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(Preached on Sunday May 2, 2004 in Locodjro, Abidjan – Ivory Coast)

1 [Ed: Brother Philippe exhorts for about thirty minutes on various points. Then the congregation sings the New Gospel.]

2 When I am preaching, I do not hear any "Amen" and I appreciate that! God is not in the public show. There are places where during the preachings, we hear, “Preach! It is the truth! ...” I do not like that!

3 Now let’s read Daniel 12:1 to 13 [Ed: Brother Philippe reads chapter 12 of Daniel]. We notice that Daniel 12 is comparable to Revelation 12 like Zechariah 6 and Revelation 6. The same table of Daniel 12 is the one of Revelation 12, applying to Israel and the nations at the same time, with the same elements. Revelation 12: 5 to 6 and verses 13 and 14 say the same thing apparently. And Daniel 12:4 and verses 8 to 10 also say the same thing apparently but in reality, they are as separated as the East and the West. Verses 5 to 7 and 11 to 13 of Daniel are complementary. So Daniel 12 in the Old Testament is Revelation 12 in the New Testament. As also verse 4 of Daniel 12 is verse 4 of Revelation 10, there, it is the same thing. But they are different from verses 8 to 10 of Daniel 12. I have neither seen it, nor heard it anywhere else, it is the entire revelation of Jesus Christ.

4 Like last Sunday, I said that the middle of the Bible is not Psalm 118: 8 as theologians say, but the book of Isaiah. The middle of any thing contains the elements and properties of that thing. The middle of a fruit is its core or its grains. The middle of man is his kidneys. The book of Isaiah contains 66 "books" like the Bible and contains the whole Bible. When taking the scroll of Isaiah in Luke 4, the Lord Jesus Christ was taking the Old and the New Testament and even what was not written...

5 Well. Now let’s come to the preaching itself which will focus on verses 4 then on verses 8 to 10 of Daniel 12. Let a brother read it. [Ed: Brother Laurent reads verse 4] ... Thank you Brother!

6 I will not linger on verse 4 because it's history since 40 years, since the opening of the seals. Daniel 12:4 occurs in the evening time, God says to Daniel, "close and seal the book...." He said to John in Revelation 10: 4: "seal the Words!" You see? Daniel and John heard and understood but they were told to seal and that until the time of the restoring of all things.

7 But in verses 8 to 10, those things were sealed and hidden by God Himself. Amen! See verse 8 closely: "I heard, but I understood not ..." You see? Daniel says that he heard the words but he understood not… What is it? It was in an unknown tongue. [Ed: The congregation says: "Amen!!"]. Do you get that? Daniel heard an unknown tongue in which God sealed and hid something.

8 When? After verse 4, that is to say after the evening times, so at midnight. Daniel 12:8-10 was contained in verse 4 but sealed by God Himself. Revelation 10:4 and Daniel 12:4 were the revelation of the seven seals. In Revelation 10, the unknown tongue was contained in the seven thunders but not its interpretation which was with the Lamb. Daniel 12: 8-10 refers to the midnight Cry. The spiritual purification with a powerful Message and the carnal purification with the public confession. And a child of God, concerned about sanctification, can only rejoice at seeing that.

9 When Daniel saw John on the other side of the curtain, he shouted with his three friends, "Hallelujah! God is now going to unveil that." But God said to him, "No Daniel, the hour has not come yet." And in the 20th century, in the Sabino Canyon, when Daniel saw William Branham, he shouted, [Ed: See 7th seal Page 31 Ref.192] but God calmed him down again. In the vision of Junior Jackson, William Branham could not interpret that white stone and yet it was on it that they should all have their eyes because, a little farther, the Spirit of Elijah would interpret that as we saw it in the 7th seal.

10 And at midnight, when on the 24th day of the Hebrew first month, in 1993, like Daniel, God placed a man upon the sand by the side of the great river Hiddekel. When God placed a son of Daniel there [Ed: the name of Brother Philippe’s father is Kacou Daniel] … You see? Daniel means "he who judges for God" and Philippe means "he who rides". And finally a black horseman riding, after those of Asia, Europe, after France, Germany, England and the United States, an African riding now! From the black race, from the smallest ethnic group, from the lowest family, rises "he who rides". Glorious personage before the Lord to reveal the unknown tongue.

11 And there, it is God Himself who woke Daniel up. And all the saints: Ezekiel, William Branham, Apostle John, Zechariah... recognized that.

12 Do you know that Daniel 12:8-10 happens by the side of the great river Hiddekel on April 24 of the third year of Cyrus? [Ed: The congregation says: “Amen!”]. Today, Daniel 12:8-10 is finally fulfilled in simplicity, far from the pride of the Branhamists. The Message of William Branham in verse 4 of Daniel 12 only brought knowledge to mankind. But this did not free them from the demons of seduction that they call holy spirit.

