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(Preached on Sunday, March 9, 2003 in Locodjro, Abidjan – Ivory Coast)

Know that everything we will do here on earth will perish here and will not come in remembrance before God. Only the actions that come into the line of Salvation will subsist until the eternity because it is the wedding garment according to Revelation 19:7-8. That is what we have been called to. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

Well. The expansion of the Gospel which is the glad Tiding of midnight is not only a necessity but an obligation. The oil in reserve, it is in remembrance of all that. Cornelius received the Spirit like a reward for his fear of God and his constant alms. If you are really born of God, something must occur within you when you come in contact with the truth like the Samaritan woman because there is a Life, a stimulation that will be created. 

And yet, the greatest sin in the desert is to discover water and to hide that from people. Spread this Message so that those to whom It is destined can receive It. We are not seeking to turn some crabs into fish or some wild asses into lambs of God but we have the obligation to warn them without exception. Even if they call that "judgment", do it! Do not get distracted!  

In the past, the first Christians condemned fetish priests. And those who were children of God repented, burned their fetishes and accepted the truth but the sons of darkness, the posterity of the serpent, said, "God says we must not judge…".Then, from the 16th century onwards, the Protestants condemned the Catholic church. The sheep according to John 10 recognized the voice of their Master and went forth to have eternal Life but the sons of the devil, the same old demons said, "God says we must not judge…"Today, they are the Protestants and the evangelicals who are using this shield. You see? Demons do not die. 

No matter what they say, do not be distracted! They carry bibles like some carapaces, they do not know anything about it. Whether they want to hear or not, preach it to them! They will go to hell but they must hear it. Amen. In Matthew 7:1, it is said: "Judge not" but what is it of John 7:24? 

And if they think you are violent, what does “offspring of vipers! Snakes on the grass! Whited coffins!"mean? Am I the first preacher on earth who names the adversaries of the truth? They are the ones who do not have the right to judge but to us, God gave us the power to judge them according to 1 Corinthians 2:15. Not only to judge them but to also judge the fallen angels that are their holy spirits. [Ed: The congregation says,“Amen!”].From Noah, the prophets, Jesus-Christ and the Apostles, if one can preach without judging then I do not know! It is God who has the right to judge and God gave me the power and the authority in written form, as well as you who believe this Message, to judge them! [Ed: The congregation says,“Amen!”].  

Read 2 Timothy 2:17. You see? We are living in a time of scam and falsification and the wisdom of men has given a small device to test banknotes. Some have means to recognize the true note from the forged one. For example, when looking or touching, that is what is called the spiritual gift. But as for spirits, gifts and doctrines, God has given a means which is not the Bible but a prophet messenger. [Ed:The congregation says,“Amen!”].

We are starting to see more and more brochures of William Branham with people because that cannot give eternal Life any more. That was the truth of a certain time. And they are making more and more converts. Why? The vultures, the scavengers and the crows are gathering there, shouting and jumping, while the eagles are at the midnight Cry. The Bible says in Revelation 16:13-14 that they are spirits of frogs. The frog’s eyes are on its head. They can see what God did in the past, what God will do in the future but not what God is doing: “Moses said! Moses said! The Messiah will come” And yet, the Messiah was there.“John Wesley said this, Martin Luther said that, Brother Branham said this… " You see? It is pitiful!  

God has allowed you to see the truth so that you can be the echo of it. Romans 10:14 says, "how shall they believe on him of whom they have not heard?"Beware of the worries of the current century which are an enmity against Salvation. At the end of each age, the Spirit says:  "To him that overcomes, I will give this! …"  If we have overcome the sins of the flesh, the false doctrines, we must not lose sight of the worries of this century. Let’s read Matthew 13:22 and Matthew 25:24-30, you see? 

10 It is true that you have received the Word of eternal Life but what are you going to do with it so that one day, before the throne of God, the sons of the devil may not say, “I did not know at all that there was such a truth on the earth otherwise I would have accepted it.”? We must know that God expects a lot from us. Feel that in your hearts. Do not be influenced at all! 

11 If somebody claims to have the Holy Spirit and rejects this preaching that I am delivering, tell him as a warning that it is rather the spirit of divination that he has, even if he speaks in tongues and raises the dead, say that to him.[Ed:The congregation says,“Amen!”].Do not leave them without having said that to them.  I do say: Do not leave them without having said that to them. [Ed:The congregation says, “Amen!”].

12 The time of intimidation is past. They carry bibles for nothing, they are bows without arrows. 

13 If you notice, in Jeremiah 26:7-11, they are the prophets and the priests, who are supposed to know the Word of God, who think that the Prophet Jeremiah deserves death while in verse 16, the people see the contrary. You see? It is the same thing today. 

