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(The questions were asked on different dates in Locodjro, Abidjan – Ivory Coast)

1 Q-A. N°1/ Brother Philippe, what should we do if we are in a church where there is only one false doctrine like the baptism or Genesis 1:26-27?

    If you are in a church where there is only one false doctrine, you must get out of there for behind every false doctrine there is a demon. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. In Genesis 1:26-27, the Bible does not say:  "And God said, Let us make man in Our Image … and God and the Angels created man" but the Bible says:  "And God created man in his image".  The sons of the devil, set up as prophets and pastors, say that they were God and their father, Satan, who created man together. And they take Ezekiel 28:12 and say that God created and angels, amongst whom was Satan, completed that with perfection. That is what Louis Segond and the other versions of the Bible say but it is not what Darby says. You see? The Louis Segond bible, that instrument of Satan says that God would create and Satan would put the seal to say that it was perfect. Don’t you see that this is absurd? Darby says: " Thou (Satan), who sealest up the measure of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty, thou wast in Eden, the Garden of God. " but Louis Segond says, "thou sealest up perfection…". [Kc.20v3] 

2 And I tell you that, in Genesis 1:26-27, God was not addressing any angel at all, otherwise the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ would save demons. Angels are spirits and they are not in the image of men. You see? God, as for Him, is Man and Angel. You see? He Himself is the Angel of Jehovah. We do not know what happened at the creation in the Heaven; God must have said, "let us make the Angel in our image…". He could say it, for He was going to manifest Himself as being the Angel of Jehovah. Now let us see Proverbs 8, God simply made his attributes speak. No Angel took part in any creation, neither in the Heaven nor on earth and no angel can create. Saying that God was addressing the angels in Genesis 1:26-27, it is to allot the power of creation to an angel and to make him the equal of God. I do not believe that a man or a church that has the Holy Spirit can say that God was addressing the angels! Have I answered the question? [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. Very well. And that is the answer of God Himself through his prophet.

3 The Bible must say that at such a time, in such a place, God shall do such a thing. And it is the only thing God can recognize. Therefore, if you are in a church that claims to have all the truth, that is a seduction because if the Spirit and the Word say that we are at midnight, it is there that you must be to receive the Holy Spirit.

4 Q-A. N°2/ Brother Philippe, according to the preaching on Revelation 14:6-10, how did you recognize that it was the spirit of the devil that showed you those dreams?

Very well. Here is then what I did but do not imitate that. I had too many dreams, and all of them were exact and came true. But as I am very careful with what concerns Salvation, one day, it came to me to prove the spirit that gave me those dreams. I prayed aloud and I said this, "Lord Jesus Christ, for me not to doubt the dreams that I receive, give me a sign. Allow me to see a whirlwind in a dream tonight". Then in my heart I raised another prayer and I said this, "Lord Jesus Christ, the Bible says that You alone know the thoughts of the hearts. May I therefore not see anything of what I have just requested aloud!". And as soon as I fell asleep, I saw a giant whirlwind that lifted everything up on its passage. Then, I understood that those dreams were coming from the devil. You see?

5 And after that, I was told that I must not read those religious books and treaties that you have, neither try to interpret dreams, nor let anybody lay his hands upon me. I must not have any relationship with theology. When John the Baptist and the Lord Jesus talk of serpents, offspring of vipers, it is theologians. Theology is pure venom. Of all that God has created, the snake is the only creature which has two tongues in its mouth. Two forked tongues in one like their trinity. They go up in the pulpit, they read the Bible which is the Word of God and then they spit the theology that they have learnt at the bible school. They have two tongues:  the Word of God and theology. Even if what they say is true, it is the devil. If they know the truth, what are they still seeking in the foursquare, Baptist, assemblies of gods churches and others? Their preaching is not different from the holy water of the Catholics; their preachings are hisses of snakes. 

6 Q-A. N°3/ Brother Philippe, in Revelation 12:1 which woman is it question of?

Well. Let’s read that:"… a woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars;". Well. Notice that John saw this woman at a certain time of history, for in the beginning, she was clothed with the moon, she walked with the law, it was Israel and the twelve stars were the twelve patriarchs but after the perpetual sacrifice, when John saw her, it was Christianity, the Church of Jesus Christ and the twelve stars are the twelve Apostles, the doctrine of the twelve Apostles. The twelve Apostles and the twelve patriarchs give the 24 elders of Revelation 4:10. Jesus said in Matthew 19:27-28 that the Apostles would receive twelve thrones to judge the Jews. However, notice that Revelation 12:5-6 talks about Judaism and the 1260 days refer to Revelation 11:3 with Elijah and Moses but the woman of verse 14 is Christianity. Then, like in the first verse, we find these two women in one. But the first one does not have her Judaic form of the beginning for she has accepted Christ.

