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(Preached on Sunday morning, April 20, 2003 in Locodjro, Abidjan - Ivory Coast)

Now, I also want to deal with a question in the book of Daniel ... The head of gold of Daniel 2 and the lion of Daniel 7 are the Babylonian empire which dominated the world from year 606 to 538 B.C. I recall that Egypt was also a world power from year 1600 to 1200 B.C. Well. The breast and the arm of silver of Daniel 2 and the bear of Daniel 7 represent the Medo-Persian empire. The belly and the thighs of brass and the leopard are the world Greek kingdom. The iron is Western Rome, the Vatican, and the clay is Eastern Rome, the orthodox church which split from Rome in year 1054. We see her in Revelation 11, verse 7. We also find Rome in chapter 7 of Daniel, the fourth beast and we see that, in it, is the imprint of the other animals Revelation 13:2.

2 Let’s come now to Daniel 9:23-27. It is question of 70 weeks of peace and of a Covenant of God with Israel; not with the nations but with Israel. Verse 25: from Nehemiah 2 in year 455 B.C. to the baptism of the Lord Jesus, "There are 7 weeks and 62 weeks” not "7 weeks in 62 weeks" as some versions of bible say. But "7 weeks AND 62 weeks". Which already makes 69 weeks, which make 483 years and it remains one prophetic week, that is to say seven years. The Lord Jesus Christ exercised his ministry over half a week, that is to say, three and a half years and in the middle of the week, the sacrifice will cease for Israel so that God can turn to the nations. It therefore remains half a week to Israel, where they will receive the Messiah again through Elijah and Moses. 

After the ministry of the Lord Jesus, the people of Caesar, that is to say Rome, besieged and destroyed Jerusalem. Then Rome also established a covenant with the multitude, that is to say the nations, over one week of Church age and this through the Catholic church. God must deal with the nations during the seven ages then with the twelve tribes of Israel. If you notice, during the multiplication of the loaves in Bethsaida, they collected twelve baskets and during the second multiplication of bread, they collected seven baskets. These are prophetic acts in anticipation of the things to come. The twelve baskets are the twelve tribes of Israel and the seven baskets are the seven ages of the Church of the nations. But as for Salvation, keep in mind that God has at all times dealt by generation and not by age. 

Very well. Now let’s come back to our subject. The Holy Spirit is God Himself and cannot therefore come upon anything other than the Word. The Holy Spirit cannot come upon someone who has false doctrines. And we notice that, according to the Bible, the Holy Spirit does not go ahead of the Word. This was the case with Cornelius.

5 Every spirit has a basis of attraction. Jesus was the Word and the Spirit could therefore come upon Him. It is like the Word itself which comes to the prophet only. Jesus was the Word, and He came to John, the prophet. It is the Word that is the reference point of the Spirit.  

6 As soon as you possess a mystical book, you take a demon. When you believe that the dead are in contact with you, then you have some demons of spiritualism. Behind every false belief, behind every false doctrine, there is a demon. Therefore, reading the horoscope is as bad as adultery! Having a mystical book or having an evangelical book is like having a fetish on oneself. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

Before coming to the Lord, seeking the supernatural and the goods of this world, some people established all sorts of alliances with some demons of fetishism, some mystical orders, esotericism, numerology, astrology… And what behavior should we have when we come to the Lord? Should we offer these mystical books or throw them away? The Bible says in Acts 19:19: "Many of those that practiced curious arts brought their books and burnt them before all."  Why? You cannot have these books and objects on you and ask God to give you his Spirit! You cannot have an evangelical book on you, some evangelical tapes on you and ask God to give you the Holy Spirit! You cannot believe in a Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist theology and ask God to give you the Holy Spirit! 

8 There are demons behind everything you see and you must take concrete actions. You do not have the right to give what you know to be bad as a present. If something is not good for you, why give it to your fellow even if he wants it? You must not give them those tapes, books and other evangelical documents, knowing that there are evil spirits behind that. There are some anointings behind those men, tapes and these books ... whether in the world or in the churches.