14 Do not be influenced by a reverend, or a prophet. The Spirit and the Word are One. They do not receive this Word because it was not It that created them. And they do not receive It because they do not have the Holy Spirit. They came into existence like thorns and thistles. They are not a part of the Word of God that is why they do not receive It. Not all birds are eagles and we are not asking them to become eagles.

15 What sermons do you think that the prophets of the Old Testament delivered and which cost them their lives? And if we have the same Spirit, what will we do? You see? 

16 When I see the Branhamists and others say, "We have the word", that reminds me of a festivity of vultures. What an eagle can no longer eat, that is what the vultures, the raptors and the scavengers call: "We have the word, we are versed in the scriptures". That is exactly what the Moabites did with Balaam. And this is why I told you not to go there. [Ed: The congregation says,“Amen!”].

17 Very well. Let’s come back now to our subject and I would like to take the example of Saint Martin of Tours, the messenger of the assembly of Pergamos. At twenty years old, young soldier, after his baptism, he was given a leave at his request and never returned to his post because he had just met, not a church but a man, Preacher Hilaire de Poitiers. One can never meet God in a church but with a man. And the Prophets are human beings. When you hear Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, Habakkuk, and all that, they are not church names but they are names of prophets.

18 And the Word of God comes to the prophet because God is with his prophets. And to meet God, it was Hilaire that Saint Martin de Tours needed to meet. And when Hilaire died, the town of Tours requests Martin as the bishop. Here is what Rome answers: "We cannot make a man of so insignificant an appearance, so badly dressed, so badly combed a bishop…" To conclude that such a thin person is unworthy of so high a rank! That is in The history of the Church of the Apostles and Martyrs, Daniel Rops, page 243.  

19 But in reality, Rome has always seen such men that it did not train as dangerous enemies. But a fire that nothing could extinguish was already burning in Saint Martin of Tours. He did not lose heart. On foot or by ass, from villages to villages, from countryside to countryside, tens of assemblies were born, miracles accompanied him. The Church will recognize him a place equal to the one of the Apostles. Some bishops called him but he did not meet them until he died in year 397. More than 4000 parish Churches were under his patronage, 485 boroughs and villages bear his name. It is such a consecration that we must reach. Amen! 

20 For Rome which was supposed to know the Word of God, he was an unworthy man but an angel of God however. You see? If I belonged to the assemblies of gods, I would never be what I am today because I do not have the A level degree! You see? We prefer a man full of the Holy Spirit than a doctor of theology. And I have warned you against the smallest theology, that is what the Bible talks about in Matthew 16:5-12. That is the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees. [Ed:The congregation says,“Amen!”].But we are witnessing a slow awakening due to the worries of this century. But this awakening will reach the ends of the earth. The earth is filled with fools and a man prefers to put his wealth in the purchase of a car or in the construction of a house that will perish on earth. 

21 After all the examples in the Bible and the history of the Church, we cannot wait for an Angel to come down and bring you the commission. You do not do it because you do not want to do it. Do not try God. And do not say, "If God had told me to do this I would have done it." God did not tell Martin of Tours to resign. And it is not God who must tell you what you need to do. 

22 And when preaching, people thought that Hilaire was a heretic, he even had to go into exile for a time to save his life. And it was such a man who was the master of Saint Martin of Tours. You see? Christians put marriage, children, work before the work of God. They seek to know what their children will become on earth before they think about the Kingdom of Heaven and if the entry into the Heaven must impose some sacrifices on them like the Apostles and the saints of the past, then they do not want it. They want the Heaven like a Christmas present. They want a Christianity according to the human pattern. Apart from what you do for the Word of God, all the rest is vanity and human folly. And apart from what a prophet messenger reveals in a generation, all the rest is only vanity and human folly. [Ed: The congregation says,“Amen!”].

23 Colloquium, conferences, and seminaries are human fabrications. Even him who does not have any ministry, man or woman, as soon as he has received this truth that the others do not have, must at any moment, in any circumstance and for the smallest occasion, make it known because the Words of eternal Life burn in him. Even when you are walking, you feel like you are preaching in your heart, the truth in you is a life like a pregnant woman, making you an inexhaustible source of Salvation as Jesus said to the Samaritan woman. [Ed:The congregation says,“Amen!”].

24 Every Message that God sent on earth was like the unique truth which must go to the ends of the earth: Luther with the justification, John Calvin with the predestination, John Wesley with the sanctification, William Branham with the evening light, the restoration. 