7 Q-A. N°4/ Brother Philippe, what will the midnight Cry consist in and what is the evidence that it is you?

Well. God showed that in the preaching on "Church and State". Our faith rests upon the biblical promises and prophecies. What is the evidence that it is you? It is God Himself who confirms those that He sends. That is the question that a multitude of people ask themselves and for those who know the Word, it is a temptation, for, like the Pharisees, they ask the question for another goal, they will not believe. Since I have never given any false prophecies and that lie has never come out of my mouth, it is already a sign. I said of the President, "… if his throne grows stronger in peace and he reigns over the whole state then I am not a man of God and God has not spoken to me." [Ed: See Kc.11] [Kc.11v13]

8 And more than one thousand pages of this prophecy have been distributed. This was fulfilled to the letter. You see? He is still there but his throne has entirely become weaker. The rebels have the territorial administration and the Prime Minister has almost all the executive power. I did not base myself on anything to say that. A prophet does not base himself on past experiences to speak: "As David did this and Solomon did that, thus the president will do this, the king will do that!". That is seduction. And we see that the remedy for the healing of this nation came from Ghana, which I have called "first hospital". But if it is really God who has raised me, it is He Himself who will confirm this ministry because of the elect and I have faith that He will do it!

9 Q-A. N°5/ Brother Philippe, if God is not with the churches of Ivory Coast, then who answers them?

I have always told you that Satan was their god and that has been demonstrated during this war. What prayers haven’t they raised? The churches were humiliated like the gods of Egypt in the days of Moses. First, they prayed and fasted for a miracle solution like in the Bible, God did not act; then they prayed and fasted so that God might act in Accra, then in Dakar, then in Lomé, then in Marcoussis, then in Kleber, then Accra II, then Thabo M’Beki, then Accra III, then the ECOWAS, then the UN, then Thabo Mbeki again, then Obasanjo etc. And all that while people are being slaughtered, disembowelled, mutilated, executed ... God does not rely on politicians’ hands to work.

10 According to the Bible, they are just religious organisations, for I recognize only one Church: the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ whose rules and regulations are the Bible and what the living prophet says and which cannot ask for anybody’s approval, nor be subjected to any terrestrial authority or jurisdiction. If the State has created a ministry of worship, it is for pagan worships and the churches that he is a minister. We do not depend on him and we do not have any order to receive from him… And the four hundred and fifty Ivorian and American prophets came to tell Ahab to go up and take Ramoth of Gilead back through the use of arms. It was a false prophecy. You see? They tried that and the tanks of Ahab were destroyed by French soldiers…[Kc.1v17] [Kc.12v17] [Kc.128v3]

11 Q-A. N°6/ Brother Philippe, in 1 Samuel 28:7 to 20, how was that woman evoker of demons able to have access to Prophet Samuel?

The answer is that before the perpetual sacrifice, the Paradise was on earth and the devil could have access to all the saints: Abraham, David, Adam, Joseph... We notice that he wanted to take the body of Moses. Jude verse 9. The blood of goats and lambs only covered the sins and could not blot them out so that we can enter directly into Paradise. The Paradise was closed. But now after the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross, the entry is immediate. After the blood of Jesus Christ, there was a separation, Luke 16:22-23 shows it well. Also, in that time, the devil still had the keys of the dwelling place of the dead until the Lord Jesus Christ came to take them according to Revelation 1:18. Bear in mind that what this woman did is no more possible today. If you see a dead person like a ghost, then his soul is in hell. That is why Satan was able to have access to his body.

12 Q-A. N°7/ Brother Philippe, in the vision of April 24, 1993, what did the Lamb say in the unknown tongue?

It was a great secret which should not be known up to this day. And now that is known and it is the Message contained in the midnight Cry. Even my body did not have access to that but it was my soul that received it like a seal. These preachings are the interpretation of what the Lamb said and which is the completion of the mystery of the seven thunders. Satan knows what happened in the Garden of Eden, he also knew the meaning of the seven seals but he had never thought that, by taking the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and hidden behind the Louis Segond, the King James or the Scofield bible he was going to be unveiled. If he knew it, he would use a trick other than that.

13 In fact, it is not to me personally that this restitution has been given but to the Church. If that were in French and that I had grasped something, I would not wait these ten years. And that same day, the day of the vision, the Spirit came upon this Message, the Word. And the fruits have been manifested: I refused baptism classes and even the Trinitarian baptism while I had three months of conversion. The Holy Spirit only comes on the Word. The Lord Jesus Christ was the Word manifested, and the Holy Spirit came down upon Him in the form of a dove.

14 And if somebody says he has the Holy Spirit, no matter how he prophesies, speaks in tongues and performs miracles, do not argue with him but present him the Word, present him this Message and tell him that one must be baptised in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ according to the Message of his time. If he refuses, then tell him that the spirit that he has is the spirit of the devil and be pure of his blood when he goes into hell. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. Do not leave him before you have said that to him. Say it to him, even if he speaks in tongues or raise the dead, even if he is called Cain, Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, Doug Batchelor, Billy Graham, Edir Macedo, Valdemiro Santiago, Silas Malafaia, Paula White or Joyce Meyer. Do it so that God may not require his blood from you.  Even if he is called Chris Oyakhilome, David Owuor, Emmanuel Makandiwa, Uebert Angel, T. B. Joshua, David Oyedepo, Alberto Mottesi, Claudio Freidzon or Dante Gebel, do it so that God may not require his blood from you. Even if he is called Benny Hinn, Manasseh Jordan, Jesse Jackson, John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Joaquim Gonçalves, Donald Parnell, Alejandro Bullón or Guillermo Maldonado, do it so that God may not require his blood from you! They are sorcerers and magicians under Joel 2:28 and 1 Corinthians 2:4-5. Do it so that God may not require his blood from you. I repeat, do it so that God may not require his blood from you. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