9 Today, as the midnight Cry sounds on earth, you cannot possess the King James, Louis Segond, Thompson, Scofield bibles…, and have the Holy Spirit. Until a time, having that was not bad; but the Spirit of prophecy forbids that to you now! Leave them to the sons of the devil, you can no longer possess them and have the Holy Spirit! I say it in the Name of the Lord Jesus! Everything is governed by the supernatural and that is why you must keep away from them. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

10 Now notice that the devil can do good things and even tell the truth, that is why people run after him. For us they are lies. A mystic or a sorcerer can be parachuted by the devil into Christianity and begin to tell experiences, explain some so-called tricks of Satan. I warn you against these things. In this regard, some brethren have given me some books among which the "final quest" by Rick Joyner, some brochures by John Schwab. All those many books, treaties, cassettes, must go to the fire according to Acts 19:19. There were some by Dion Robert, Jean-Baptist Nielbien, Tommy Osborn, Rebecca Brown, Yonggi Cho and Benny Hinn, ... I burned all of them publicly. Amen! [Kc.10v42]

11 It is because of all these things that God does not give of his Spirit, because people have no discernment of what is good and of what is not. The Word of God orders a systematic separation from these things! You cannot read John Schwab and ask for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. What we need is to empty our old skins. Matthew 9:17: "Nor do men put new wine into old skins". When I say that such a thing is bad, do not say: "There are good things in them”. You shall look on them as images of gold covering. Amen! 

12 Now, notice that when a person is possessed, it is this spirit that controls his actions, even the good ones. For example, the day when a Catholic priest writes a book to say that baptism must be done in the Name of Jesus Christ, we know that it is a trick of Satan. The day when an evangelical produces a wonderful tape of praise songs, we will not feel concerned. It is the same anointing of divination that inspired him! Those tapes are as dangerous as those of Elvis Presley, Bob Marley and Madonna. It is the same as the two sides of the same coin. But you can listen to classical music like Mozart, it is correct.

13 And the knowledge of these things comes as a necessity. I am speaking in the Name of the Lord, do not touch any of these things! You are happy if I am not a cause for stumbling and for trouble to you. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

14 Know that the Apostles did not follow Jesus because they understood exactly what Jesus was saying. When Jesus said: "He that does not eat my flesh and does not drink my blood is not worthy of me", the Apostles did not know its meaning but they followed him because they had the revelation of who Jesus was. That is what the elect do in a generation when confronted with the prophet messenger of their time. If you believe that it is the Almighty God who spoke to me and sent me on April 24, 1993, then simply believe it. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

15 But what are all these things? Such a remarkable separation from the entire system of Satan! Revelation 12:14 says:"... far from the face of the serpent". No matter how good such or such a book or tape is, stay away. If you have any of them, get rid of it! Are you obliged to read those books? Are you obliged to listen to those tapes or so-called Christian radio stations? Why? Do not be seduced because it is not a good spirit that leads you towards those things! If you can still see good things in an evangelical book, on an evangelical radio or television, then you have not yet understood the prophetic revelation of your time. 

16 If someone told you: "Come and see a fetish priest who says at least the truth!", would you go? If you would not go, then why would you go to a Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist service? And if someone advised you some techniques of astrology to have success on earth, would you accept it?  So why do you read those evangelical books of deliverance and others? For example, if a Catholic priest or an evangelical prophet writes a book of deliverance and that, without discernment, you read it, which word of life will you have and which God will vindicate with miracles and wonders? You need to know that the Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist leaders and their books and their sermons and everything they produce are instruments in the hands of Satan. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

17 Do not say: “when he began, it was God!” No Brother! Be it in these churches or in these so-called men of God, it is the devil yesterday, today and forever! [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. Watch an orange tree, a mandarin tree, a grapefruit tree or a lemon tree grow, it is what it was in the beginning that it manifests in the end. That is why in Matthew 13:24-30, the Lord Jesus Christ told them to leave it for the time ... And at the end of times, we see them bound in sheaves to be burned: Baptist sheaf, assembly of gods sheaf, foursquare sheaf, ... they do not have the same doctrine but they gather in the same unions and federations of churches. It is like some cattle in which there are goats, kids, pigs, dogs, oxen, hogs, and so on. The ox screams in a certain way. The pig grunts on the other side; the Baptists scream this way, the Methodists scream another way! The kids too and so on... You have to be a child of the devil to stay in those churches![Kc.2v34] [Kc.3v28] [Kc.9v28]

