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Letter that Prophet Kacou Philippe wrote on October 8, 2018 to all the saints all over the world.

Letter that I, Prophet Kacou Philippe, prisoner until May 20, 2021 because of the Gospel of Christ, I have addressed this October 8, 2018 to all the assemblies of the saints in the whole world to make them know the fulfillment of the prophecy of Kc.111:11 by the hand of the Almighty God who sent me on April 24, 1993. And this at a time when I am speaking to Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism. 

2 Since my birth, I have never drunk or smoked, and I have never defiled myself with women according to God's commandment to William Branham when he was seven years old. And the first woman that I met, like the following ones, I paid the dowry to her parents before I came near her. 

But since September 8, 2018, I have a wife again, Affoué Rosine. I am a prophet and my life must be the Word of God for the living of my time. And I can speak openly about my intimate life or stand against everyone for God because I do not need the approval of men. Out of my entire ministry, it is my private life that Satan will preach, but none of those who were with me in the vision of April 24, 1993 shall be lost. 

4 Today, October 8, 2018, one month after our marriage, I say to the whole earth that this one is the black virgin according to Kc.111 and if this is not true, I will confess to the whole earth that I lied. I have seen all the elect of my generation come to me in the vision of April 24, 1993 and none of them shall be lost. And my ministry will go much further, up to the vision of the big stadium. 

5 When I saw Sister Rosine for the first time, it was on Sunday January 28, 2018. No Brother had proposed to her and she had never put her name on the list of those who want to get married. Before that, I had never said that a Sister was the black virgin, but when I saw her, and I saw the tilak on her forehead, I said, "This one is the black virgin."

6 And in those days, I was led to observe the stars and their constellations. I had installed some applications of the zodiac on my phone. And when I saw this Sister, I said: Who is this one who is like my father's daughter? She was one year and four months old in the Message. Before that, she had been a Branhamist all her life and her pastor was her uncle M'bra Parfait who claims to be the one who comes after William Branham and who had the support of Alexis Barilier. 

7 The first time I spoke with her on the phone was one night in March 2018. She was outside and she told me that every day, after university, she could stay out until midnight for her business because of the great number of her customers. And I told her that it was not safe for a young girl. And seven days later, I greeted her and she was home. She said, "Since the day you spoke to me, I have always come home before dark." And I said: No, Sister, I just made a remark. And she said, "Prophet, your desires are my orders." And I had liked that. 

8 And the second time I saw her was on April 24, 2018. And in the month of May, I started to court her. But it was in July that she accepted, saying: "You are my prophet, you may decide for me. I have always loved you more than anything, including my parents, but it took me all this time to see if I, a simple person, I have in myself the qualities to be the wife of a great prophet like you." This Sister is a brilliant student, wise and intelligent, scholarship holder and scoring good on her school exams, without ever repeating a year. She said: "The life and everything God has given me, I give them back to Him through you His prophet. It is my life. It is my decision and no one can make me renounce this commitment. I will assume the consequences." She is honest and in her, there is no trickery or fraud. 

9 And in August, she told me: "I have a feeling for you which is different from the love for my parents, I don't know if that's what is called love". And she asked me what she should call me. I proposed: "Sweetie, daddy, sir, prophet, Brother, ..." But she said, "I will call you "Master." I will be faithful to you in everything. You will be the only man of my life on earth. It is my commitment to God no matter what happens. And you, I beg you, may you never abandon me, may you never let me down on the way and may you not hurt me." 

10 And on Thursday, August 10, 2018, we spoke and sealed our union despite her parents' opposition. And that day, she decided to learn Spanish to be a helpmate to me. She did not know a single word of Spanish. And we have decided to make this union public. And this was done on September 8, 2018 and she spoke and sang in Spanish. And my joy was great and I was moved. I am not Jesus Christ but since January 28, this is a vision of the Bride of Christ.

11 The Message that has been entrusted to me has two remarkable women: a mixed-race woman in the vision and a black virgin in Kc.111. I grew up with the mixed-race woman and now I live with the black virgin and their lives since their births are like those of two twin sisters. 

12 I have never seen two lives look alike in this manner. The name of the mixed-race woman of the vision of April 24, 1993 is Affoué Roseline, meaning a two-colored rose, whitish pink and the virgin of Kc.111 is a redhead with the hair of a mixed-race woman and her name is Affoué Rosine, meaning the little rose. The mixed-race woman and the black virgin were born in the same place of the Akan tribe and spoke the same Baoulé vernacular. 

13 Doesn't the mixed-race woman of the vision have two nationalities? And doesn't the black virgin also have two nationalities? And at the age of three, didn't the mixed race go and live with a father and a mother who are not her real parents? And at the age of three, didn’t the black virgin also go and live with a father and a mother who are not her real parents? Isn’t the mixed-race woman a great singer? Doesn’t the black virgin also sing well?

