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(Preached on Sunday morning, December 1st, 2002 in Locodjro, Abidjan - Ivory Coast)

1 I, Kacou Philippe, slave of Jesus Christ, I do not cease to invite you to wisdom. Do not commit the same sins of Israel against the prophets, of Rome against the saints. By cursing me, by calling me a demon, an antichrist, and what I preach a nivaquine preaching ... know that it is to God that you do it. I was pagan and on April 24, 1993, by a vision, I received the commission and the next day while I was sitting with my family, I was transported in vision into a totally desert country and I received the commission to preach the judgment. And it is after these two visions that I went to church for the very first time. And if you cannot, at least, take the Bible to contradict what I preach, stay quiet! Do not load yourselves with curses! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"]. I have never been in a seminary or in a bible training, I do not read the books of your so-called Christian bookstores, for He who sent me is with me. God is sovereign! He can use whom He wants and if you are a child of God, you are bound to recognize this. At the beginning of the church, He leaves the apostles and the disciples filled with the Holy Spirit and goes and chooses Saul of Tarsus, a persecutor of the Christians to speak to the whole earth. And on April 24, 1993, this same God chose a pagan that I was for the Salvation of mankind. If you are a child of God, what will you say if not: "Oh God, may your will be done." [Kc.2v26] [Kc.3v27] [Kc.6v16]

2 Now, I would like to come on Ivory Coast to complete what I have already said: By birth, this country is of the kind of those who are born in royal palaces. Forest, subsoil, sea ... And all this made that the surrounding countries bowed before her and served her in her fields. Burkina was a slave in her fields and the keeper of her house. She transforms Nigeria's oil and provides electricity up to beyond her neighbours. All the birds of the sky, all the animals of the fields would come from afar and found their place by her side. The grace and the power and the glory on her were as if God was unjust. Certainly, God was expecting a lot from her. But when she became strong, she chose the way of the wicked, those who hate God and whose memory fades every day through volcanoes, floods, cyclones, terrorism, earthquakes, and wars.

3 And Ivory Coast has turned away from God to the point that sin is called "national heritage", such as the voodoo, poro, dipi, masks and warrior dances, which are animal practices which should no longer be mentioned at the time of Christianity. Every village has a fetish priest, mask, sacred river, and so on. Even if it is only one person who indulges in such practices and you do not say anything, then it is the whole village that is guilty.

4 And I tell you that even a zoo is a sin for a country. A park, okay! But a zoo is a sin. An eagle or a lion in a cage, it’s a sin! It is the same for someone who has a monkey chained at home. Thus saith the Lord, free these animals otherwise it is curse on you!

5 This country had received the gospel for a century and preferred to opt for its customs. Between the body, the cloak and the Spirit of Jesus, this country has chosen the cloak and with it, all the curses of the Bible. There is not a curse of Deuteronomy 28 which has not befallen her. Has she been besieged by cruel people of fierce countenance coming from afar? Have these people been heavy stones for Ivory Coast, stifling her in all her towns and villages? Do these people dominate over her? Yes! For the true domination is economic; Politics is only in an honorific way.

6 And in this country, we also see the wild animals, the ferocious beasts which are the giants of antiquity, invade cities with scorpions, dragons and snakes on their biceps. Men with pierced ears, erroneous hairstyles and new languages, they are all fruits of sin. Some come from this nursery of brigands called "street children". And yet we know that the street is not a person to have some children. They are therefore fruits of adultery and of fornication, conceived in some hotels, markets, offices, cars, unfinished houses, and so on.

7 Having sexual relations before the dowry, it is to go against oneself, against one’s country and against God. And the earth is full of it. University campuses are centres of prostitution on a large scale. And the first lady distributes condoms to them so that the country can defile itself more, thus legalizing fornication, adultery and prostitution.

8 And Ivory Coast has persisted in immorality to the point that a dance exposing naked women is legalized and exported as coffee and cocoa. Newspapers exposing naked women are authorised. Congo-Kinshasa, this immoral country, has always served her as a model. When someone is censured in his country, he can freely come and show off here in Ivory Coast. Ivory Coast has demonstrated that, in the matter of sin, she can do worse than many countries. And they are immoral people, others like Presenter Hanny Tchellé, having posed naked in some movies here, that they prefer as presenters in order to destroy the youth. A soft country!