18 No matter their sincerity, they will all go to hell, I told you and I am pure of your blood before God! [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. The Bible says in Revelation 13 verse 8 that their names were not written in the book of Life of the Lamb before the foundation of the world. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

19 Remember Revelation 6, the seals, when the antichrist came out, one could think that it was the Lord Jesus Christ but it was when he later changed horses that we saw that it was the devil. You see? It was all white, seduction. And it is what they are that is revealed later. Do not say therefore that in the beginning, it was God.

20 Beware of the members of those churches. These churches are cemeteries of Gadara and they are madmen who frequent cemeteries. Since April 24, 1993, I have an obligation towards the world and I refuse that the illiterate farmer goes to a Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist church to worship the same devil of creeks that he is running away from. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

21 The Bible, in Revelation 17:8, says that the children of the devil shall wonder… But as for us, we know that they will go to hell. Do not unite with their church members to condemn the Catholics and the pagans because we are not the same. Even if they baptize in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, chase demons away in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, speak in tongues ... If they explain you some dreams, do not say anything about them. If God has to speak to them, it is to show them the way of the one who has the keys of the Kingdom as He did it in the time of Cornelius [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. And to explain a dream, you first need to discern the spirit that has spoken and you need to have the interpretation from God Himself. And interpreting dreams supposes that you are a prophet messenger. Read Genesis chapter 41 and Daniel chapter 2 and you will see that it is exactly that. [Kc.37v2]

22 We cannot allow people to come and tell dreams in the pulpit. God gave 9 gifts for the common edification. What God wants to say to the Church, He will say it directly. And if a dream is meant for the assembly, God will take care of it. If you have a dream or a vision which you think is important, tell it to a pastor or an apostle who will tell the prophet if necessary. In 1994, around the end of the year, I had a dream and a week later, at a special meeting called meeting of awakening, before more than a hundred people, the Spirit came down on the associate pastor and led him up to me and he said this: "Thus saith the Lord: what I told you, stand up and say it now!". And the Spirit came upon me and putting the Words in my mouth, I said what I had seen. Later, in 2004, this associate pastor believed in the midnight Cry and I re-baptised him. He was the one who baptised me in 1993.

23 I had seen the two deacons seize the assembly, like an extremely beautiful young woman but prostitute, to strangle her. And I saw in the revelation that men had come from everywhere to release the young woman. But they could not because the two deacons were of iron. And in the long run, some years later, the State was privatizing companies and one of the deacons was dismissed. And when he was dismissed, he rose with the other deacon to divide the church and the council of elders from Ivory Coast came to reconcile them, but it was impossible. And everything happened according to my word. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

24 And now to finish, know that, at the stage where the midnight Cry is now, if some assemblies of the evening Message say they have received the Holy Spirit, it is a lie! Even if they say they received It in the past, it is a lie! Otherwise they would accept the midnight Cry. It is the spirit of divination that they had received even if it is Krefeld or the Branham-Tabernacle, it is the spirit of divination. No matter the gifts and everything that will be manifested. I say it in the Name of the Lord Jesus. They are the mixed race prostitute in the vision of April 24, 1993. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].[Kc.29v13-14]

25 After this preaching, everyone must be situated and even individually, you will be able to experiment the baptism of the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of the Word of the hour, and this is with all the spiritual gifts and manifestations according to 1 Corinthians chapter 12. Everything is in order, the Word then the Spirit! It is in this way that it came to Jews, then to Samaritans and now to the nations. We are already ready for the reception of the Spirit and I said that the Angel of Jehovah, the Angel of April 24, 1993 will show Himself again. Your eyes will see Him! I predict it. Do not doubt a single word and do not take anything outside after having known the truth, which would take your virginity away. 