14 Both of them do not know their biological fathers, but the father of the black virgin had endowed his mother, and the black virgin was their fourth child, as I am for my father and my mother. The mixed-race woman of the vision is the perfect type of Branhamism while the black virgin is the perfect type of the Bride who comes out of Branhamism at midnight. And it is her uncle M'bra Parfait, of whom Kc.46 speaks, who was her pastor since childhood. And you, M'bra Parfait, God entered your house and into your church and took your daughter and gave her in marriage to me and me being a prophet, you wanted me to bow before you and your pagan parents who have no consideration for God. But as for me, I have to fulfill Matthew 21:2-3 and instead of saying "Amen" to that, you told me, "This marriage will end in the judgment of God. God is obliged to act". 

15 And because of me, on September 20, she was assaulted, her phone confiscated, deprived of food and imprisoned in her parents' room after satanic prayers to free her from the spirit of Kacou Philippe. And the gendarmerie had not been able to deliver her from their hands. Like the true Church, she was persecuted and tortured but she prevailed. And her parents had tried in vain to remove the ring that I had put on her finger. 

16 And everything her parents said, she reported that to me in detail, including their evil intentions towards me. And she said to me, "Master, may you stay away from my parents. They have cursed me a thousand times and they are only expecting my misfortune. Even in twenty or thirty years, they will never accept this marriage. They all wish you evil. Even if my father is gentle and kind to you, please beware of him." And I said to her: Honey, you are an evidence of God's love in my life. 

17 As for you her parents, you are the wickedness of Branhamism. You raised her like an ass in order to make her your slave. And you pushed her into the arms of Djamal and the whites and the wealthy serpents, but God kept her virgin up the age of 23 in hunger, suffering and misery, amongst her sisters who were prostituting themselves. And you didn't like that. But I took her from your Branhamist claws and, in the name of the God of restitution, I will do so that she finds the love of her real parents. She is not responsible for anyone's misery and the time of slavery has passed.

18 You are Branhamists and money is your god. You live for your belly like animals and Salvation means nothing to you. What is this love that can lead you to harass and humiliate your daughter and drag her to the village leadership and it was an adviser of the village chief who freed her from your hands? You have fulfilled the Word without knowing it because this is a vision of the Bride of Christ at midnight and my mission is to deliver the Bride from the claws of heartless wicked adoptive parents like the wicked religious leaders.  

19 And she came to me weak and in tears, I comforted her and wiped away her tears and she told me everything that happened and I told her: Do not cry because you have kept your commitment of faithfulness to God and to me! Like the lily of the valley and according to Kc.131:37, you have overcome and it is forever. And I told her: You, my little rose, your virtues are virtues emanating from God. You are the resin of the censers and the nards perfume. 

20 I am a prophet but I am not a Jew and you, you are the thornless little rose on the plains of Sharon and Carmel and yet you have not grown in Israel. 

21 And my heart was full of joy and I blessed the Almighty God and sang a hymn to God saying: O God, I, Kacou Philippe, I am a prophet but I will die as a man. I am a man and the curse of Adam and Eve will attach itself to me and I will always need a living prophet between my Creator and me.

22 I am a prophet, but the curse of Babel will rest upon me and I will speak in other languages as men do. The curse of Ham will rest upon me and until my death, this black skin will attach itself to me like a leprosy. From the white man's dumping ground, I chose my car. And as for marrying a white woman, I said in my heart: Never, I am unworthy of it because I am a black man. And now you have given me a beautiful wife full of virtues who recognizes her dignity as a wife of the prophet.

23 O God, from the dust of the ground, you had formed a wife for Adam and she was not his like, then you called a woman into existence by the Word and she was not his like, then you raised up another wife for him, then another one and none was his like until Eve appeared and as soon as Adam saw Eve, he said in Genesis 2:23: "This time, this one is flesh of my flesh and bones of my bones".Thus, Adam was the first man but Eve was not the first woman.

24 Since Paul, some brides had been raised up for Christ, and none of them was His like until the Bride appeared. O God, I panted and behold, you have given me a worthy bride beyond my expectations. These are the best moments of my life. You, my little rose, my Shulamite, I love you and all those who love me love you too.

25 Like Esther, you were born in the house of your father and your mother, but at the age of three, you went to live in the East, at the place where I saw the first vision of 1993, with another man and another woman until you came to the throne on September 8 without revealing your true identity. And on that September 8, the little Nigerian girl stooped down and said: "Master, you may speak, your maid is listening to you" and no one understood that. 

26 This morning, I put this letter before her so that she could make suggestions for changes. She read it and said, "Master, I say "Amen" to every sentence of this letter. Not even a single iota can be modified." And I was very happy. And I said: O God, my soul rejoices in You, for You my Creator, your hand is upon me, a man of the nations. Make me always do your will and that I always keep my position as a black African amongst men. 

27 Yes, I am black and the black man will never reach the white man. Never will this black skin turn white. Never will this black mentality change. My strength and my hope have always been towards the vision of April 24, 1993. When I do not see a supernatural, I am filled with fear. 