9 The devil has made of the earth his Eden and of the woman his object of publicity.

10 The devil has given men other marks of beauty. And yet according to the Bible, the mark of beauty is the face. We see the case of Rebecca in Genesis 24:16, the case of Sarah, Abraham's wife in Genesis 12:11, the case of Rachel in Genesis 29:17, the case of Abigail in 1 Samuel 25: 3, The case of Tamar in 2 Samuel 14:27 ... But the devil has invented other marks: the buttocks, then the navel, then the complexion then the makeup, and so on. This is a challenge to the divine perfection: a way to say that "God should do things in such a way". The fate of Jezebel is reserved for you. A divine hand seized dogs to eat your great-grandmother Jezebel. And what happened with Jezebel? The dogs did not touch the skull, the feet and the palms of her hands because of the makeup and the nail polishes. My very dear Sisters, God wants to see you as He created you. Stay so! [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen! "].

11 Any anti-French spirit is of the devil. The same God who cannot raise the Church against Christ or woman against man, this God cannot back a rebellion of Ivory Coast against France or of the Congo-Kinshasa against Belgium.

12 And when you act this way, before receiving goods from them, have the humility and the courage to ask them for forgiveness. I am not saying that France has never done wrong but you do not have the right to do what you have done. And it is this same demon that entered into the Ivory Coast when Ahab was brought to power.

13 And I said that if his throne grows stronger in peace and he reigns over the whole state then I am not a man of God and God has not spoken to me. [Kc.19v7] [Kc.59v38]

14 If Ivory Coast had a choice between God and Satan, she would choose Satan and his churches and his prophets. When God gives the throne, He strengthens it. It was against yourselves that you made that choice. And I say that in the virtue of what I received from God.

15 Ahab and his wife Jezebel are my children, and all the ministers of Ahab are my grandchildren. But before I go to such people for good, they must publicly revoke all the presidents and prophets of Baal who eat at their table and they must commit to no more have portion with them. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

16 And we see Jezebel, a small academic, set herself up as a prophetess, giving directives to Christians up to asking the pastors to use condoms and to advise them to the faithful of their churches. These kinglets do not dare to close the mouth of this little pagan who is here today and who will disappear tomorrow.

17 And you, federations of churches, you, brotherhoods of sorcerers in sheep clothing, Jesus Christ has defeated you! You want to eat at the table of God and at the table of Caesar? The sword will pursue you in broad daylight and hell will receive you. You hate me, and yet if I die, God will send another Kacou Philippe. Israel sawed Isaiah in pieces but another Isaiah came in the person of Jeremiah. If I die, you will not finish rejoicing that God will send another prophet because of his children on the earth. The enemy of the earth, it is you! Because you are seeking to build financial empires, therefore you caress sin? Know that God will destroy you and hell will receive you! ... You, Goliath with feet of clay, this Message will hit you. It's your torment that has begun. You! Magicians! Fleshy and plump wolves! Tamed snakes! Dwelling places of Satan, you are drunk with the blood of innocent people in search of Salvation, how long will you live again on earth? And hell and the lake of fire and the dwelling place of the dead continually cry out against you: "condemnation! condemnation! condemnation!". Why? Because you have hell for nationality. [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"].

18 You meddle in politics and you say: we do not do politics! It is like someone who says, "I do not eat pork but I drink the sauce of pork."

19 In 1993, after a football match, Asec - Kotoko, this country rose against Ghanaians, some poor people who came to a so-called hospitable land in search of their bread. I saw some humans die far from their country in conditions that one cannot even wish for an animal. In Yopougon, near Saguidiba, a woman died from a pestle shoved into her genitals up to her belly. What evil did this woman do? And what supplication and what forgiveness had she not begged for? What pity did this woman not inspire before this cruel Ivory Coast, which groans today from country to country with a language of a lamb? Why was Ghana the first exit, the first hospital of Ivory Coast after September 19, 2002? Since 1993, these innocent bloods have never stopped crying to God: "How long, O Just and True God, will You tarry to judge and avenge our blood on the inhabitants of Ivory Coast?". [Ed: The congregation says, "Amen!"] And after that, Ivory Coast by her son Yodé released a music tape to praise her crimes and the whole country danced.

20 Going against a foreigner, a widow or an orphan, God cannot let that go unpunished. If I was a soldier, I would never bear arms for such a country, for Sodom and Gomorrah. I will never accept to die as an enemy of God. I am a Christian before being an Ivorian.

21 Every man dies with a crown and with an inscription on this crown, what has triumphed of his life ...

22 You have persecuted the widow and the orphan, you have persecuted the foreigner, and now you are persecuting the prophet of God while you are the land of hope, a country of hospitality, the home of true brotherhood? God is love but He is also the God of justice and judgment. The tree falls the way it leans!


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