26 When you believe in the Message of your time, even if you do not feel anything, know that you are marked with the Holy Spirit for the day of the redemption. All you have to do is to keep your position in Christ according to the Message of your time until you die. You must believe every word that comes out of the mouth of the Prophet because the prophet is the Mouth of God. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

27 When I say that, at the creation, in the Heaven, God said: "Let's make the angel in our image ...", even if that is not written, even if you do not understand it, simply believe it. The danger about which I do not stop warning is the obsession for knowledge. The purpose of this Message is not to bring much knowledge to people but the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Never forget that! And let your hearts never accept a dead and formalistic church without any spiritual gift.

28 But what are all these things? Brethren, to be alive and reach perfection will impose a lot of things on us! Know that the dead in Christ, since Paul, are in the same spiritual dimension as us who will go in the rapture. Are they not far from these evangelical books and tapes that I forbid you to touch? Are they not far from these churches of divination? That is also why God has planned this place, this desert and this Message of Matthew 25:6, which will cut us from everything according to Revelation 12 verse14 "... far from the face of the serpent." You see? And just as the dead in Christ are cut from the world, in the same way, we who are alive must also be cut, in a systematic way, from the world. Amen! [Kc.51v53]

29 Moses went into the desert before the ministry, John the Baptist went into the desert before the ministry and the Lord Jesus Christ Himself too. The desert is an indispensable step in the purification. You remember the second vision: I was transported into the desert to receive the spiritual manna which was coming down from Heaven upon the Clouds like in the desert with Moses. It was you and me. You were there with me. Hallelujah! The Heaven and the earth cannot disprove what we are going through now. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

30 Notice that the parable of the ten virgins is at the end of ministry of Jesus and the culmination of the prophecies of Matthew 24. All this happens on the Mount of Olives, outside Jerusalem, and this is fulfilled today, at the end of the Church ages, outside all the religious systems of this century. You see? The altar is restored, you know what sin is and if you are sincere, I do not see what can prevent the Spirit from coming down on you. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

31 And here is now a question that I put aside; I am going to read that: "Brother Philippe, can we lose Salvation?" Well. Salvation is the eternal Life and the only form of eternal Life that can exist is God Himself, that is to say the Holy Spirit. Considering now that it was the true Holy Spirit that was on you, you can of course go to hell if the baptism of the Spirit had taken place only in your spirit. You see? When the Spirit comes down, some receive It at the level of the soul; and there, they are sealed for the day of the redemption, but others only receive It at the level of their spirit like Saul, Balaam and others. You see? The Bible says that the rain falls on grass and on weeds. And yet, the true Holy Spirit that falls on the weeds does not save them. You see?  It was at the level of their spirit! But the children of God receive the Spirit at the level of the soul because they had received the revelation in their heart by the means of faith! They had received the Word in their heart! 

32 And today in this ministry, we have the wise virgins, the foolish virgins and the mixed multitude. The wise virgins act in the fear of God and because of God. Whereas the foolish virgins and the mixed multitude, the sons of devil act out of fear for the public confession. They act well, not because God asks it but to avoid the public confession or that the prophet may not know it or that a brother may unveil them. But it is not so with the true sons of God among us. And Salvation and all the rest, it is today that it happens. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

33 The prophetic revelation must go straight to the heart by the means of faith. But if you receive it in your spirit by the means of your intelligence, you will receive the Spirit, but the Spirit at the level of your spirit... you will receive a mere anointing which does not guarantee your eternal Salvation. Now, if someone tells you: "We are saved, not by works but by grace and for that reason, we can drink, smoke, run after women and go to the Paradise!", stay away from him and if a brother persists in making such statements, chase him away from among you! I live well because God resides in holiness, because God has saved me and because I am a child of God. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

34 Let’s pray now! Lord Jesus Christ, the faithful and true, the midnight Cry, our prayer today is: Come Lord Jesus! Yes, come Lord Jesus! Amen!


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