28 O God, I really saw this great vision on April 24, 1993 and I have preached under inspiration! But thousands of angels appeared to thousands of people like me. I do not know if somewhere there is the true prophet or another prophet that we have to follow. If that is the case, make me see him like Simeon. Make me know your prophet on this day. Maybe I am lost and I don't know. If all those who look at me with contempt are right, make me see that while I am still alive on the earth. I want to be saved with my people.

29 O God, the desire to be saved haunts me and obsesses me! I want to be saved. Is there a prophet in my time that I don't know? I lay in dirt. Give me victory over all forms of sin so that I may understand your mysteries. Open my eyes so that I may contemplate your glory. 

30 O Moses had so suffered in forty years! I could imagine that he spent years without any supernatural presence. But his eyes were always turned towards the experience of the burning bush, just as Paul's eyes were also turned towards the vision on the way to Damascus. And behold, today you have renewed my strength through the supernatural fulfillment of Kc.111:11. O God, despite the winds and the sandstorms, I know every path in the desert! O God, my soul rejoices in you because one day I will see your face!

31 David had five hundred beautiful wives but they were crafty women, full of adultery, who had no respect for the dignity of David and for their dignity of queen. But at the end of his life, David sang a psalm to Bathsheba who had rejoiced his heart. Likewise, Solomon had had one thousand beautiful women but they were some pagan women and some Meda Branham. And 1 Kings 11:4 says that some of them had turned him to other gods but towards the end of his life, appeared this beautiful Shulamite who had comforted and rejoiced his heart.

32 And I, Kacou Philippe, my strength is renewed and I shall do the will of God. I came to the earth, I never gave in to the devil and until my death, nothing will make me give in to the devil. I have never had a leader of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity or Judaism as a friend. I have never eaten at a politician's table and no politician has ever been my friend. Everyone hates me and wants me dead. I was sent to the earth to reveal the unknown tongue. This is the purpose of my coming on the earth. I have not had two identities before men and before You. Faced with the reign of money and religions, I did not have two identities.

33 O God, your fear has always dwelt in me, and I have never believed in my wisdom and in my sense of discernment! All the members of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity or Judaism also have a lot of wisdom and discernment. I have explored the Christian faith from its origins. And there were four stages. Catholicism, Protestantism, the evangelical movements and Branhamism. And Catholicism had much more morality and spirituality than the other three, which are only metamorphoses of Catholicism like the palmer-worm, the locust, the cankerworm and the caterpillar. 

34 And considering the Catholic faith, I saw that, for example, in Europe, there are parts of the bodies of each of the Apostles. For example, a skull of the Apostle Peter is in Rome and a skull in Poitiers in France. In Spain, the bone of Paul's shoulder is the one of a horse, but you have to believe in it by faith. And presidents and ministers who are wiser and smarter than me are Catholics. 

35 At least fourteen crosses of the cross on which Jesus was crucified are found in Rome, France, at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem and in different parts of the world. The blood of Jesus mixed with water is now found in the church of St. John Lateran in Rome. The towel with which Jesus wiped the feet of his disciples is found in Rome and the same towel is found in Germany with a stain on Judas' foot. This is the Catholic faith and presidents, ministers, MPs, mayors and ambassadors who are wiser and smarter than me are Catholics.

36 The whole earth has faith in Satan through religions, the Bible, the Quran, the Torah and dead prophets, but they do not want God through the living prophets. No one wants to listen to me, their prophet, and yet the whole earth is waiting for a prophet. There is not a religion that is not waiting for a prophet.

37 Judaism is waiting for a prophet, the Mashiah who will come and free Israel. Buddhism is waiting for a prophet like Buddha who is a great Maitreya who will appear on the earth and lead mankind into complete enlightenment. Hinduism is waiting for a great prophet who will appear and who will be the tenth and last incarnation of Vishnu on the earth. Islam is waiting for a great prophet who is the Mahdi who will free the world and will bring mankind back to the pure teaching of Islam. You are all waiting for a prophet and yet you reject me. 

38 I have a firm conviction of one thing: Salvation is not through a religion, a holy book or a dead prophet, but it is only through a living prophet messenger walking on the earth. Is it me? Is it another man? I don't know, but I have the conviction that there must be a living man on the earth through whom we must be saved. I am no better than the members of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism and had it not been by the vision of April 24, 1993, I would be a Christian, Muslim or Buddhist while Salvation is only through the living prophet messenger of your time.  

39 I was sent on a mission to preach in hell and I saw Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism there. And I saw the god of hypocrisy and he was an Arab. Yes, Jews are more honest than Arabs. Arabs do not look on blacks as Muslims like them and yet they let these blacks come to the Mecca. Jews would not do that.

40 And an Arab told me, "Is it bad if your dog converts to your religion? He will serve you better!". And I asked this Arab if his dog could be his imam or his Ayatollah? And he said, "Come preach here in Iran". And I told him: You and the Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Jews believe in religion and in holy books but you do not believe in God because God only speaks through living prophets. And I, Kacou Philippe, that speak to you, it is not for you the religious that I have been sent and my Message is holy bread, it is not food for religion. And I am wise enough not to hand out this holy bread to Iran, an animal that would chew off both the bread and my fingers.


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