15 Q-A. N°8/ Brother Philippe, can we be saved through the sanctification of the flesh alone?

No Brother! Today, that is not no longer possible. That was possible up to John Wesley but after that, we need carnal and spiritual sanctification. Today, if a man abstains from any form of worldliness, idolatry, masturbation, adultery, impudicity, lies, false doctrines, that is very good but what about the spirits of divination that he took through those things? The mere fact of seeing dreams regularly must call to wisdom and humility. It is divination. And especially if you were in those Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist churches or you were at the prayer of one of those anointed prophets… Know that you are possessed by a spirit of divination.

16 And no one can chase these spirits away except by the virtue of the Message which will come to unveil them. That is spiritual sanctification. There must be a spiritual purification in this age. The sanctification of the flesh alone is no longer enough. Also, it is impossible that a member of those Catholic and evangelical churches may chase a demon away. What they call deliverance is drama, stagings of Satan. 

17 Q-A. N°9/ Brother Philippe, what do you think of spiritual manifestations and when can we situate the rapture of the Bride?

Well. It is because there is a prophet messenger on earth that we can talk of Church. And from this prophet messenger proceed the four ministries of the Word. And the four ministries of the Word are the highest form of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the Church of Jesus Christ. And the Church of Jesus Christ is sanctified by the public confession and the fear of God. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

18 And as for the rapture, as long as God has not revealed anything to us, consider that the rapture will take place today, today and today until the Lord Jesus Christ comes. The prediction on dates came from William Miller, the spiritual father of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Seventh-day Adventists, and he transmitted this spirit to Nelson Barbour and Georges Storr. And it is Nelson Barbour who transmitted that spirit to Charles Russell and the best way to avoid those predictions, it is not to read their writings. I do not believe in any prediction made from calculations of dates and I pay no attention to them…

19 Q-A. N°10/ Brother Philippe, is the date of the vision really that of Daniel 10?

Yes! We see in Daniel 10:4, on the 24th day of the first month. This comes again in the Bible, for example, in Haggai 2:10. Then God talks again to Haggai on the 24th day, Haggai 2:20. See also Zechariah 1:7, etc. For the month, it is according to the old Hebrew calendar. April is the first month of the Hebrew calendar and the Lord Jesus Christ would have been born in April. Even all nature testifies that the month of April in our current calendar corresponds to the first month in the Hebrew calendar. February, it is desert, that is to say death; March, it is the burial and April marks the birth, the resurrection; April is the flowering of grapes and the birth of lambs.  And the Lord Jesus Christ would have been born in April because He is the Lamb of God.

20 And yet, we know that 1993 was the year of great events, especially positive ones, in the world such as multipartism in Africa and in Ivory Coast, the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the USSR. There were great changes in Asia, in South Africa and in Angola, peace between Israel and Palestine made some progress. All these things happened around year 1993. A wind of freedom and peace blew all over the world. And as you see in the Bible, the year of the death of such and such a king. And I can say, the year of the death of President Houphouet, on the twenty-fourth day of the fourth month, the God of the Spirits of the prophets spoke to me from the heavens. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

21 From 1963 when the seals were opened up to this ministry, there are 40 years, one generation. Amen! 40 years after getting out of Egypt, the elect were on the other side of the Jordan! And I said to the Branhamists, “You came out of Egypt with a prophet, you crossed the Red sea; you must not stay in the desert, but you must cross the Jordan with another prophet.” Somewhere in Africa, in a small country, the Almighty God has spoken. We are no longer in the evening time, the Spirit has moved. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

22 It was in 1993 that the Oslo Accords were signed between Israel and Palestine and Yitzahk Rabin and Yasser Arafat shook hands before the international community in the presence of Bill Clinton. It was in 1993. And it was again in 1993 that Frederick De Klerc and Nelson Mandela received the peace Nobel Prize. It was a great sign before the international community.

23 Q-A. N°11/ Brother Philippe, will there be some particular attitudes in this Message?

… Yes, just some points. We can baptise only those who have accepted the glad Tidings of their time, that is to say that “we are at midnight and this is the voice of Matthew 25:6”. That is what we are called to and it is on such a basis that we will be able to baptise.

24 Also, from that, people will form independent assemblies and will preach there according as the Spirit will lead them. It is up to them but as for the delivery and the publication of the Message, that has been given to me from Heaven and no other writings should be undertaken by anybody in order to explain, to deepen or to support the Message. Even if that seems good, know that I have warned you: it is the devil and you must be tried. Let the iniquitous behaviour of Ewald Frank serve you as a lesson!

