you! Let’s stand up now. [Kc.30v9] [Kc.51v6] [Kc.97v9] [Kc.121v8] [Kc.130v10] [Kc.131v28]


Similar chapter: Kc.45.


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