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(Preached on Friday evening, May 14, 2004 in Locodjro, Abidjan - Ivory Coast)

1 The Bible says in Revelation 12:7-9 and Isaiah 14 that there was war in heaven because Satan wanted to be worshipped like God. Satan said: "I will exalt my throne above the stars of God, and I will sit upon the mount of assembly ... I will be like the Most High ...". The Angels of God then fought against Satan and his angels and cast them on earth.

2 Billions of angels were cast on earth and went and hid behind sacred waters, stars, forests and groves, feasts, mystical orders in all countries. Instead of "demons" or "fallen angels" they were called in Africa: geniuses-benefactors. And these geniuses raised up powerful fetish priests. They were worshipped and their first desire was achieved. The most powerful among them were actual gods, especially in Egypt, with the Incas, in Babylonia, India and others.

3 According to Revelation 14:6-8, the Gospel was ordering mankind to turn away from these demons. For the first time, we knew that the fetish priest, the diviner, the astrologer was a prophet of Satan. After the kings, they were the fetish priests and marabouts that lived a comfortable life: black goats, sheep, white chickens, bottles of liquor... 

4 And see those prophets today, how rich they are! They are disguised fetish priests, without exception. The altars and high places of 2 Kings 17:29-31, the same altars of 1 Kings 11:5-7 have become churches, missions and ministries today. [Kc.15v13] [Kc.32v27-28] [Kc.40v9] [Kc.108v16] [Kc.116v9] [Kc.118v13]

5 And when the State gives its approval to any of these churches, missions and ministries, it’s fetishism that is legalized.

6 Well, now let’s read 2 Kings 5 [Ed: Brother Philippe reads the entire chapter of 2 Kings 5] ... Well. Through a girl, the defense minister of Syria goes to Israel to Prophet Elisha, the only true prophet of his time to get the healing of his leprosy. 

7 First Minister Naaman goes to the king of Israel to receive an official welcome with military honours in order that the media should broadcast that. They made it an official thing. Then see verse 9, Minister Naaman heading towards the small house of Prophet Elisha with tanks, horses, units of elites, battalions of armoured tanks, armoured squadrons. All this to say to Prophet Elisha that the one who was coming was not just anybody. People came on the roadside to watch the passing cortege with sirens and the parade of the motorcycle escort… etc.

8 And all that, not to mention the speech he should deliver, declaring the six thousand pieces of gold and ten million dollars as he has always done in the other churches under applauses. From a distance, one could hear sirens, then the motorcycle escort made its appearance, Minister Naaman and the whole regiment were no longer far... 

9 They came and stood outside waiting for honours from Prophet Elisha. But they got the wrong prophet. You see? When Naaman arrived at Elisha’s habitation, he said to himself, in his heart: "But, where are the decorations in relation with my arrival? Children should not even go to school today because of my arrival. Or, is it not here?"[Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. It was there indeed! You see? 

10 But Elisha saw outside a poor Syrian blinded by the riches and glories of this world and to whom the torments of hell were reserved if he did not repent. Elisha saw the leprosy of his body, his soul and spirit and the remedy was the experience of the Jordan. Elisha smelled, behind that soldier uniform or that jacket, the stench of corruption. That was it! 

11 Naaman also wanted the honours of this solitary Prophet but Elisha sent a messenger to tell him: "Go and wash in the Jordan seven times, and thy flesh shall come again to thee, and thou shalt be clean." Naama got angry! 

12 He began to understand that he, Naaman, the great servant of the little Syria was nothing before the little prophet of the great God. "How can he tell me to go and throw myself in a muddy water like the Jordan! The Pharpar and Abanah, rivers of Syria are they no better? Naaman added," was it planned that he might baptise me? ... And the prophet himself, he does not come and it is a little one that he sends? " The servants of Naaman said, "Master, accept! ..." But Naaman said, they have not even planned uniforms for the baptism! And his servants repeated: "Master, accept! ..." You see? Amen.

13 He needed healing but he wanted healing in greatness. Naaman was not even ready to kneel down because his dress might get dirty at the knees. He said: was it planned that I do this? Was it planned that I do that? His servants said: "My father, [if] the prophet had bidden thee [do some] great thing, wouldest thou not have done it? How much rather then, when he says to thee, Wash and be clean?... Master, Accept!”  See verse 11: "And Naaman was wroth, and went away and said, Behold, I thought, He will certainly come out to me, and stand, and call on the name of Jehovah his God, and wave his hand over the place, and cure the leper." You see? 

