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(Preached on Sunday, November 16, 2003 in Locodjro, Abidjan – Ivory Coast)

This morning I want to talk about the subject: “the transfer of spirits”. Initially, it was by synods and ecumenical councils that the transfer of spirits started, then by the submission of the Church to the State through statutes and internal regulations, then by unions, federations and councils of churches, and now by the conventions and even by giving up the pulpit to one who does not believe point by point or who does not have the same spirit as you; even if he preached right. 

The transfer of spirits also takes place during clothing exchanges or lending with someone who is not a Brother or a Sister. Also by allying oneself with some people as it can be seen in 2 Chronicles 20:35 to 37 and 2 Chronicles 18 and 2 Chronicles 19:1 to 3. Jehoshaphat must understand that God does not want us to make friends with an unbeliever or an idolater. You do not have the right to go to a vigil, convention or meeting of those Catholic, Protestant, evangelical churches, missions and ministries including the whole of the Branhamists, that is to say those who still follow the Message of William Branham even in all its purity. For the consequence, it is the transfer of spirits. 

3 You cannot sing or pray with someone before you have agreed upon the last point that differentiates you, because behind a Branhamist, Baptist or Foursquare, there are as many demons as behind a Catholic. Do you grasp that? Behind a Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or a Branhamist, there are as many demons as behind one who follows Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry or Voodoo. [Kc.89v3]

Hundreds of demons can stand behind only one falsehood. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. And never pronounce yourselves on a dream of those people… Never gather together for the smallest prayer. If the situation surprised you, do not close your eyes or simply go out. The Bible says not to have communion with demons. [Kc.19v1] 

Do not get flattered by any word because you are not "brother" or "sisters" in the same Jesus-Christ. You do not have the right to call a Baptist or Adventist or Branhamist: "brother in Christ", and do not let them call you this way. They are our neighbours and we love them for the Bible said, "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself". We look on their prayers as incantations in the name of Jesus Christ. And we look on their churches as the altars of the gods of Egypt. And we must be strict towards them to avoid any transfer of spirits in our lives. [Kc.67v30

And when somebody comes to us from those churches, whether he is baptised in the Name of Jesus-Christ or in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, whether he is baptised by immersion or aspersion, he must purely and simply be re-baptised.

You must know that there are two tendencies on the earth: them and us. "And he that is not with us is against us, and he that gathers not with us scatters." Luke 11:23. Everything they are doing, it is witchcraft, leading souls into captivity for hell. The same way that we burn their bibles, treaties and others, it is in this way that God will cast them into the burning lake of fire. 

8 The God of Israel is different from the god of the Arabs around Israel. And our God is different from the god of the churches which are around us. And these Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, and all those that you see around us, they are Iraqis, Jordanians, Lebanese, Syrians, Pakistanis and Arabs around us. Israel, it is the valley of the prophets and a son of God follows a living prophet because the prophet is the mouth of God on earth. The Bible is the book of the books of the prophets and a child of God cannot live outside of a living prophet. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].[Kc.114v20]  

9 Put these things into practice and I say that those spirits that you took from them in the past will be sent back to them. And in the Name of Jesus-Christ, it will be so! Have a mastery of this subject: "the transfer of spirits". Burn those false bibles and the devil will know that he has no portion with you. Let those men know that you are not in the same dimension.

10 For you who come from the evening Message, there are some Branhamists who laid hands upon one another during the washing of the feet. At midnight, this is no more possible because of the transfer of spirits. It is the same for churches, assemblies where people who pray by holding hands or laying hands upon one another.  

11 Never place those so-called representations of Jesus-Christ in your house. Even the one by Hofmann. The Apostles and the disciples opposed that. Eusebius too, the one who chose the 27 books of the New Testament amongst 62, opposed the depiction of Jesus. It was at the Constantinople Council in year 692 that the depiction of Jesus was authorized. 

12 If the Lord Jesus-Christ is God, then He can appear under several forms, and it is an abomination to try to represent the Lord Jesus. The two disciples on the way of Emmaus did not recognize Him. In John 20: 11-16, Mary Magdalene did not recognize Him. And the Bible says that the Lord Jesus Christ appeared several times, under different forms. So, how will you represent Him? By trying to represent the Lord Jesus Christ, God will make that it is Judas that you will represent and place in your house.

13 Separate from what is impure. You see? We have not yet spent three years together but if I returned after spending three months on a trip, will you not recognize me? Then, how is it that three days later, in broad daylight, Simon Peter, Thomas, John, James and the other disciples who were fishing, did not recognize the Lord Jesus? All the same! You see? And Mark 16 says… let’s read that:  "And after these things he was manifested in another form to two of them as they walked, going into the country".  Why? Because He is the Almighty God! And you, sons of the devil, you have ended up giving Him a representation. But I have the certainty that this so-called photograph of Jesus is closer to Judas Iscariote than to the Lord Jesus. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

14 And I will end with this: Avoid saying, "God told me" because if it is not God, then you have called Satan your god. Thus, all those who are listening to you will receive that spirit. You can see right and clear revelations and nevertheless, it is of the devil.  

15 And if somebody claims himself as a Christian and claims to have the Holy Spirit, if he rejects the midnight Cry, do not fear to tell him that he rather has a spirit of divination according to Ezekiel 33:1-9 and be pure of his blood on the day of the judgement. [Kc.16v11]  

16 And you know that it is more advantageous for you to preach the Message to your parents and acquaintances so that they may not seek to pray with you when you arrive at their homes… Go ahead of them! And be pure of their blood. Amen!


Similar chapter: Kc.55.


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