25 God has raised up a man, Prophet Kacou Philippe, stick to that. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].  Before the active phase of the awakening, it will always be thus. The Gospel of this hour of midnight has entirely been given to me and I have never asked for the contribution, the support or the opinion of anyone before or during the publication. And I have never rectified anything because that comes in the order of the infallibility. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

26 Let’s pray now. … Lord Jesus Christ, Creator of the heaven and the earth, I have brought the glad Tidings that You have given me and now confirm It Yourself by the confirmation that You will find worthy and may the elect find the way of the Kingdom. I, myself, O Father! May your grace be always with me because I am not in the number of those who are wise. If my heart reassures me on the way of perdition, may your Right Hand bring me back. Lord, man cannot confirm what comes from Heaven as You are alive.  Grant us this for it is in Your Name Jesus Christ that we ask it! Amen!

27 Q-A. N°12/ Brother Philippe, the Bible speaks of the veil, is it the hair or the headscarf?

It is question of the hair. Let’s see 1 Corinthians 11:1-16, if you notice, the same warning of verse 16 is also in 1 Corinthians 14:34-38 on woman’s behaviour. They are the same demons seeking to introduce what God has not instituted. They do the works of their father. Let them do it! Already in verse 6, the Bible says that if it is bad for a woman to have her hair cut or shaved, let her keep it. In verse 10, that is called a mark of man’s authority and we see that there is an innate desire in any woman to have long hair. What does Paul say in verse 15? "if a woman has long hair, it is glory to her; for the long hair is given to her in lieu of a veil." It is a full-stop at the end of this verse and not a question mark. Louis Segond put a question mark at the request of the Company of Pastors of Geneva. Thus the veil of the woman, it is not a headscarf or another thing, it is woman’s long hair. And Paul says in verse 16, if somebody wants to be contentious, let him be contentious. You see? In the assembly of Corinth, people animated by the demon wanted to introduce false doctrines in the church. Things that neither Paul nor the Apostles taught. Not even Moses taught that. You see?

28 And in Luke 7 when that woman wet the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ with her tears and was wiping them with her hair, the Lord Jesus Christ should have said, "you, woman, put a scarf on your head!!!". But He did not do it because the long hair is the veil of woman. And when God created Eve, did He put a scarf on her head?  And remember the black girl in Song of Songs! Solomon could exclaim before that enchanting Shulamite saying: "Thou art fair, my love… Turn away thine eyes from me, for they overcome me. Thy hair is as a flock of goats on the slopes of Gilead." [Ed: Song of Songs 6:4-5]. Solomon does not tell her to go and wear a headscarf, but he appreciates that. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. Long hair, it is a glory for a woman.

29 The wearing of the veil is an old Eastern tradition which existed even before Moses but it is especially the face which must be veiled. In Genesis 24:65, we can see it. That’s what people wanted to carry into the church. In Africa for example, there are traditions which want the woman or the younger one to bow when greeting. That is very good! But should we make it a doctrine? That is how the thing started with the headscarf to become a doctrine. Now let’s consider 1 Corinthians 11, at the end of verse 15, it was the Greek word "Peribolaion" that was used and this word means, first, cover, then veil. We can therefore understand that it is question of long hair in verses 5, 6 and 7.

30 Now if you disagree with that, you may wear your headscarf. But your reason is somewhere else. During the service, if a sister has a scarf on her head for pleasure, there is no problem but if she thinks that it is an obligation because she is in a church, or she wants to pray, then it is wrong and there is a demon that stands behind that! [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

31 Q-A. N°13/ Brother Philippe, does the New Testament speak of the tithe?

No Brother! Because the meaning is lost. It is rather spoken of liberality. But we cannot help a Brother who is not faithful in his tithes. Also each assembly must have a bank account which is funded every Sunday with the tithes and offerings. By the revelation of the Word, we know that God expects more than the tithe under the grace, while giving freedom to the person to act according as he is disposed. The church has no right to know if such or such a person pays his tithe and in which assembly he paid his tithe. It is between him and God who will return it to him. The offerings basket should not also be made to pass before people or make them stand to come and deposit the money before everyone. The basket must be put at the door of the temple and the church members will put their tithes and offerings in it before or after the service as every member is led to. 

32 One cannot give the tithe to a man called prophet or pastor. On the one hand, it is for all the Levites, all those who do the work of God for the progression of the Word and on the other hand, for any brother or sister in need. Also, you need to help the parents or if possible, take charge of the school fees of the brothers and the sisters. One day, when these Brethren are civil servants, is it not to the Church that they will give the tithes and offerings? Why would the parents have to do everything alone and yet, one day, you are the ones who will receive the tithes and offerings? All the churches are silent on this but know that it is not good. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

33 Also the church is not a cooperative; it can neither invest, nor trade. The church members, yes! but not the pastor, his wife or the church. And building schools, hospitals, and so on, it is the mission of the State. The Church has a purely spiritual mission: save souls. Money must keep quiet in the Church; it is too dangerous. 

34 There is also what we call offerings of prosperity which are obligatory offerings that you give directly to a brother or to a sister whom you know to be in need. Either in kind or cash.