13 People run from doctrine to doctrine, from mystery to mystery, from "ism" to "ism " from brochure to brochure, from quotation to quotation ... with mistrusts, rifts and hatreds of all kinds. Why? Because William Branham being dead, the body must decompose. And there are some trends of Ewald Frank, some trends of Joseph Coleman, some trends of Billy Paul and Joseph Branham, some trends in Africa, some trends here, some thunderists, so on… What is this? The rottenness of the body of Branham. The body of Branham decomposing.

14 And if, from now on, one of all those ones who follow the Message of William Branham goes to Heaven, let God send me to hell. Because that is impossible. It is their knowledge that has increased; that is all. Even the knowledge of the assemblies of gods, Baptists, Methodists... has increased, they all have the brochures of William Branham. And Branhamists have too many things to pay attention to an insignificant Kacou Philippe. Knowledge has made some wise to recognize the day and the Message to come and this same knowledge has made others proud for perdition. But they will tremble forever before you! [Ed: The congregation says: “Amen!”] You have received and recognized your day and its Message.

15 Now let’s read verses 8 to 10 ... many shall be "purified" of false bibles, treaties, doctrines, of false holy spirits, of false churches, ... "be made white" means proved innocent, justified; "refined" means made perfect. But the Bible says that none of those who are sitting in Branham’s seat or in the seat of theology shall understand. God Himself will not permit that they come here because this Message of midnight must not be corrupted because of its goal of perfection.

16 Yesterday, with Brother Serge Pacome, we received a delegation that came to negotiate a collaboration with us. They have a message condemning all religious systems and their presidents without naming anything. They said that their message came from God to apostle Kleber of Cameroon. We did not go far. God sends the Word from Heaven only to a prophet messenger on earth and not to an apostle, pastor, evangelist, reverend, doctor or other. He must be the apostle of a prophet messenger. This Kléber was nothing but a religious reformer, he has no call, no divine commission. Even if his message is identical to Ours, we could not collaborate because God cannot send two people on earth at the same time. So their request for collaboration must be seen as a trap... Instead of accepting this humbly, they seek to destroy it through collaboration. We do not need it and we will never collaborate.

17 Some say: "Do not say, this is the voice of Matthew 25:6.", “I’m the only prophet on the earth”… But I will! They have no biblical foundation and cannot do it. When Gabriel comes, he says: "I am Gabriel, who stand before God, fear not ..." John the Baptist says: "This is he who has been spoken of through Isaiah ..." Matthew 3:1 to 3. I will do it again, you do not have any portion with us, keep quiet! And I will condemn you by naming you, even if you call that insults, judgments, or arrogance, that is what your fathers did to the Lord Jesus. Let’s read that: John 8:13-14: "... Thou bearest witness concerning Thyself ..." and Luke 11:45:" thou insultest us". You see? Demons do not die. Sons of the devil, sons of Belial! Leave them! I will not let myself be distracted.

18 They are wicked ones and the Bible says in Daniel 12 that they will not understand. While people make all their effort to progress, after the example of the brethren sitting here; some travel tens of kilometers every Sunday morning to be here. See the brothers and sisters of Port-Bouët… if there was no lagoon, several would walk to be here! [Ed: The congregation shouts "Amen!"] And instead of accepting that, they talk of collaboration. I prefer death to collaboration. They are obliged to humbly come here to have eternal Life; it is "Thus saith the Lord!" [Ed: The congregation says: “Amen!”]

19 Today, on the whole face of the earth, no one can be saved outside what I Prophet Kacou Philippe, I preach. I am the only prophet that the Lord Jesus-Christ has sent to mankind. Like in the time of Noah, I, Kacou Philippe, slave of Jesus Christ, I am the only one and no one can be saved outside what I preach. [Ed: The congregation says: “Amen!”]

20 Oh Wonderful book of Daniel, other inspirations are coming to me again. Daniel is Revelation of the Old Testament, see chapters 2, 7, 8, 10 and 12 of the book of Daniel, it is the book of Revelation and the book of Daniel is spiritually the last book and the 27th book of the Old Testament as the book of Revelation is the 27th of the New Testament. [Ed: The whole congregation says, “Amen!”] It is exactly the 27th book because the Spirit of prophecy says it. [Ed: The congregation says: “Amen!”]. I do not fear to say what I receive on the spot and I believe that the same angel of Daniel 10 is here. [Ed: Brother Philippe stops]. I am not saying it is so but would you mind counting with me up to the book of Daniel? [Ed: The congregation counts…] That is perfect! Amen! ...

21 Without reading it from anyone, without any calculation, I will preach on the different symbols of Daniel to indicate the period of the rapture. Thank you Lord Jesus-Christ, You who have saved me and sent me by grace for the Salvation of mankind. Thank you Lord!

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