14 When coming, Naaman had already made the plan of his welcome and his healing. But ... Being in Syria, if he knew that he Naaman would be treated like a mere person, he would not come. Oh! Poor Naaman! But finally, he washed seven times in the Jordan and the leprosy left him and he was clean. Amen! He returned to Elisha who preached the midnight Cry to him, after which he said to Elisha that he will no longer offer holocaust to other gods, in a church. He had changed, he no longer wanted welcoming speeches, welcoming armchair because he had experienced the Jordan ... Oh, the experience of the Jordan!

15 In verse 9, Naaman wanted to stand in the pulpit to deliver his speech in which he would declare the six thousand pieces of gold and ten million dollars of silver and intention to tar the village of Elisha and send electricity there, drinking water and maternity hospital. Despite the realities, he would show good relations that exist between Israel and Syria. You see? He could say: "... Me, humble Naaman, defense minister of Syria, three times award of the Medal of honour ... Knight of the order of Merit of such and such country! ...". You see? He only lacked one thing: the experience of the Jordan. He wanted fame and human greatness, but not Salvation. And it is the same thing today, with our homosexual ministers and presidents, people stinking of alcohol and sin who do not want the experience of the Jordan and the prophet that God sent them. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. You see?

16 And the true leprosy of that minister, it was his stripes, his wealth, his tanks and his luxurious house which will perish on earth and which made him believe that he was something before the little prophet. You see? Naaman said in verse 11 that he thought the prophet would come himself and ask him for, whether a three-day dry fasting or a great offering. That was why, he had prepared ten million dollars, he knew that prophets loved money. And yet until then, he had only known the prophets of Baal. The prophets of Pharpar and Abanah churches loved money. You see? But after the experience of the Jordan, he said: "I will no longer subsidize or patronize anything, even if it must cost me the position of minister, M.P., mayor ... I will no longer go and lay first stones disorderly ..."

17 Men want Pharpar churches with clean beaches but what you need, it is the experience of the Jordan with the living prophet of your time. 

18 And after the experience of the Jordan, Minister Naaman made himself servant of Elisha, repeating five times that he is the servant of Elisha. For the first time this minister realized that there were two worships, two types of churches and prophets. In verse 10, Naaman had not understood that he was inferior to the messenger of Elisha but now he understood it. Naaman saw now that the kings, ministers, M.Ps, mayors, pastors, priests, prophets, reverends and presidents of the earth needed the experience of the Jordan. You see? 

19 Behind this authoritarian and arrogant man, behind this vain glory and the riches, hid a child of God, a humble man that society had destroyed. A society which, itself, only knows Pharpar churches and reverends Gehazi...

20 Mr. Minister, M.P., Mayor, Mr. Director, when you the others, you will have an honourable place in a church, when you will be to inaugurate or to patronize a religious activity, if you accept it, then the leprosy of Naaman is on you and you need the experience of the Jordan. 

21 If you go to church to look for majority for the elections, if you make donations to the church to gain the favour of men for the elections, then the leprosy of Naaman is on you and they are Pharpar churches and reverend Gehazi is the pastor of it. 

22 If in the congregation, the pastor has a special seat, it’s not the Jordan. Could Jesus be distinguished from the disciples? Did not Judas say: "Whomsoever I shall kiss, He it is ". Is the servant greater than the master? The children of the devil are now sitting on Jesus’ colt. 

23 You, prophets and presidents of churches descend and come to the Jordan! Leave the comfortable beaches of Pharpar and Abanah! 

24 This church where the pastor or the prophetess or the prophet sits there on the platform, before the congregation, it’s the Pharpar and Reverend Gehazi is the pastor of it. Some insolent women, some women in menses sitting on the platform, some daughters of the devil. And it is Jezebel who told her daughters to do that way as she herself sits on the royal throne when Ahab is not there. Only a great grand-daughter of Jezebel can sit there in front of men, without being disturbed in her heart. Daughters of harlots, insolent like their mothers! You see? A Pharpar church can do that and Reverend Gehazi is the pastor of it. [Kc.9v8] [Kc.10v58]

25 That church with the air conditioner, the carpet, which allows television, theater, football, beaches, ... it is the Pharpar and Reverend Gehazi is the pastor of it. That church where women are sitting with false hair, trousers, nail polishes... where women are in the pulpit for the preaching or songs, it is the Pharpar and Gehazi is the pastor of it. That church whose pastor has the big car and whose church members are poor, it is the Pharpar and Elisha preached against that in verse 26. They have coaches, taxis for transport, shares in companies, foundations, so on and so forth… it is the Pharpar and Reverend Gehazi is the pastor of it. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. [Kc.9v20-24]

26 Elisha condemned that in verse 26, they are the children of Gehazi and Elisha preached the midnight Cry to them. What they need is the experience of the Jordan. Naaman, the defense minister, wanted a church where his cell phone can ring in the middle of the preaching, where the preaching is not against luxury and leisure, where tourism is not condemned, where homosexuality is not condemned, a church according to his taste where he will be baptized in a clean swimming pool or a baptistery.