35 Also, I would like to say that if a church believes, here or elsewhere, they will remain entirely autonomous on the level of the tithes and offerings. They do not have to send us or let us know anything. They are not under our supervision. And a member of any assembly of this Message must not give me his tithe. He can, if he wills, give me a small present but his tithes and offerings, it is for his assembly. You see? That is what the Spirit says.

36 And know that no one has the right to spend a tithe. It is as if we ate a totem, a forbidden thing or a curse. If you did not know it, you now know it. Also, parents and friends must know that it is not for money that one must go to a man of God.

37 Q-A. N°14/ Brother Philippe, does theology have some positive sides?

The answer is that when God says that something is bad, do not try to find good things in it. First, what does biology mean? [Ed: A brother answers, "study of life"] Very good biology means “study of life”. Now, what does geology mean? [Ed: A brother answers, "study of the soil "]. Very good, geology means “study of the soil”! Now, we know that the Greek word "Theo" means God and "logy " means study. So theology means “study of God”. By definition, theology is the whole of the knowledge obtained by means of the intelligence. And the Word of God is the whole of revealed truths. Theology is therefore an initiative, a demonic pretension because we know that it is God Himself who reveals Himself or who reveals his Word to whom He wills.

38 That is why we cannot go into those Catholic, Protestant, evangelical, Branhamist churches, including those missions and ministries, and that we cannot use the Louis Segond, Thompson, Scofield versions and others because it is the work of theologians. If a fetish priest translates the Bible, even if that is well done, I will keep far away because I do not believe in fetishism and the spirit that stands behind it is the devil. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. Here’s what Origen, a disciple of the Apostles, said and which is reported by the historian Daniel-Rops. Origen said"… theology is a science which is grounded on objects of faith but which draws its results from the intellectual order and which must be separated from revealed truths". Therefore, the Word of God and theology, it is not the same thing. What comes from God by a prophet and what comes from the pastoral school or a bible institute, it is not the same thing.[Kc.2v16-17] 

39 Q-A. N°15/ Brother Philippe, apart from the wise and the foolish virgins, can there be something else here, amongst us?

Yes, of course! You will see their fruits. While we work towards perfection, some agents of the devil are sitting here to block and destroy what we are doing. Do not be distracted. If you believe that it is God who has called and commissioned me, stick to that. They are sitting here but they are sons of the devil. And their heart says it to them. Because a son or a daughter of God cannot attend a service, while everyone confesses around him, he has a sin hidden in his heart. He prays with you and he has a sin hidden in his heart. He sings with you and he has a sin hidden in his heart. You see? You confess around him, and he sits there with a sin hidden in his heart. That is what Judas did over there while he was eating with the Lord Jesus. They are sons and daughters of the devil. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

40 Know that each person is sitting here embodied with a prophetic mission outside his own intentions. Now, notice this: if the wicked one must play a role here, God will give him to believe in this Message; the fact of believing in this Message does not mean that you are a child of God. You see? There will be some thorns and thistles here, some cancers, some inside enemies fraternizing and eating the Holy Communion with us. But they always end up revealing what they are. A child of God cannot persecute a child of God or a son of the devil.

41 Now another point: … no matter what you will see through me, I want to be called "brother ", nothing other than that. And my wife, call her "sister". Not “mom", but call her “sister”. Amen!

42 Q-A. N°16/ Brother Philippe, is predestination biblical?

 [Ed: Brother Philippe preached on predestination. See Kc.21]

Yes, the entire Bible speaks of it. It is a question of that in Romans 8:29-30 and Acts 13:48. Predestination was the Message of John Calvin in the history of the Church. He was the great Messenger who preached on predestination. He called that “the double predestination”, that is to say a predestination for Salvation and a predestination for perdition. There are some people who are predestined for eternal Life, and some people are predestined to perdition. If you are a child of God, you are already predestined for eternal Life. That is in your blood, in your seed. [Kc.21v7]

43 Israel spent 430 years in Egypt without becoming Egyptian because in the beginning these Jews were not Egyptians. But eternal Life, while God was dealing with Israel, people like Ruth and Rahab amongst the nations… received that by grace. If you notice, in Revelation 7, the tribes of Dan and Ephraim were blotted out because of idolatry. 1 Kings 12:25-30, Hosea 4:17. They were replaced by Manasseh and Levi. But God knew before the foundation of the world that things would be that way, why? Because of predestination.

44 Q-A. N°17/ Brother Philippe, what is the place of the evening Message in the one of midnight?

They are two different Messages at different times but of the same Spirit and of the same age. I would say another scope of the first Message. When John Calvin started to preach the Reformation, the Message of Martin Luther was then outdated. However, it was the same age, the same Spirit and Luther remained the father of the Reformation like William Branham today.

45 You can no longer return to the evening time because rotten manna must not be consumed, must not be mixed with today’s manna. According to Esther 2:15; take simply what it has pleased God to give for your time. If we must read the writings of John Wesley today, it will be a total confusion. For example, the simple fact that the Pentecostals, Methodists, Baptists… talk about the second coming of Jesus Christ, William Branham regards them as virgins according to Matthew 25. That was acceptable in the evening time but not at midnight because we have a clearer revelation on that and some churches that the Bible calls prostitutes cannot be virgins. You see?