25 And if you notice, when the Jews kill a prophet and that the time of this Prophet passes, they build a monument in his memory and recognize him. In the same way, when Luther came, he was fought against but when his time passed, all the world recognized him. It was the case of John Calvin, John Wesley and now of William Branham. [Ed: The congregation says,“Amen!”].

26 Receiving the truth and holding It captive is foolishness for these virgins of Matthew 25 and how can God fill somebody with his Spirit if it is not to go and spread this glad Tiding of the Kingdom? In Acts 4, the Apostles and the disciples asked for a greater quantity of Spirit in order to light those who are in darkness and that was granted to them. Holding so great a truth captive and letting people die is foolishness. That is why these virgins missed the rapture and had to go through the tribulation. That is what Matthew 25:14-30 talks about; the parable of the talents is the continuation of the one of the ten virgins. It neither concerns the Protestant and evangelical churches, the missions and ministries, nor the Branhamists but the ten virgins and what they will do with the truth of God that they received. [Ed: The congregation says,“Amen!”].

27 For having acted wickedly by holding the truth captive, they will be saved but through the tribulation. According to Ezekiel 33:1-9, we must obligatorily spread this truth "to warn the wicked of his way". All those churches are heading straight to hell and you will wait until we tell you to inform them? The Bible says: "that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand". But if you warn him and he remains in his Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist church “and he do not turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul."  You see? 

28 Who are our house, our entourage, those districts, countryside, villages, cities and countries and those churches waiting for? Each one of us will give an account before God one day. If we have the Apostles for fathers, let’s produce the works of the Apostles. The parable of the talents depends on what each of us did with the truth that he received. You see? If you work, the gifts will accompany.  

29 Imagine a truck and somebody outside shouting: "You passengers of this truck, know that this vehicle does not have an insurance, its wheels are worn, the brake is damaged and the driver does not have a driving license."That is our mission. You see? The prudent will try to check severely what he is saying before the truck moves one centimetre away while the sons of the devil will retort to him, "Are you a policeman? You do not have the right to say that because you are not a policeman!". You see? Souls do not have the same price… The souls of the sons of the devil are worth nothing. They can die in a Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist church. They can die for politics, for football, they can die for useless things, they are sons of the devil. They must go to hell but they must nevertheless hear this Message. [Ed: The congregation says,“Amen!”].

30 When we see Matthew 13:22, we can easily understand the reasons of this behaviour. The Spirit insists expressly so that he that has ears to hear, may hear. In the vision, there was an eclipse, then the light came. You see! … When a Message comes down, its light must illuminate the whole earth and that is what the wise virgins had understood and that is why a great portion of oil was granted to them. Why will one give such a great quantity of oil to a person who does not know its value and who will not do anything with it? What for? Whether in the Old Testament or the New Testament, it is to do something that God gives the Spirit or oil. 

31 Wise virgins or foolish virgins, it is from the beginning that the separation takes place. You see? The foolish virgins are not only outside but they are sitting here with their train of worries on their head. Even when a child of God works, his concern is not what he has been able to gather in his bank account so far but what he has done for God in order to contribute to the expansion of the Word. [Ed:The congregation says,“Amen!”].

32 When Saint Martin asked for that leave and he no longer returned to his post to serve his country. As soon as he started preaching in the countryside, there was no disease or infirmity that resisted his prayer. Dead people were resuscitated… You see? He did not accept any present, as the Lord Jesus had recommended. We cannot accept a present from someone because God made a miracle in his life through us. And we do not see ourselves spending sums, if we had some, to buy lands and build beautiful air-conditioned temples with wall-to-wall carpets while people are dying far from the Word. You see? Our efforts must go first in the sense of the expansion of the Word. That was exactly the second part of the Word that was coming down upon the Clouds. 

33 The first part is already finished and we are finishing the last part. The first Words were Words of judgment and the second ones said to the Church to change her life. I was standing like this and I saw on the East side some French Words coming down on Clouds. That is addressed to the elect and they will believe. They said: "We have not seen the Angel and the Lamb but we believe ENTIRELY…" You see? 

34 The rapture is not for the hypocritical crows, frogs and vultures; nor for those who are ashamed of the Gospel. Even you, sisters, testify! [Ed:The congregation says,“Amen!”].  

35 Let’s come back now to Ezekiel 33, in the same way that our apostolic fathers sounded the trumpet, in this way also, each one of us is called to do it. To be Christian is to realize the value of the souls that are perishing while they have the right to hear the truth to be saved. To be Christian is to feel the weight and compassion for souls. So, he that hath ears to hear let him hear!

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