27 In reality, Naaman was seeking one of these fetish priests in jackets with bibles in hand but he came across an authentic Prophet of Jesus Christ.

28 When you go to a prayer vigil of these fetish priests, whether you're a Catholic, Protestant or evangelical or Branhamist church it does not matter, explain your problem! But Elisha required the experience of the Jordan first, yes! The experience of the Jordan. He preached the midnight Cry to that minister! Ladies and gentlemen the ministers, M.Ps, mayors, directors, presidents ... do you want to be healed of leprosy, cancer, ulcers, AIDS? Descend first in the Jordan! Search for the experience of the Jordan! If a man says himself man of God and that he consents to pray circumventing the experience of Jordan, he is a fetish priest! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

29 Some authorities request prayers from these "prophets" at their homes in secret, often in the bedroom for an appointment. Instead of white kids or black chickens, they ask them to fast and see how these so-called prophets fatten themselves up, exactly like the fetish priests of the village, with luxurious houses and cars, American jackets instead of sheepskins. Is it not the prophets, spokesmen of God, who taught you that gold and silver belong to God and that these same prophets after the example of Elijah and John the Baptist clothed themselves in animals’ skins? You see? You preach another gospel and the children of Elisha will refuse that! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

30 And will I leave the blessed and relaxing forest that saw me born to go on vacation in Europe? We will never accept subsidies, we will never ask for subsidies and patronage of a man. We will never accept the collaboration and friendship of a church. Experience the Jordan first! A president or a minister will never invite us to the same table with you! Nobody will invite us to the same table with the Catholics, Baptists, Foursquares, assemblies of gods, Pentecostals ... let them search for the experience of the Jordan first! ...

31 Even for the illness of a parent, I will help him to go down into the Jordan first. It would be an iniquity for me to pray for them while they still pray the Baptist, Pentecostal, Branhamist, CMA, Revival, Adventist, Catholic, Nazarene gods ... While they let themselves be laid the hands on by these fetish priests in jacket, they run to their prayer vigils. You see? They must stop any relationship with the pastors and Pharpar churches. I, Kacou Philippe, slave of Jesus Christ, I have no power but it is in confirmation of this Message that God has granted gifts and graces to me and I will never pray for someone outside of this Message for fear that he believes it is the Jesus Christ who his church worships, who healed him. We shall give an account to God for the use of all that He has given us. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

32 When Naaman was healed, he realized that there was no God except the One of Elisha and that he would never go and bow down to another one. How would I pray for a Catholic, a Protestant, an evangelical or a Branhamist, such homosexuals? How will I do it while they will go to worship another god? May God keep me from it! How will I pray for someone who says: "church is church, it’s the same [god]?" Neither for my father nor for my mother, will I do it, unless God opens their minds to understand that! And if we become weak, may God support us!

33 Does the Bible not say in Deuteronomy 13:1 that if there arises a prophet performing miracles or giving true revelations and that he says, "Let’s go to the Baptist, Let’s go to the Foursquare church, Let’s go to an evangelical, Pentecostal, Assembly of gods church... let’s go to such churches, missions or ministries...", do not go there? Aren’t these churches the high places of 2 Kings 17:29-31 and the gods Dagon Adrammelech, Baal, Rimmon, Baal-Zebub, Chemosh, Moloch, ... are they not all called Jesus Christ today? 

34 And did God not send this message to unveil them? Did the Bible not say in Matthew 24:24 that there shall arise false christs from the abyss? How can anyone pretend himself a prophet, that is to say a spokesman of God, while he has no Message, and all he says, they are just recitations of the Bible? He starts to perform miracles to confirm which Message? How can a prophet base a church, a mission or a ministry on the Bible instead of bringing a new Message that mankind does not know? They are diviners and fetish priests even if they are in jacket holding bibles in their hands. There are not two Elishas or two Jordans. They are all fetish priests and the fasts that they ask from you are an image of the black kids or the white chickens.

35 For the elect, the true Naamans, the Bible says in Matthew 25:6 and Revelation 12:14-17 that a Gospel will come and take them away from seduction ... away from Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist churches, including Islam and Judaism, away from these false prophets. You see? And like in the time of Noah, outside this voice that you hear today, there no salvation elsewhere. On the day of the judgment, you will not say that you were not warned! And he that has ears to hear, let him hear! [Kc.7v49]

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