46 Q-A. N°18/ Brother Philippe, in what will this awakening of the Bride consist?

Amen! I am inspired. Very well. You see? The present that we give to a little girl, it is a doll because she is called to be a mother. But to little boys, we give guns because they are called to be soldiers. It is in the same way that I look upon all the brothers who enter here as future preachers. After only one year, some brothers will pass here behind the pulpit and outside. And each brother will pass through this military service because there is a great spiritual war to which we will be confronted. That is what the Lord Jesus Christ did and that is what eagles and lions do with their young, why? Because they are called to hunt. Have a man behaviour, what soldiers are outside, it is what we are. We do not know which fate God has in store for us but we will assume it. That is the Gospel that I have come to deliver.

47 Every time I speak of awakening, I am inspired. One day, you will remember these things when you spend the night lost in the bush without eating, without bathing, another phase of the perfection. God has caused the conscience of those churches to sleep until the appointed time before waking them up against us. It is now the period of which the Lord said, "and they trimmed their torches".  It is now that everything takes place.

48 This Word is intended for the fall of ones and the rising up of several. The same flood which lifted Noah and his own swallowed up the unbelievers. Let’s be strong, we are another race of preachers and the Word of God in our mouth must be a rod of iron, judgment and condemnation. It is this army that appears in Revelation 19. That is also what the Bible talks about in Revelation 12:16, this earth is the male son. Amen! The Holy Spirit rides the holy Church in this awakening that the midnight Cry will introduce. Revelation 19:11 to 16 takes place at the end of the age of Laodicea. [Kc.3:29]

49 In the evening time, He was the "Faithful and True Witness", Revelation 3:14, but here He is "the Faithful and True", that is to say at work. We are the manifestation of the Word of God. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

50 The churches that you see will incite the authorities, organisations … against us according to Revelation 12:15, but the male son, that is to say the wise virgins, will contain this assault. Halleluiah! What do we see on the head of that horseman of Revelation 19:11? Many diadems, not crowns of kings but diadems of queens, the virgins of Matthew 25. It is the moment when the pyramid of the seven ages on which I was standing in the vision of April 24, 1993 receives its Capstone.

51 It was said to me: "The same way that Mary conceived miraculously, without knowing any man, the same way Moses received in details what happened at the creation, you have received the Words of eternal Life on this April 24, 1993 and it is decreed by God. At the appointed time, you will understand and you will teach what you did not learn in order that whoever believes has eternal Life" You see? No matter the cost, do not move away from that.

52 Q-A. N°19/ Brother Philippe, will there be particular calls among us?

Particular calls, no! For we have the same call. You were called at the same time as me. When, in the vision of April 24, 1993, I was standing upon the pyramid, you were there. You see? Provided that I mandate you, God will recognize you. I have received a particular call because my ministry is described in the Bible. If you notice, the first and the last terrestrial angel received mysterious calls, which is not the case of the five others. The midnight Cry is in the Old Testament, in the Gospels and all the rest of the Bible up to Revelation. You see?

53 All you need is the Word and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Your goal and concern must be to have a perfect mastery of the Bible and this Message, and this so that you may be able to shut anyone’s mouth. You must therefore have at least a general knowledge of the churches, their practices and their doctrines. Soldiers study the military tactics of every country. The Bible and the Message of the living prophet must be closer to you than your own wife if your wife is not in the Spirit of the Message. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

54 Do not yield to any discussion but calm things down, do not yield to temptation. The devil seeks to move them away, seek to bring them back. But on the field of mission, on the eve of the rapture, it will be a whole other thing. If the Spirit tells you to strike with leprosy, blindness, paralysis, epilepsy… strike! For it is also in that that the miracles in an awakening will consist. There will be preachings of judgement as in Egypt with Moses. It is exactly this way that things will happen. I predict it so that you may not be surprised. You see? The earth of Revelation 12:16 is the male son. They are therefore not the kinds of awakening and miracle that we are used to seeing, but they will be particular miracles. And they are the same miracles that the two anointed of Revelation 11 will make.

55 Q-A. N°20/ Brother Philippe, are you an 8th messenger as some say?

If there is an eighth messenger, you are the one informing me of it. My Bible does not talk about it. If somebody tells you that Kacou Philippe says he is an 8th messenger, ask him where that is written in the Bible and where I said that. If he says that he heard it somewhere, you know that you are in front of a son of the devil. I have never claimed to be what I am not. It is the Message that I preach that bears witness of me. What I know is that I am the voice of Matthew 25:6. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

56 Q-A. N°21/ Brother Philippe, is there a mystery in Matthew 17:1-8, talking about the transfiguration?

Yes, it is question of the elements of the Millennium. From this corruptible body, we will pass onto the heavenly body after the resurrection, then to the glorified body in the Millennium. In this passage of Matthew 17, we see Moses and Elijah appear. Moses, is the law but you must especially see through that, the sleeping virgins who will resuscitate; on the other hand, Elijah typifies the living saints who will not pass through death. In verse 8, the law and the prophets melted in Jesus. And we can see three heavenly witnesses there: Moses, Elijah and the Lord Jesus. And also the three terrestrial witnesses: Peter, James and John who typify the Jews. The multitude down the mountain, they are the nations. All that, they are the elements of the Millennium.

57 Q-A. N°22/ I notice that you talk less of Jesus!

Is that all you have kept in mind from what I have preached? So, know that I have not come to talk about Jesus but I have come to speak on his behalf, I am his mouthpiece. Everyone can talk of the president of the Republic but he that he sends never speaks of him but speaks on his behalf and thus it is with the Lord Jesus Christ and me. I am his mouthpiece.

58 Q-A. N°23/ Brother Philippe, what does "I return to the right-hand of the Father" mean? 

Yes, the right expression is "I return" and not "I go" because the Father is Jesus Christ Himself. Jesus Christ is the Almighty God, the Creator of the heaven and the earth, the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, the Eternal One, the Angel of Jehovah, Melchisedec, Jehovah, the Pillar of Cloud and the Pillar of Fire… When you read the Psalms, replace all that is "Jehovah" by Jesus Christ. And when He says, “I return to the Father”, it means that He returns to his position of Spirit, that light that went before the children of Israel, Exodus 13:21-22. In Acts 9, that light said to Paul, "I am Jesus". And when He says, “I return to the Right Hand of God”, the Right Hand is the Strength, the Power; and the Power of God, it is the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit, it is God Himself. Jesus Christ was manifested in the flesh… and being omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, He can, even by only one attribute, show himself in forty places, at the same time, differently, under different forms. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

59 Q-A. N°24/ Brother Philippe, what disposition must a church member have when he is persecuted or rejected by his family because of the Message?

Regardless of your age, your social situation; Regardless of the time and the circumstance; regardless of what that will cost you, do not back away, do not reject the Message. If there is something to privilege, it is not your life or your future but the Word. Everything will pass but the Word is eternal. And one day, we will give an account to God. If that must be a cross for you, carry it! … When you have discovered the truth, you no more have the right to go back. Do you find it normal that somebody who is living in adultery and who discovers the Word may say, "let me go back to that prostitute one last time."? No! You see? Even if you have a contract with such a woman, even if you have some functions in those churches, do not return there any more. When you find the truth, do not make calculations, get out of those impure churches. You might lose all your dignity, die and be buried like a dog but that is also the narrow path that the Apostles chose and which exit is the eternal glory. Do not touch any vomit. And for what engages your soul, do not yield to the temptation or opposition of anyone even if you are dependent on him. If you have really discovered the truth and you yield, you are not excusable before God. [Kc.6v18] [Kc.15v18] [Kc.16v22] [Kc.16v31]

60 And I cannot qualify an opposition of the parents as a persecution; they are mere trials that cannot overcome our faith. And if a brother is rejected by his parents because of this Message, I ask all my disciples to take care of him until that brother has a social condition on earth. This brother must no longer go to his parents for any need whatsoever. He must not even visit them. And if, one day, his parents repent, it is the Church that they must address. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. In the Bible, the prophets, the Apostles and the saints always resisted until death. If the Church must not submit to Satan, why will the Christian submit to the perverse obligations of his family? The only way to forbid somebody from going to church is to show him through the Bible that that church is of the devil.

61 In the history of the Church, thousands of teenagers often died in terrible and atrocious tortures. Their feet, their hands, their tongues were cut, they were burned naked, both boys and girls, tied to some poles, melted lead was poured into their ears, their nostrils, and into their mouth until they died. You see? Your actions will, one day, come in remembrance before God, that is why you must give Him glory. God expects much more from us who have reached the end of time.

62 Q-A. N°25/ Brother Philippe, I come from the evening time and I have a concern; William Branham said in the brochure The rapture that the midnight Cry is his Message. He also said that the Spirit of Elijah will come five times on the earth. What is it of it?

Well. The first part is: "William Branham said in the brochure The rapture that the midnight Cry is his Message".  What does the midnight Cry say? "This Message says that we are no longer in the evening time but at midnight. However, it is the same age and the same Spirit of Elijah, but a "New" Message which is a high scope of the one of the evening time. ". And the Angel said to William Branham in the Ohio river, while he was about to baptise the seventeenth person, "… you’re with A Message that will bring forth the forerunning of my second coming". You see? Not THE Message but A Message because it is only one part of the entire Message. But in all that, if you are not a worshipper of William Branham, you must know that "evening time" is different from "midnight" and the Bible says in Matthew 25:6 that the Cry, it is at midnight. It is not because William Branham says that his Message is the midnight Cry that one must take it literally.

63 When Isaiah said, "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder; and his name is called Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty *God, Father of eternity, Prince of peace." didn't we have to wait eight hundred years to see the fulfilment? You see? The Branhamists do not understand and do not agree on this brochure of William Branham, that is why Ewald Frank has not yet published it. The Branhamists keep the words that can make them lost and reject those that can save them. William Branham said that he cannot answer before God for a generation that he did not know, but he will answer for those of his time, those with whom he lived. And that is written very clearly in the brochures of William Branham but you reject it.

64 Well. The second part of the question is: "He also said that the Spirit of Elijah will come five times on the earth".  May God bless you brother because your faith overcame these concerns to bring you here before you can understand them. Brother, maybe the Spirit of Elijah will come five times as William Branham said but neither you, nor William Branham, or I, know how many people this Spirit will raise up when He comes on earth. I am of those who believe that William Branham died but the same Spirit of Elijah, the Pillar of Fire and the Pillar of Cloud, is still on earth. [Ed: The brother says, “Amen!”]. And until the Lord comes for the rapture, it is always the Spirit of Elijah because it is the Spirit of the rapture.

65 And when Revelation 22:17 says that "And the Spirit and the Bride say, Come Lord Jesus", it is the Spirit of Elijah. [Ed: The brother says, “Amen!”]. The Bible announced only seven messengers for the Church of the nations but they are the seven Spirits of God and we cannot count how many people each Spirit, each star will use on the earth. Brother, as you believed before seeking to understand, I also wanted to answer you in return as a brother. The Lord Jesus Christ could say, "this one also is a son of Abraham". You see that Malachi 4 talks of Elijah who will come but in the fulfilment, it is neither question of Elijah the Tishbite, nor only one person or even the same period.

66 And now I do not want to disagree with William Branham, but you the Branhamists, you say that the Spirit of Elijah comes five times and you say, “the first time it is Elijah the Tishbite, the second time it is Elisha, the third time it is John the Baptist, the fourth time it is William Branham and the fifth time, it will be Elijah with Moses in Revelation 11”, that makes five times. But I would like to ask you something: Enoch who came before Noah, Enoch there, who was raptured before the Flood, was it the Spirit of Elijah? Yes or no? I leave that to your meditation. And now, at midnight, if I say that the Spirit of Elijah shall come six or seven times, what is that to you? God is his own interpreter and, today, you have rejected his living prophet messenger, his mouth on earth, simply keep quiet! [Ed: the congregation says, "Amen!"].

67 Q-A. N°26/ Brother Philippe, I do not understand Revelation 21:9-10. What did John see on the island of Patmos?

Revelation 21:9… let’s read that: "And there came one of the seven Angels which had had the seven bowls full of the seven last plagues, and spoke with me, saying, Come here, I will shew thee the bride, the Lamb's Wife. And he carried me away in the Spirit, and set me on a great and high mountain, and shewed me the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down out of the Heaven from God, having the glory of God." You see? Now, notice that the angel told John to come and see the whole of the wise virgins coming down out of the Heaven for the Millennium. They are people that the Angel was showing John. But John saw from very far away, John saw us from so far beyond the clouds that he could not distinguish our human forms. You see? And these thousands of saints took the shape of a city and that is what John described. So it is not question of a house or a city in itself. Have you seen a photograph of the Pillar of Cloud? It is said that it is a mysterious Cloud several kilometres long and several kilometres wide above Flagstaff, in Arizona but the prophet saw seven angels. I believe… the dimensions of that cloud…  80 km long and 48 km wide. You see? What did they see in Tucson, Arizona? The fulfilment of Luke 21:27. The Bridegroom coming down on the Clouds with power and a great glory. You see? From near, John would see some people. And nature itself teaches us this phenomenon: there are birds which, when flying in group, form beautiful images in the sky. That is simply what John had seen.  

68 Q-A. N°28/ Brother Philippe, can Satan give a revelation to a man of God filled with the Holy Spirit? 

Oh brother, the reception of the Holy Spirit does not set us above God! Have you ever read Job 1? Wait! Take Matthew 4, what happened? “Then the devil takes Him to the holy city, and sets Him upon the edge of the temple, and says to Him this and that…”. You see? “Again the devil takes him to a very high mountain, and shews Him all the kingdoms of the world, and their glory, and says this or that to Him… ". You see? What is it? It is simply in some visions that the devil showed these things to the Lord Jesus. And if you do not understand, know that the servant is no greater than the master. If the devil lifted the Lord Jesus Christ, moving Him here and there, showing Him visions, then who am I, I Prophet Kacou Philippe saved by grace?

69 Q-A. N°29/ Brother Philippe, we have a television which, outside of the news, reports and documentaries, serves to watch videos of the Message. Is it correct?

Well… This is in order if the man and his wife are the only ones who can turn this television on and off. 

70 Q-A. N°30/ Brother Philippe, it happens that non-Christians want to marry us. What should we do? 

First know that you are in two different worlds. And that a domestic animal does not go and take its female in the bush. And yet for men, there is no animal which is more beautiful and tastier than wild animals. Hunters know it well. But notice that God does not have any delight in those wild animals for the holocausts. You see? They are two very different worlds. We can only see in the light but they can see in the darkness because they are children of darkness. And I do not see myself giving them my daughter in marriage. But, sisters, what I can tell you as a piece of advice is not to be insolent to them. We do not know what God can do. Tell them to come to the Message if they want to marry you and your pastors will deal with the rest. I specify that a Brother can marry a Sister of another country or of another race. In the beginning, there was no different race or language. We were one in Adam. [Ed: The sister says,thank you Brother Philippe”].

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